YeahCPA Affiliate Network Review

December 10, 2010 Posted by Michael Kwan

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Just as it is likely in your best interest to have a diversified stock portfolio, the same kind of idea translates through to your online money-making endeavors. Affiliate marketing clearly falls into this line of thought; you probably don’t want to put all your proverbial eggs in the same basket and that’s why it pays to try out some new CPA networks from time to time.

One of the newer players in this arena is YeahCPA. As you can imagine, it’s an affiliate network where you can promote a variety of offers for set commission rates. Generate leads and sales for the advertisers and pocket a nice sum of money for doing so. Is YeahCPA worth your time? Let’s find out.

All About YeahCPA

If you’re looking for something completely original and off the wall, YeahCPA isn’t exactly it. However, the people behind the network seem very passionate about its potential and they want to share this passion for you.

On the main page, one of the first images that hits you asks if you ever dream big. I’m not so sure if it’s fair to call YeahCPA “the origin of dreams,” but the dream of making a sizable income on the Internet is within your grasp using networks like these.

Going through the standard affiliate sign up form, you see the usual set of information being requested. The application form needs your mailing address, e-mail address, and the like, but there are some unique questions in there too. For example, in addition to asking what types of offers you’ve had the most success promoting, it also asks you to list “at least two affiliate managers’ contact info at other CPA networks.” If this was a job application, I’d almost be inclined to think that YeahCPA is asking for references!

It’s also interesting that of the choices for “your monthly revenue from affiliate marketing,” the lowest option is “over $1000.” If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing or you’ve achieved limited success in the past, you may not have met this threshold. It’s possible that YeahCPA is weeding out some of these smaller affiliates right from the get-go.

This Looks Awfully Familiar

What makes YeahCPA different from all the different CPA affiliate networks that are already on the Internet? Interestingly enough, even the folks at YeahCPA admit that they “are not the best CPA network.” They do say that they are “growing very fast,” though, and they aim to be the best in the future, “because we keep improving ourselves.”

Logging into the user dashboard for YeahCPA, you’ll be treated to a very familiar interface. That’s because the YeahCPA network is powered by the ever popular HasOffers affiliate engine. If you’ve worked with any other networks that use this engine, then you’ll already know your way around.

The main “snapshot” page shows your current statistics, quick links, account totals, account manager contact information, and referral URL. For the referral program, YeahCPA offers a 3.00% commission (presumably lifetime) for every new affiliate you send their way.

Offers with Daily Payouts

When you look at most other CPA networks, every offer pays into the same coffer and you get your commission payment all at the same time. They have varying payment schedules, but that’s the usual way of doing business. For much of YeahCPA, that’s the same, but there are currently 50 offers that YeahCPA will pay daily.

This means that if you earn $20 in commission through an offer like this today, you will actually be issued the payment tomorrow. There is no additional fee being charged by YeahCPA for daily payments. Furthermore, YeahCPA will take your suggestions for new offers and they promise to “get it for you [within] 3 business days.” That’s quite the bold promise. YeahCPA also claims that it takes a very small margin, though exact figures are not mentioned.

Loading and Saving Your Creatives

When I reviewed some other HasOffer-based CPA networks, I found that many did not offer much in terms of ad creatives. It would be up to you to manage these ad banners, landing pages, and other related files on your own. YeahCPA offers a little more on this front.

There is a section under “Ad Manager” called “Creative Files.” It is here that you can upload your banner images and the like, saving them for later use. The interface seemed simple enough and you can link the uploaded files to specific offers. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work in theory.

When I actually went about trying this utility, the file looked like it uploaded and was properly linked to an offer. Unfortunately, going back to the main page for creative files, I was greeted with a message saying that I have not added any files. My assumption is that there is a bug in the coding and this should be quickly addressed by the folks at YeahCPA.

Moving forward, YeahCPA has an in-house programmer who is working on a system to create over 100 landing pages for the various offers in the network. In this way, you may not even need to create your own ad creatives; just pick from the list. This service is free, as long as you stay as a YeahCPA affiliate.

