Winter Wonderland?

December 1, 2006 Posted by Tyler Cruz
  • Video Update
  • Good PokerForums Month
  • Something Major?

Video Update

Canada can be cold too…

Good PokerForums Month

Many people are still interested in seeing how much the US legislation poker ‘ban’ has been affecting me. Again, things definitely hurt as a result, but since I sell the vast majority of my inventory privately, it could have been worse.

November was a pretty good month for me, selling out all of my presigious top ads, and totalling over $7,000 in private ad revenue. I could definitely use this cash… after taxes, Christmas, and regular bills, I need all the money I can get to support my poker addiction 😉 as well as to parlay back into my sites.

However, I can not foresee December doing well, although January or February may pick up again.

Something Major?

I don’t want to disclose much about this as it’s not confirmed yet and if anything, is in it’s very enfant stanges. Nevertheless, if it does go through, it will be quite a major event and will most likely be talked about all over the webmaster arena…

I know, I know… sounds lame and overexagerrated but it’s true 😀

Anyhow, don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but should have a definitive answer and disclosure by my next update.

T-T-T-Thaaaaat’s all folks,

Good luck and good earnings!

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Posted: December 1st, 2006 under Videos  

5 Responses to “Winter Wonderland?”

  1. Ulchie says:

    C’mon Tyler. -2 to -5C is warm weather.

    It was -30C here. Well, if you factor in windchill (which is what really counts, it felt like -41)

    We see the news about Vancouver/&island and sure you got a little snow, but it was nice and warm at least.

    Looking forward to the next update about this big news.

  2. Jay says:

    Tyler, take a desktop screenshot for us then we can see your icons! 😀

  3. Tyler, you should download Camtasia Studio. It’s a pretty sweet program that allows you to create capture your screen and do all sorts of cool techy things. As for the monitors, it’s quite essential to have at least two monitors if you want to do many things at once. I’d really like to hear you talk more about why you feel Pokerforums is such a success and what the main factors were that made it what it is today. I searched through your previous posts but didn’t really get much content about my particular question. Thanks!

  4. tylercruz says:


    Okay, I put it on my ‘blog todo’ list and will talk about the history and future of PokerForums.


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