Vote for me and I’ll Give You 100 Entrecard Credits

January 4, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

And so ends the first day of the Tyler vs Gyutae voting competition. Be sure to read the announcement post of it from yesterday if you haven’t already to get caught up with the details. As I had predicted, Gyutae launched his side of the contest last night by offering free WinningTheWeb t-shirts to the first 30 people who vote for him.

It looks like my friend evil nemesis Gyutae is pulling an Oprah… only instead of cars he’s giving away t-shirts with his blog’s logo and branding on it. As a matter of fact, he should be paying you to help advertise his site on your chest, not turn you into an unsuspecting walking billboard! You should demand an eCPM of $0.82 (each impression being whenever somebody sees your shirt, of course…), don’t settle for less or he’ll have you right where he wants you.


It’s certainly a good attempt to sway the votes, but… do you really want a WinningTheWeb t-shirt? Would you actually wear it out in public? Sorry Gyutae, but your evil attempts won’t work for you this time! Your readers aren’t mindless lemmings!

Fighting Fire with Fire

Since Gyutae opened Pandora’s Box with his t-shirt incentive, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give a little something extra away myself.

Therefore, for each person who votes for me, I’ll be giving out 100 Entrecard credits. This includes the two people who already voted for me. I have a lot of credits, so don’t worry about me running out.

So now if you vote for me, you’re guaranteed 100 Entrecard credits, and a chance to win $100.

Side with the Winner

Remember: only the participants who end up voting for the winner will be inserted into the drawing and eligible for the prizes.

I’m currently winning at 2 votes to Gyutae’s 1 vote. It would make mathematical sense for you to vote for me, since I stand a better chance at winning. Help me out! Proudly proclaim your vote for me! Together we can show Gyutae that his t-shirt ploy won’t turn the tides!

Read the original competition post for more information including instructions on how to participate in the contest to win $100.

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20 Responses to “Vote for me and I’ll Give You 100 Entrecard Credits”

  1. Gyutae Park says:

    Well it’s actually 2-2 right now. Nice picture… I look beautiful.

  2. David Chew says:

    Well vote for you and stand a chance to win that looks interesting.

  3. I would rather have a T-Shirt since I do not use EntreCard.

    Can I vote for both of you and get both the freebies?

  4. Ruchir says:

    What if I have two blogs? Can I vote for both of you 😈

  5. Fable says:

    100 entrecard credits, you say? Sounds like a deal to me. I know who I’ll be voting for… 😉


  6. Mike Huang says:

    WOW! This is a battle…LOL


  7. […] out money from his other end to pay for some publicity, he decided to shell more out to battle Mr. Tyler Cruz in a contest. The contest itself is pretty simple, but there’s a lot of money to shoot out! […]

  8. Erz says:

    Hi Tyler,

    My email is the same as my entrecard one so you can send me the credits there. Thanks! All the best for the contest!

  9. Haha. I like the picture you got there. This is exactly why it’s hard to choose who the winner will be. 🙂

    Sly from

  10. Cynthia says:

    Little confused about which post is supposed to get my Vote entry. But I put it in the contest post – just so you know.

  11. Nice hair on Gyutae in the gif. He looks good in red.

  12. Erz says:

    Thanks Tyler! Ha ha, your picture is hilarious!

  13. Dustin says:

    If you were paid for each person that seen the shirt, imagine going to NYC… can you say cha-ching! 🙂

  14. […] a bit dense; here it is – I vote for Gyutae and Winning the Web Dot Com. Here’s the link to Tyler’s contest post and here’s the link to Gyutae’s. Alright, that’s done for. Speaking of cartoons, […]


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