Warning: Account Limit Exceeded!

February 14, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted about my resurgence into live poker by playing at the casino. Be sure to read the post if you haven’t already, as it gives a good look into the average day at the poker table at the casino.

I was going to the casino nearly every night, after working for a few hours on my blog, answering e-mails, and tending to advertisers during the day. I’d usually arrive at the casino around 7:30-7:45pm and be the first one there. The tables were not very active. In fact, it was rare to actually get a game going on any day other than Friday and Saturday.

Sometimes I’d get a game going and have 4-6 players, but there were many times where I showed up and waited for an hour or two, only to leave without playing a single hand. Basically, you could only count on Friday and Saturday to have a bit of activity and fill up the table.

So, while I was going to the casino nearly every day the last two weeks, I actually only played about 8 or 9 of those days, sometimes only for a couple hours shorthanded.

I did very well playing at the casino. I never went to the casino and felt I couldn’t completely run over each of the players. In fact, as dumb as this may seem, I almost wished there were some better players so that I had at least a bit of a challenge.

When I play poker at 겜블시티 가입코드, I never say a single word about strategy or hands. I never frown after a bad beat, or join in the conversation that others are discussing, whether it be about professionals, books, or strategy. Because, what’s the point? 99% of them are all losers. I see them come to the casino everyday, reload several times, and leave a couple hundred dollars down.

I’m not trying to sound like I’m pro or anything, because obviously I’m not anywhere close to being pro, but my biggest challenge at the casino was having to sit down for hours and listen to everyone talk about strategy like they make a living from it.

End of an Era

A few days ago, I decided to quit playing at the casino. It just stopped being worth it to me.

My casino only has $1/2 NL tables, with a $200 max buy-in. While this doesn’t sound too bad, you need to understand that the average person sits down with around $60-80, sometimes with only $40.

The other day I was playing and looked around at the stacks: $12, $34, $42, $60, $82, $125, and $204. I had around $400. When the majority of stacks are that low, it’s a waste of a time to play.

I calculated my average daily earnings at the casino to be around $200, which sounds good, but don’t forget that I was playing from about 8:00pm to 2am, roughly 6 hours. This equates to roughly $33/hour.

After around 9-10 days of playing poker at the casino, I made $1650 in profit. While this amount is not a whole lot (I’ve certainly made more in that time frame online), it’s important to note that this was made from a $1/2 limit. I wasn’t playing $5/10 or anything… just $1/2. So in that regard, I think that is pretty successful.

While poker is fun, and $33/hour nothing to laugh at, it’s not as much as I make online which is closer to around $50/hour. And since I was completely dominating the $1/2 tables, I wanted to move up a limit, but there was nothing to move up to.

Because of this, I decided to stop playing at the casino and cash out. There’s not much point playing poker for money when you have no option to move up limits.

I decided to try my hand at the home and private game circuit instead, and if that didn’t work out, then return to online poker at pikakasinotsuomi.com.

I’d like to cash out please…

Last Saturday, I headed over to the casino to cash out. I went to the cashier and told her I’d like to cash out from my account. I gave her my Driver’s License for ID, and entered my PIN number on their machine, when I heard a: “Wow! You did good….” and she looked at me, shockingly.

Before I post the conversation and actions that proceeded, I should make a note as to their hyperbolic concern. I only cashed out a bit over $2,000, but you need to understand that the average person only RELOADS their poker card. They’ll reload it 1-3 times per night, and so the cashiers are used to putting money onto the cards, but not taking it off.

Sure, people will occasionally make money, and withdraw $100-$200, but that is on a good day. And people rarely leave cash on their cards… they always withdraw it everyday since they probably shouldn’t be playing poker at the casino in the first place since they need that cash left over for groceries. I don’t understand, for example, why people will withdraw their remnant $40-$150 cash every day, then come back the next day and put it back on their card.

So, the cashier was naturally not used to giving out this much money for the poker tables at the casino here, since they are only $1/2 limit, and people always cash out. Here is what occurred:

Tyler: I’d like to cash out from the poker tables, please.
Cashier Lady: Sure. May I please see some ID and have you enter your PIN?
Tyler: Sure, of course.
Cashier Lady: Wow… you did well…
Tyler: Yup.
Cashier Lady: How did you do this?
Tyler: What do you mean? I won it…
Cashier Lady: Wow.
Tyler: You guys need some bigger cash tables here *smile*
Cashier Lady: *nervous laugh*
Cashier Lady:  How much would you like to cash out?
Tyler: All of it.
Cashier Lady: ALL of it? Okay…
Cashier Lady: Please hold on. There appears to be an error. Apparently, you have made too much money… there’s a warning that says “Account Limit Exceeded!”. I’ve never cashed out anything close to this much before. Please hold on and let me talk to my supervisor.