Payment Thresholds and Other Details

When it comes to affiliate networks, standard practice is to offer monthly payments with a $100 threshold. Some networks deviate from this scheme and YeahCPA happens to be one of them.

If you check the Affiliates FAQ page, you’ll learn that YeahCPA will issue payments bi-weekly or weekly to all affiliates. Payments are made on the 1st and 16th of every month for commissions earned during the previous period. For example, commissions earned between November 15 and November 30 would be paid on December 16. The minimum threshold is $100.

For the vast majority of YeahCPA affiliates, payments are issued by check or PayPal. Alternatively, affiliates can opt for direct deposit, ACH, bank wire, and Western Union.

Say Yes to YeahCPA?

Let’s face it. You have way too many options when it comes to affiliate networks these days and it’s easy to get paralyzed by all these choices. While YeahCPA might not be the first name to comes to mind in this field, it does offer several features that help separate it from the pack.

The bi-weekly payments are helpful, as are the variety of offers that pay daily. Real-time tracking comes in handy as does the lower margin that YeahCPA claims it takes. It’s up to you decide whether these features motivate you enough to sign up for YeahCPA, but the passionate people behind the network seem to make it a worthwhile addition to your Internet marketing portfolio.

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34 Responses to “YeahCPA Affiliate Network Review”

  1. This has got to be the most downplayed CPA network promotion. After reading this post, I don’t see much reason to join YeahCPA. Not only do they have a terrible business name, but they are not doing anything to set themselves apart. It seems that they are asking much too much information on the application form. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • Jacob says:

      I’d tend to agree with you. I think there is just one thing that makes me POTENTIALLY want to sign up and that’s the daily payments. Being able to get daily payments on an offer means that I will consistently have new revenue coming in to further expand. That’s pretty sweet.

      • Tyler Cruz says:

        Yeah, the daily payments are what sets out YeahCPA from the rest, in my opinion. While some other networks offer weekly or even daily payments, they all require very high volume on them.

        It looks as though YeahCPA has no minimum quota in order to get paid.

        I do agree with you on the name… then again, many other successful networks don’t have much better names… PeerFly, EWA Network, etc.

      • Let’s face it, no CPA network are perfect. And by the way, this is not suppose to be a sell page, but a REAL review. It is what I love.

        Great job!

      • The daily payouts doesn’t really appeal to me. That just sounds like it would add hassles to my accounting. It seems that benefit would be more appealing to the lower end affiliates which they aren’t allowing into the network anyway. I’m not the type of affiliate that would empty my bank account each month to promote offers. I assume higher end affiliates would mostly be the same way.

  2. The daily payout is great! But I am already at so many CPA companies registered, if they have a really outstanding offer (exclusive), I will sign up

  3. At least worth checking out to see how their offers compare to the competition!

  4. Bidet says:

    The daily payment is a great plus, most don’t have this. Plus without the minimum quota people who don’t make much money can use this to get paid right away, instead of having to wait forever.

  5. Paul says:

    They already have a lot of offers. Very cool.

  6. Creative Files sounds like it is very useful for creating banners.Thanks for the review Tyler.

    Bradley Nordstrom

  7. Hmmm, I dunno. I’m still not sold though.. But we’ll see.

  8. Tracy Ingram says:

    Sounds like a pretty good program for creating banners. I think I will have to give it a chance. Thanks for the review.

  9. sefurl says:

    this is very nice for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I like that they offer papal withdrawal.

  11. luggage Sets says:

    Very comprehensive and interesting review. From what I gather after reading the post, a significant draw card is the daily payout option as many CPA networks I have used only pay monthly which can be at time frustrating.

  12. Hmm, there isnt much of a benefit, apart from the daily payout option.

  13. Some of the better CPA networks actually pay weekly…

  14. Jasmine says:

    YeahCPA looks pretty good. Yes, it is awesome to have a flexible payment payout option!

  15. Not Impressed says:

    YeahCPA is a joke. A bad joke.

    They have no website, when you go to you’re redirected to the hasoffers subdomain to login. The only links on there are for logging in or signing up.

