Wolf Storm Media CPA Network Review

December 2, 2010 Posted by Michael Kwan

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Are you tired of having to wait a month or more to get your hands on your affiliate money? Especially when you are first starting out with affiliate marketing, positive cash flow can be quite the frustrating concern. Wolf Storm Media helps to address this issue.

Instead of issuing payments once a month like other CPA networks, Wolf Storm Media is one of the very few that pays weekly. This way, you can keep the positive cash flow happening every week, helping to fund your efforts and putting the cash in your bank account sooner rather than later.

What is Wolf Storm Media?

They’re not just howling at the moon. Wolf Storm Media describes itself as an “advertising agency that is growing fast.”

It is important to note that this affiliate network was actually founded by affiliate marketers, so they come with a good deal of experience from both sides of the advertising equation. In many ways, Wolf Storm Media may look like any other affiliate network, but they’re working hard to separate themselves from the pack (pardon the pun).

For instance, they’re targeting both new and veteran affiliate marketers. For the less experienced, Wolf Storm Media offers free training, designed to help turn smaller affiliates into full-time publishers. Veterans can diversify their income, they say, by getting out of their comfort zones.

A Look at the Affiliate Dashboard

After going through the single-page application form, account approval was granted to me within one business day. Your mileage may vary.

Logging into the affiliate dashboard, I was presented with a fairly standard looking account snapshot. The layout will feel familiar to those who have dabbled in other similar ad networks. You get stats at a glance, your affiliate manager’s contact information, quick links, and the URL for referring other affiliates.

In reference to the referral program, you get 5% of all profit generated from new affiliates who sign up under your link. That is a lifetime commission, but payments only go out once a month.

Going through the rest of the dashboard, you’ll find a series of navigational links across the top for the snapshot, offers, reports, ad manager, account and support. Wolf Storm Media offers live support via AIM, as well as assistance via e-mail.

What Offers Are Available?

As with other performance-based advertising networks, Wolf Storm Media only pays when your traffic converts. Depending on the offer, this could involve filling out a form, supplying contact information, or buying a product.

The clear focus is on the American market, as many of the offers are exclusive to US-based traffic. You will find some offers for Germany, Mexico, Poland, Canada, Greenland, Argentina, and Sweden, among other countries. Categories range from automotive to dating, education to games, insurance to shopping. Payouts range considerably, of course, going as high as over $100 for Robert Allen’s popular course to as little as 12 cents for a Facebook app download.

Many of the offers are openly available for you to promote, but some require a secondary application of varying length. I did notice that, like some other networks, Wolf Storm Media does not appear to provide you with any ad banners or other creatives. If they do, it is not obvious enough that they do.

What Are the Payment Details?

One of the bigger selling points for Wolf Storm Media is its payment system. That’s because they pay weekly with a relatively low $50 threshold. This payment is issued via ACH or check. If you make over $1000 per week, you can opt for a bank wire instead. Payments are issued on a net-3 basis, meaning the money you earn from Monday to Sunday is paid to you on Wednesday.

The payment system is slightly different for affiliates located outside of the United States. Wolf Storm Media will still pay once a week on a net-3 basis, but there is only a $500 threshold for bank wires. You can still accept payment via check if you prefer, though the postal system can take considerably more time. As a much better alternative, you can opt for PayPal. That carries a $500 threshold and a $15 fee.

What Can I Learn from the Free Training?

Veterans of affiliate marketing may think that they know everything there is to know about making money online, so this can be a very daunting and intimidating arena for people new to the game. Then there is also the possibility of hiring a specialist marketing agency as they will always deliver much better results as they know your market so well. We recently used a wonderful auto dealership marketing agency for an auto dealer that we were working with, and they drove incredible results, so that’s a very good example of this. Wolf Storm Media is trying to reduce that anxiety by offering free training.

The training materials are essentially comprised of “locked” posts within the Wolf Storm Media blog. You are not automatically signed up for this training when you are approved for an account, but you can get set up for free by your affiliate manager. There is also a support forum where you can get some more free training.

Some of the training materials are more extensive than others, but Wolf Storm Media is working to be as comprehensive as possible. There are articles on PPC methods, media buying, social media, PhotoShop tutorials, research information, and more. Under the Social Media category, for example, there is quite a large piece of Facebook advertising.

This training area is growing bigger each week and it can be a valued resource for affiliates of all experience levels. This really is one way that Wolf Storm Media is separating itself from other ad networks, in addition to the attractive weekly payout schedule.

Is Wolf Storm Really Different?

In some respects, Wolf Storm Media is just another CPA network, giving you the opportunity promote affiliate offers and rake in the commissions. In other respects, this performance ad network has come forward with some unique selling propositions.

The weekly payment schedule is great for people who need a more frequent cash flow situation, especially since there is only a $50 threshold. Most other networks require $100 (or more) and they only pay once a month on a net-15 or net-30 schedule.

The training area is equally attractive, as you’ll find some other “exclusive” programs charging you a monthly fee to access their materials. The library isn’t the largest at the moment, but Wolf Storm Media promises to add more materials on a regular basis.

If you’re looking to add another CPA network to your income stream portfolio, Wolf Storm Media looks like a solid bet worth considering.