For the next 10-minutes or so (which is a long time when you’re just standing there trying to cash out) they tried to figure out what was wrong, and the supervisor started asking her own supervisors, going up the chain.

They gave me suspicious looks, and kept looking at my photo ID and then back at me. I even saw the first supervisor whisper to some people who took my ID and made a copy of it for their own records.

I noticed some security guards slowly move in as well.

After a very… interesting 10-minutes, I finally received my money. The cashier lady counted out the bills to me, and I never saw so many bills being paid out to me before. I mean, yes, duh, it’s only $2,000. I’ve received a PayPal payments of $10,000 and $14,000 before, and received a cheque last year for $23,000, but I’ve never held $2,000 in actual bills before. And my God, it’s a beautiful sight.

It was a rather comical sight when I took the money and tried to shuffle it into a pile; she had counted out the bills in a fan style on the table as casinos do so that you can keep track and count easier, and so when I received them, they were in a huge pile. It took me about 25-30 seconds just to get them into my wallet.

Here’s a short video of the all the cash. (If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, you will have to visit my blog TylerCruz.com to view the video since RSS won’t display them):


Again, it’s not a lot, but not bad for 8-9 days of playing $1/2 NL poker at the casino 🙂

Starting the Private Game Circuit

The purpose of this post was supposed to tell about my trek into the home game/underground circuit, but since it is already so long I will have to save it for a future post.

The post should be worth waiting for, as it will be dedicated to explaining my transition from casino poker on 텐텐벳 to playing with real chips and cards for the first time ever. Here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming post:

“As each new player arrived to the basement which was renovated for the sole purpose of holding poker games, they noticed the difference in chip stacks and asked why the new player to the game had so many. Their questions were not without purpose, as I had bought in at the maximum of $500, while everyone bought in between $150-$200….”

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45 Responses to “Warning: Account Limit Exceeded!”

  1. Dave says:

    Your posts are becoming more “I’m the best ever” – and that’s not good. Your blog used to be really interesting, and I loved seeing how your business was progressing. Now it’s just paid reviews, talk about poker, and videos of you with wads of cash.

  2. Tyler Cruz says:

    That’s probably because I haven’t done many work-related things outside of my actual blog for a very long time, although I have started working on PublisherSpot.com again a bit.

    I’m waiting for a programming company I hired to finish some stuff on it, and then I plan on making a post about it.

    I received a number of requests to hear more about my poker adventures, and I made 2 posts about poker in the past 5 months, I think?

    A lot of people seem to mistake my blog for being one that will teach something new everyday.. in fact, it’s not that at all. It’s always, from the very beginning, been more of a journal of what I do day-to-day. Since my focus for the past year or so has been on my blog, that is why you don’t see me talking about my other websites.

    • Andy says:

      you really shouldnt brush off people’s criticisms so lightly. nobody should expect your blog to teach them new things all the time, but the fact is that at most maybe 1 post in 10 is useful, and 1 in 20 is useful to any developer who knows what theyre doing.

    • Hey Tyler,

      I’m glad you blogged about your poker adventure and found this post to be very informative and enjoyable to read.

      Keep up the good work,


    • Fat Man says:

      this is off topic, but dude you need to get in shape, i could tell by your hands that you were a bit chunkier than you should be. geeze, if only there was a health blog you could read….

  3. damn. Nice. be glad you didnt get jumped in the parking lot.

  4. hhaha says:

    you made a video about 2,000$ cash…

    im not gonna even say anything about that its to easy.

    omg hahahahaha

    I think my 90 year old grandma carries more than that in quarters in her purse!

    hahahaha no wonder people think your a douche tyler cruz!

  5. Tom Beaton says:

    Looks like a fun night. Poker has really taken off in the last couple of years to become a massive sport/business/hobby.

  6. Tyler Ingram says:

    $2k cash is fun to carry around 🙂 I use cash to pay for trips and such so carrying that amount makes me feel important lol and nervous that if I am jacked, i’m screwed!

    As for RSS feeds not playing videos, Google reader allows me to view videos without having to come to the site. 🙂

  7. PigsnieLite says:

    More jealous people, hahaha! WHut bores you all are — do YOUR ENDLESSLY FASCINATING BLOGS even have anything half as helpful or interesting in them, I wonder. I bet your couch isnt even as ugly as Tylers. Tsk tsk tsk.

  8. Jeff Belina says:

    I found this post to be rather amusing, sorry to hear that the casino play was so dull for you.

