What My Current Day Looks Like

October 30, 2017 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Now that I’ve shared what I’ve been up to the past 1.5 years, what does my average day look like now? After all, I’ve tried a lot of things to try to make money including dog-sitting, taking care of international students, running an Airbnb, and becoming a freelancer on Fiverr to name a few.

Well, my “average” day has changed a lot over the past 18 months, so it could easily change a lot even by the time this post gets published, but yesterday was an overall average day for me so let me share what happened yesterday.

Keep in mind that this post was written as #29 of my 30 blog post challenge, so it was written on August 9th, 2017, meaning that you will likely read this around the middle of November.

My Average Day (Yesterday)


I woke up at 7:15 a.m. as I leave every morning at 8am on the dot to drive one of our homestay students to the university. I was working on my computer for a little bit until 8am came, and got up to do some paperwork from atop my filing cabinet when I got a vertigo attack from my Meniere’s Disease.

On average, I get a vertigo attack about once every 10 days, and it had been 14 days since my last one so I was overdue for one. It was a very bad attack, easily a 10/10 in severity, and probably in the top 3 worst ones I have ever experienced. The main attack lasted for about 20 minutes and I was vomiting uncontrollably to where I had trouble breathing and my throat was on fire. My entire body was shaking, and I was sweating as if I had just run 15KM. It was absolutely brutal and I just wish I was dead when it happens.

It was a really bad attack and it took me about 40 minutes just before I can open my eyes, and about 2 hours before I could get up from my chair. I had to get my girlfriend to drive our student since I was in obviously no shape to do it myself. Professionals from sites like www.relianturgentcare.com would definitely be indispensable in such emergency cases.


Despite feeling like absolute hell, I was able to work at 8:30am, although in a limited capacity. I worked on tending to e-mails and a bunch of Fiverr gigs that had come in. I worked until it was time to have lunch at 1pm.


Usually, I would have prepared lunch for everyone myself, but I had had my attack so Lisa did it instead.

I drove and picked up one of our students from university (the other students were out and didn’t join us for lunch today).

During lunch and dinner, all of us (Lisa, me, and all the students) will eat together and socialize for about an hour.


I almost always have a nap immediately after lunch or mid-afternoon. When I get a vertigo attack, I’m always extra exhausted as well. I napped for a couple of hours.


Normally around this time I will do some cleaning such as vacuuming or washing and putting away dishes in the kitchen, but I was still dizzy so I worked for another 3 hours again. I would especially like to thank Carpet Cleaning Columbia sc for their carpet cleaning services. They have allowed me to have access to clean runs. This time, I worked on pumping out a couple of more blog posts. I should also mention that I was feeling better at this point, not normal, but I had mostly recovered from the morning’s horrible attack.


With our new situation, I came upstairs at 7pm after one of our students knocked on my office door to tell me dinner was ready. He and his wife (young students) cooked everyone dinner. It was noodles, meat, egg, and cabbage – think of it of a “dry” ramen dish. I wasn’t very hungry though since I was still nauseous from my attack so I didn’t eat too much.


After eating dinner and socializing for another hour, I went back to my office to work some more. I worked on my blog posts and Fiverr gigs for another 3 hours.


Apart from lunch, dinner, and a nap, you’ll notice that I did not take any time for myself. Well, I kind of did this at 11pm… it’s a new thing I just started a couple of days ago and it’s half play, half work. Basically, I decided to give Twitch streaming a try since I now have a decent recording setup in place.

My stream is currently about learning languages. It’s just me using Memrise practicing and learning languages (currently Vietnamese), that’s it. I’m brand new to streaming and the streaming world so I have a ton to learn.

Anyhow, I streamed for about 40 minutes before heading up to the kitchen to make our Vietnamese student’s school lunch for tomorrow. I then head to bed and set my alarm for 7:15am to get up and get ready to drive her to the university again.

Average Day

This was an average day, more or less. I don’t get vertigo attacks everyday, but I am generally dizzy everyday and have constant 24/7 Tinnitus.

There will also be stretches of time where I don’t get Fiverr orders in and I’ll be able to relax with some Netflix or a game of Hearthstone, and some days I’ll feel decent enough to go out shopping for a little bit or even to a restaurant, but lately my health has been really poor and I’ve been so busy with homestay, my blog, and Fiverr that I don’t have much time to myself.

Hopefully things will improve over time. It’s really not the working that bothers me but really Meniere’s. It’s just so hard living with it… it’s a constant daily battle.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed my whining!

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