    If you choose to give them a try and sign up you are sent to a cheeseball signup form. They ask the normal sensitive personal info like SSN but the site is not even secure! Then they want you to give out your AM’s personal contact info also! My AM’s have been vital to my success, not going to give their info to some cheeseball “network” that can’t even bother to make a website or secure app form.

    There’s no contact page to call them, just the cheeseball redirect to the hasoffers subdomain with the unsecured application page.

    Not exactly inspiring confidence.

    If you want a real laugh, check out google’s chache of their ‘site’ from FEB 1 2011 :

    “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

  16. AngryBird says:

    yeahCPA has not paid single cent to us since the first day we run offers from them.

    I have been ignored and pushed around with tons of stupid excuses whenever I reached them for my payments. Peter is ALWAYS unreachable and Aaron always claimed he failed to receive any of our emails.

    If you ever consider to join this network, THINK TWICE!

  17. maurers says:

    I like that they offer papal withdrawal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Bluemontoya says:

    I love the idea of daily payments if you reach a 20 dollar threshold. I definitely gonna sign up with them, thanks Tyler!

  19. SteamedStewie says:

    YeahCPA scammed me out of my commissions.

    I decided one day to give them a try and started sending them some heavy traffic. Next thing I know they sent me an email to suspend me for duplicate IPs issue. Of course this was after I have made over $1000 in commissions in a week’s time.

    All they did was sent me a CSV report with the number of signups with IPs. I checked my tracking stats and I have 40% fewer conversions than the list they emailed me. I think this was made up to just scam me out of my commissions.

    If you want to try them, BEWARE!

  20. YeahCPA says:

    YeahCPA is a complete and total scam. Take down this “review.” There is no such company, the company is a complete fraud. It is a chinese guy out of a shitty apartment in tuscon.

    • chris says:

      YeahCPA is total a scam. Forget about this paid rewiew.
      The staffs are all chinese guys spoken broken english with a virtual company address opening an cpa network with stupid name.
      There are lots of reputable network out there. Never waste your money on something risky.

  21. Let me tell you about YeahCPA. On July 27, 2011 I received an email from Jessie Sotomayor at YeahCPA announcing that new offers were added allowing any traffic type. The words “ANY TRAFFIC TYPE” were in the subject of the email and next to every offer listed in the email. (Screen Shot #1) On July 28, 2011 I replied to that email to ask if “ANY TRAFFIC TYPE” included incentive traffic. Jessie wrote back, “Yes it does.” (Screen Shot #2) So I put up 2 of the offers on my network that were in the email. On July 30, 2011 I received an email saying that my account was suspended because the conversion report showed that my traffic was incentive traffic which was not allowed on the offers I was running. (Screen Shot #3) I immediately wrote to Jessie to say that I “NEVER, EVER incentivize an offer without receiving permission to do so.” I repeatedly tried to contact Jessie and Peter Zou or Green or whatever his name is. On August 14, 2011 I finally received a reply from Jessie, “Not once did I ok you to incentivize any offer except for Bouncy Bids. That is not the offer in question.” (Screen Shot #4) As you can plainly see the subject of the original email said, “ANY TRAFFIC TYPE”, each offer plainly showed “ANY TRAFFIC TYPE” next to it, and I asked if “ANY TRAFFIC TYPE” included incentive and received the reply that it did. I’ve tried to contact Jessie and Peter every day to ask why my account hasn’t been reinstated and to ask why I haven’t received my payment for July earnings. To date I haven’t heard anything further from either of them and I don’t have my money. Funny, though, my accounts on YeahIncent and YeahMobile haven’t been suspended. If I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to, why weren’t those accounts suspended as well??!! This is a situation where Jessie gave me permission to run those offers and now they’re not going to pay me. The last email I sent to them told them that if I didn’t have payment within 24 hours I was going to post this information everywhere I could. The 24 hours have passed and I don’t have my money so I’m posting this.

  22. ZARAK KHAN says:

    and free advice for all,
    STAY AWAY FROM CPAWAY. a bogus network. and bad treating managers.


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