    I finished reading the book on the MIT guys who “played Vegas for Millions”… it was interesting to read for an outsider… glad to hear that security didn’t get rough with you 🙂

    Thought you might be interested in the book, here’s a link to help you find a copy.


    Take care,

  9. Jeremy says:

    Great job Tyler. I have never played on electronic tables. I always play at a table with cards, and chips. It makes me more conscientious about my chip stack and whether the value is there to make a move.

  10. Luke says:

    Nice post, it amazes me how people visit blogs expecting to find people giving away tips on how to make them rich. Get a fucking grip!

    I often play poker with friends but never spend much more than £20. I doubt I would make the move into online poker rooms as I am sure I will get hooked and lose all my millions 😀

  11. brian says:

    I was curious since you are making 50dollars an hour. How does that compute towards your actual working hours. If you haven’t work in so long then why would you give up the poker deal since it is income that is coming in. The 50 bucks an hour…Is that passive? From sites you have up and is that 24 hrs a day then or based on a 40 hour workweek.
    2k a week isnt that great if it is based on a 40 hour calculation?

  12. Will says:

    I kinda wish american money was more colorful… then again everyone is starting to use all credit anyways.

  13. Very interesting story Tyler, haha! I was worried you weren’t going to get your money for a second.

  14. stubbers says:

    good job on the winnings – any chance of you making a movie on watching paint dry?

  15. smemon says:

    nice work Tyler, don’t listen to the haters..

    your blog is personal and both you and I know that’s what blogging is all about.

    i know when i come here i may see paid reviews or stuff that doesn’t interest me, but i can live with that, it’s not like i’m paying you to entertain me..

    NO blog will have a 10/10 ‘interesting’ ratio factor.

    your posts are personal, therefore interesting and that’s why i keep coming back.

  16. Mike Huang says:

    *DROOLS* nice winnings Tyler 🙂


  17. Don says:

    For a money making blog, this is so pathetic. Haha.

    • Andy says:

      hey careful now…if you point out that theres no content here you might get hit with a scathing counter point…like being called a “hater”

  18. Uhh, no. $2000 is not a lot. I have over $16,000 in my safe deposit box in the bank from my poker playing.

  19. Wow, it’s like you guys think he owes you something. I have a feeling its just one douche who just posts as several people, because there’s no way so many pricks would come to this blog, read the whole post, and then comment about how it didn’t teach them anything about making money.

    I’ve been reading this blog since it’s inception and the whole point of it is to get a inside look at a young entrepreneur’s life. i find it quite informative and inspirational. He doesn’t owe anyone jack shit.

    • Aaron says:

      If you don’t like it, there’s no need to read it. I know Tyler’s posts can be a bit off topic, but then it is his blog, he can do what he wants.

    • Don says:

      Explain to me how Mr. Tyler is an entrepreneur? He owns 1 money making website and a blog. He plays poker, wins $2000, and feels like he has won the lotto.

      so, wheres the entrepreneur?

  20. Debo Hobo says:

    It is always fum to win in the casino. I only bet twenty dollars and I win every time, not 2k but I still win.

  21. Remo says:

    It is your personal blog so nothing wrong with talking about what you have been upto

    the You Tube video is a joke, very laughable. If anyone thinks Im a hater trust me Im not jealous as convert the money to sterling and you will realise its not a lot

    I believe in learning something new every day, so heres a tip Tyler Google “delusions of grandeur”


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  23. Fool says:

    Cruz ur a LOOSER !! You make a video of $2K? Dude ur just WHITE TRASH

    • Your the fool by posting a comment on here, if you don’t like the guy…by posting a comment on here proves you care enough about him to give him your time and effort to write that comment.

  24. DaveRH says:

    I think the most revealing thing is the fact that all the “haters” almost never post any urls or identifying information.

    That tells me everything I ever need to know.

  25. Jeremy S says:

    If you’re posting about being stoked on 2 thousand dollars, I think it’s quite obvious that you have yet to turn much of a profit in any other venture. Pretty sad.

  26. Tyler you’ll think this was great, i’m in Vegas now, started with 800. lost 700 playing 21, then went and played megabucks slots, hey you never know!!, any way got up to 500, then went back to the 21 tables and walked away with 2200!! it sure does feel great to have that much CASH!!

  27. […] March 30, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz Paid Advertisement 6-weeks ago I had posted how I had cashed out from the casino to move onto bigger and better things: the home poker game. The local casino here only had $1/2 […]

  28. Ruby says:

    Hehe that sounds cool, I think I should try playing poker online too 😀


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