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43 Responses to “Wolf Storm Media CPA Network Review”

  1. Steve says:

    All I really have to say is WEEKLY PAYMENTS! And they are only $50! I am somewhat new to affiliate marketing and my Affiliate Manager Jeremiah Cooper is one of a kind. He has helped me immensely trying to get me profitable and it has worked! I mainly do this as a side income so I am happy even with a little bit a week, but he has the tools and the knowledge to bring me up to a full time marketer (which seems better and better with the passing days.

    They have separated themselves from the rest of the pack and you won’t be disappointed with the service that WSM provides. 5 *’s!

  2. Joe's Coffee Blog says:

    Does this network do Weekly checks to Canada? with a threshold of $50

    Hows your ppc stuff going with peerfly?

  3. Good review! Signing up to see if I see any offer that fits my audience 🙂

  4. Oscar Martinez says:

    Ooof. Hope Tyler’s okay — it’s been ages.

  5. Affiliate says:

    Thanks for the review Michael and Tyler. Great Info as usual <3

  6. Honestly, its just the same as other networks in the industry, but anyway, you wrote a great review. 🙂

  7. car battery says:

    Thanks for the detailed review, Tyler.

  8. Never heard of this CPA network, but I might check them out. Lots of other stuff to do right now…

  9. used tires says:

    I really like how they train their affiliates, pretty cool of a company to do that! It’s a win-win for both sides really.

    Till then,


  10. Seems good CPA network, I think that free training feature is going to be very helpful.

  11. used tires says:

    Tyler there seems to be something wrong with the top banner, anyone else notice this as well?


  12. I wish I was earning enough from my affiliate sites to need a weekly payment!

    Thanks for the review Tyler.

  13. Well, There seems to be a nice alternative to cpalead.
    Thanks for this update Tyler.

  14. Another opportunity!

    Anyway, how old is this WolfStorm Media? How long have been they doing this?


  15. that is really nice. It can take awhile to get paid sometimes. It would be great to not have to worry and keep an eye on it as much.

  16. Bidet says:

    The weekly payments and low threshold make this a great program. Alot of programs are coming out lately with lower minimums to get paid so everyone can paid more often.

  17. This sounds like a great advertising firm. I have been looking into changing a few things up and these guys just became in the running. Thanks for the review.

  18. Jasmine says:

    Oh, 12 cents for a Facebook app download, this is not too bad! Perhaps I can get all my fans to download the app… that will turn out to be a not-too-small sum!

    Wolf Storm Media sounds pretty good to me. Their free training is what I really like. 🙂

  19. I hope it goes off better than cpalead , coz I reallly need a replacement.
    BTW there are a lot of cpa programs launching in recent times.

  20. This sounds like a great advertising firm. 😉

  21. Suzie says:

    I have to say that when it comes to legal offers WOLF STORM is second to none even to the big networks. Being that, I work for a practice part of my job is too find sources to unload some of the leads we don’t get to work with. We look for online media networks to try and help these leads out and get paid at the same time. When I was directed to offer vault I thought I’d be looking for a great big network to find legal offers. They have a variety of legal advertisements at high payouts. Two payments later, I promised myself I would let everyone know about this excellent CPA network. Get ready for all the referrals 🙂

    WOLF STORM MEDIA … A fine network and A great support.

  22. Ed says:

    I applied for access a few days ago and haven’t heard back. Does anyone know what the typical turnaround time is?


  23. WSM is by far the best network I’ve every worked with. The payouts are awesome, plenty offers to choose from, lots of good training, and the affiliate managers are quite helpful. If you’re not a member yet, I would suggest you join.. you won’t regret it.

  24. I was advised to sign up with this source as an affiliate and they force the individual to list a company name where one does not exist. They do not have a source of live voice for those who need to speak to someone and they tell you to use email to them.

    As a professional MBA I can assure you this is not professional in any sense of the word considering Advertising methodologies are what make or break a business. So if the alleged company is too cheap to hire a live receptionist then perhaps they are not as professional as they would like everyone to think.

    I beleive in having a person answer the phone and not send the party to the email coffers. It is a sure fire method of loosing potential clients for the products offered not to mention affiliate marketing candidates.

    I am blind and can tell you if the business refuses to have a live person during normal business hours they loose my business on the first go round.

    • I’ll be happy to help you Cynthia – that line goes to me and I do respond to all voice mails left on it. Did you leave us a voice mail? I don’t see anything in my notes here from you but if you would like to do so please feel free to call back.

      We are also available on AIM all day, WolfStormMedia is my screen name. You can also get ahold of WSMBillF or WSMAnthonyM on AIM – they are our two account managers for affiliates.

      If you have any questions don’t hesistate to drop me an email to JCooper@wolfstormmedia.com

      We don’t generally get too many phone calls – most people send us a message on AIM so that’s why we don’t have someone strictly to answer the phones.

  25. Bill says:

    Hey, what’s up with the Wolf Storm Media website this morning? I’m new to this thread, so I I do not know whether or not it has been taken down. I know some websites do their maintenance early on Sundays.

    Anybody know anything?

    • The site hasn’t been down at all today – I think you dropped me an email as well and I offered you some suggestions there. It’s up and working as far as I can tell.

      Email me again if you have any other questions.

  26. Bill says:

    Thanks for all of your assistance, Jeremiah!! I found that the problem was on my end and that there was never any issues with http://wolfstormmedia.com.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you and your staff.



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