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May 31, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Sorry… I realize I haven’t posted for a few days. I took another break yesterday, but am now back to work.

I was the subject of a video interview with the blog, and my video was put up yesterday. I was sent around 10 questions via e-mail, and I read the questions aloud and then answered them.

Now that I have a Flip Ultra Video Camera (thanks to MarketLeverage), I can make clear videos up to 60-minutes at a time. Previously, I was limited to 5-minutes at a time with lower quality. I like how the video came out, and will definitely consider doing more video posts in the future.

The video shown below is an excerpt of the full interview. The full video, which is 24-minutes long, can be seen at

Please tell me what you think about the video and if you’d be interested in seeing more, or if I should stick to text…

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15 Responses to “Video Interview for”

  1. Hey Tyler

    I like seeing a video every now and again, but please don’t become too over-reliant on them. Most days I prefer to skim read text rather than sit passively in front of a video.

    – Martin Reed

  2. Dan says:

    I agree with Martin. I hate loading video because then I have to listen forever rather than being able to skim and multi-task.

  3. smemon says:

    I disagree, i prefer video over text myself, it’s more real, more personal…

    A 50/50 combination of both is ideal imo…

    a 5/10 minute video isn’t going to bring my day to a halt… anything longer though and i’ll probably just skim through bits of it..

  4. Tim Linden says:

    LOL I’m ok with video, but uh eating/drinking I think is just wierd. But hey, it could just be me. People seem to love Brad Pitt doing it..

  5. I agree with smemon, mix video with content and I wouldn’t mind at all.

  6. Jonathan says:

    The only thing I could think of when watching your video is that you really don’t look like your logo. 😉


  7. I really want to see more videos from you. I know there are some dissadvantages to it like not helping seo but you can’t connect to the readers with text in the same way that you can with video. You should try to do a video at least once a week like some other successful bloggers like Darren Rowse at Problogger.

  8. 45n5 says:

    video rules, text drools

    looking forward to more.

  9. Still haven’t told me why you answered that last question Tyler 🙂

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Because I do not think it is professional to ask “What do you think about my site?” in an interview…

      • Well I think it’s fine. It’s just another question, you’re doing an interview for my blog so why not ask your opinion on it.

        Also Tyler; The real reason I asked is to get you to connect more with my readers as if you’re giving an opinion on my blog which they’re reading all the time, you will connect more. Was for both our benefits.

        • Tyler Cruz says:

          The other reason is because I knew the video was getting long and I don’t like dealing with huge video files… *smile*

          You know how in-depth and detailed I get when I review sites, and I didn’t think I could give a quick review…

  10. I think video is the new thing. Great interview by the way tyler!

  11. Binary Ant says:

    I think that one of the big mistakes in videos and podcasts is to make it too long. This can make them boring so the viewer/listener could give up playing it.


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