Why Are You Obsessed With Moneymaking Ideas?

June 20, 2008 Posted by ScottPhelps

Moneymaking ideas may have an element of personality expression to them. You may have the education and experience to exist in a Fortune 500 company, but your personality does not reside in an office cubicle with a three-piece suit and tailor-made shoes.

You may be a t-shirt, jeans and night owl person struggling to break free of the conformity of corporate work life.

The role of online moneymaking ideas may be to allow you to exist in a world where money can be obtained while giving you the greatest amount of flexibility in decision-making.

You can put in as much work as you want to, rest when you need to and even play in moderation. The toughest part is getting started, but many who make that start wonder why it took them so long and why they would ever want to go back.

I can’t begin to express the joy that comes in developing ideas that deliver money. It can be a euphoric experience that brings many benefits. Honestly, it’s not all about the money. In many cases there is less stress, more personal freedom and an incredible elevation in job satisfaction.

In the corporate workplace you may feel like one of those shapes being forced into a child’s toy. Just one piece in a larger whole – no real identity and even fewer feelings of significance.

Have you ever wondered why so many people have more than a passing interest in self-directed moneymaking ideas?

Before the industrial revolution, most of the population had to find their own way to make money. That could have been farming or ranching (visit this site to know more about the equipment used now for agricultural properties). It might be owning an orchard or developing a trade like blacksmithing or watch making.

You see, we have a heritage that knew nothing beyond making their own way. They didn’t rely as much on others to develop jobs for them – they worked it out on their own.

After the industrial revolution began. Hard-pressed individuals took jobs when financial difficulty came, but it didn’t dim the desire most had to get back to a self-directed job.

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It is that generational longing that is stirring in lives around the globe as people who may have never experienced their own self directed moneymaking opportunity long for just such a prospect.

Some are leaving everything behind and heading back to the farm or some other out of the way place. However, the Internet has provided a new landscape that is allowing a technically minded generation to find their own place to make money. That’s what this site is all about – connecting the dreams you have with ideas that may fit the vision.

I know that most of those who may oppose the thought of your involvement in a moneymaking idea are responding mostly out of either the fear of the unknown or the feeling that you may be giving up security for false hope.

Most of the people you know who have never longed to be their own boss do not understand the debilitating nature of working for someone when your mind is drawing you to an entirely new adventure.

Personality expression is a part of your moneymaking dream, and the history of men and women who found success on their own is on your side. Dream on.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Scott L. Phelps is a leading online entrepreneur and owns a successful internet company. You can read more of Scott’s articles and learn How To Make Money Online and How to Get Money at MakeMoneyFacts.com.

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13 Responses to “Why Are You Obsessed With Moneymaking Ideas?”

  1. I have always had that inner drive to make money. I have opened and bought several businesses over the years and had great success with some and flops with others. I currently have 2 brick and motar businesses and several affiliate sites that are making money. Its like a drug to get a business start up making a profit. Most of my friends do not have that drive. Maybe its heredity.

  2. Glen Allsopp says:

    Society has led people to believe there are quick ways to everything, although we know that is not the case.

    Products like an ab toner that will get you perfect abs in 30 days. So what, does that mean the rest of your body will be fat and you’ll just have this washboard stomach. No way! But they sell on that promise.

    People are looking for the ‘magic pill’ and that’s why ideas are so intriguing.

  3. Mainly because I like making money. Sometimes there are magic pills though. They usually have side affects and don’t last long

  4. FireWire says:

    I agree and people will always make money off of those looking for shortcuts.

  5. SuMan says:

    Making money online is what I do now. Although I may not be as techy but knowing your way around the web will plus your eagerness to learn something new everyday will help you get there.

    I read that pajamas are the future powersuits! I like that idea very much, in fact, I speak to company executives in my pjs most of the time..lol.

  6. Balend N says:

    Making Money takes time and dedication. Lots of people hear of this great blogger and how much he makes, so they start their own blog thinking it’ll be a breeze. After about two months, they give because they couldn’t make any money. Those types of people rarely find success. You have to be committed and have the drive through the ups and downs.

  7. Scott says:

    I agree with each of you. Making money does take alot of time and effort. There really is no competition when it comes to making money in any arena as most people will never succeed because it is a mind set. It is not that they can’t succeed, it is just that they won’t.

    Scott L. Phelps is a leading online entrepreneur and owns a successful internet company. You can read more of Scott’s articles and learn to Make Money Online and Make Money From Home at MakeMoneyFacts.com.

  8. Supermance says:

    money making topic is what most people’s search in the internet, so, if you want to making money from internet, then start to blogwalking money making blogs, like this one 🙂

    • XLOR says:

      Don’t you think that competition in sphere of “money making topic” is the largest and it is most difficultest thing to get any money in this theme.
      Of course, you will earn some money, but thousands of bloggers are opening their blogs every day in this sphere…as you can see.

      New moneymaking idea is needed!

  9. I think that people who try to make money online all have one thing in common: an open mind. They are unafraid of the unknown; rather, they seek it out.

    Making money online is an art rather than a “job”. That is, it requires talent as well skills. An internet marketer is like a painter; he creates wealth from his creativity. An entrepreneur, like an artist, expresses himself by finding new, innovative ways to make money. He doesn’t work under the authority of another; rather, he makes his own rules and profits as a result.

  10. A good book to read is “How come THAT idiot’s rich and I’m Not?” In this book, Robert Shemin shows the mindset that rich people have that makes them rich, and poor people are poor because of the way they think. I did a review of this book on my blog.

  11. Some people have it, some people dont. On the freedom topic. I would rather make $50,000 a year from home with freedom than $250,000 a year going to some company everyday.

    About 90% of the people i know can’t fathom why i wont be going out to look for a normal job after college.

  12. Flimjo says:

    I loved this post. I agree, too, that the Internet has created an entirely new landscape for like-minded entrepreneurs. The future is here online and not in some physical workspace. I guess we bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online business people are the pioneers of this digital age. That’s pretty cool.


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