Setting Up Property Management, The Smell of Marijuana, and a Scare

July 18, 2015 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s been a week since my last post and since I’ve been getting slightly better with the post frequency over the past 2-3 months, I thought I’d better throw a new post up. There hasn’t been a whole lot that happened over the past week. I guess I took it a little bit easy once […]

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I Have The Keys To My First Income Property!

July 11, 2015 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Nearly one year ago exactly, I announced how I was interested in investing (or rather, having the company of which I am the sole shareholder – gotta keep the lawyers happy) in buy-and-hold real estate property for "passive income" generation. Yesterday my realtor confirmed that the lawyers said everything went through fine and he handed […]

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Signing Final Paperwork Today, Receiving Keys in 48 Hours

July 8, 2015 Posted by Tyler Cruz

And the road to Merendi Holdings Inc. first income property (of which I am the sole shareholder) is coming to an end. Later today I will be meeting with my real estate lawyer (I use a different lawyer for this stuff than I do for my corporate stuff for some reason) to sign the final […]

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Income Property Possession is 1 Week Away!

July 3, 2015 Posted by Tyler Cruz

A lot has happened in terms of progress on my first income property since my last real estate update from 10 days ago. I few days ago I drove to the property (it’s only a 12-minute drive away) to meet with the inspector and my realtor for the inspection walk-through. The inspector turned out to […]

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