$650 Weight Loss Challenge: The Rematch

May 25, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Exactly one year ago to the day, I finished my weight loss challenge against Paul Piotrowski. It was a very gruelling competition in which we both had to lose 6% of our starting weight within 10 weeks, but in the end we both managed to just barely make it. I ended up losing a total of 17 pounds, and Paul lost 15.

The second that challenge was over, I immediately went back to my old ways and ate a lot of fast food and junk food over the whole year. What can I say? I absolutely love food. If it wasn’t for all my badminton playing, I’d probably be even heavier than I am now. Unfortunately, I’m a bit ashamed to say that I gained back all the weight I lost since the last challenge, and then some.

In fact, I am now at a new personal record high, weighing in at a scary 212.8 pounds. Because I gained back so much weight (as did Paul), we both decided to engage in another weight loss challenge. “The Rematch” – so to speak.

Only, this is not like either of the 2 prior weight loss challenges I’ve engaged in on my blog. No, no, no. This one goes above and beyond.

First, this challenge will run for 4 months (120 days), which is a full 50 days longer than our previous challenge. This means that we’ll have to keep the weight off over a longer period of time, making last minute professional-fighter type weight loss more difficult (since there is a lot more weight to lose) and will also help set us up to continue to keep the weight off longer this time.

Secondly, we each have to lose 14% of our starting weight! This is an increase from 6% in our previous challenge. 14% works out to 30 pounds for each of us! 30 pounds over 120 days means that we’ll have to average a weight loss of a quarter of a pound every single day for 4 months straight!

Lastly, we’ve also increased the “penalty” in a couple of ways for not making the challenge. Read further down for more on that.

Overall, we’ve really raised the stakes in this challenge.

The Challenge

This weight loss challenge is between the personal development and make money online blogger, Paul Piotrowski, and myself.

  • We each must lose 14% of our starting weight within 4 months (120 days)
  • 14% works out to 30 pounds for both of us
  • The final official weight loss will be weighed on September 21st, 2011 at 10PM Pacific Time. If one of us loses the weight earlier, that does not declare a win; it must stay off by the deadline.
  • Whatever each of us weighs in at on September 21st, 2011 at 10PM Pacific Times what the results will be based on. Starting weight – End weight >= 30 pounds.

The $650 Penalty

In order to provide a bit of drama, as well as to provide true incentive for each of us to follow through with this competition, we have both agreed to pay the other person $650 should we not make the challenge.

In addition, we have both agree that if neither of us makes the challenge, that we both have to donate $325 (totalling $650) to the BCSPCA.


  • If I don’t lose 30 pounds by September 21st, 2011 at 10PM, I have to pay Paul $650.
  • If Paul doesn’t lose 30 pounds by September 21st, 2011 at 10PM, he has to pay me $650
  • If neither Paul or I lose 30 pounds by the deadline, we both donate $325 to the BCSPCA

If both Paul and I make our goals, then no penalty is paid out.

Challenge Rules

Both Paul and I have agreed to the following rules for this challenge:

  • We each must make an official post announcing the challenge with an overview, the rules, etc. In this post we must each post a current “before” photo of ourselves (preferably a front and side portrait). We must also post a short video clip of ourselves getting on the scale to prove our current weight at the beginning of the challenge.
  • Similarly, at the end of the competition on September 21st, 2011 at 10PM, we must again post current photos and a video of getting on the scale.
  • Preferably about once a week, we must each make a post updating the status of the competition (current weight, things we’re doing to lose the weight, etc.). Photos and or videos here are not mandatory but would be nice.
  • No weight loss pills, dietary supplements that have weight loss as their primary advertised benefit, colon cleansers (haha), starving of oneself, dehydration techniques, etc. of any kind. Must be all natural old fashioned weight loss. However if you’re looking for superfoods blends are that clinically tested and time-proven, then you can check it out here some impressive products with countless testimonials and clinical trials!

My Official Starting Weigh-In

Here is a photo of what I currently look like, standing casual and not sucking my gut in:


And here is a video showing my official starting weigh-in:

(Note: You may need to visit the post directly at TylerCruz.com if you’re reading this via e-mail or RSS in order to see it.)

Let the humility begin! Paul Piotrowski’s starting weigh-in post will be posted on his blog shortly (by the time you read this it should be up).

My Plan of Attack

In both of my prior 2 weight loss challenges, I focused around 75% on exercise and 25% on diet.

While I managed to make both challenges before with this strategy, I’m going a completely different route this time. In fact, the exact opposite.

This time I plan on focusing on 75% diet and 25% exercise. Since I already play badminton 2-3 times a week, I won’t have to do too much more to fulfill my exercise ‘quota’. I’ll be starting my ‘daily list’ again, which includes some sit-ups, crunches, and a walk, so along with badminton, those will probably make up close to 25% of my exercise plan.

I used to do a lot of treks around the 6KM lake here, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that this time around. If my dieting plan doesn’t work, then I may be forced to, but I really despise that stupid lake now 🙂

For dieting, I’m going to do what I did in my other weight loss challenges (absolutely no fast food/restaurants, dramatic reduction on juice and pop; diet pop only of course, focus on less sodium and high-calorie foods, drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, etc.) but this time I’m going to take it even further.

I’m going to try to cook meals more (as opposed to eating ‘instant’ meals), and I’m really going to try to drink more water and eat a LOT more vegetables and fruit. I’ve found that when I snack while watching TV or doing something while focused not on the food, that I don’t really mind what I’m eating… so eating some baby carrots while watching TV, for example, is a good way to fill my stomach while still eating healthily and with low calories.

We’ll see how this works out for me.

In any case, wish me luck! This is going to suck. It always does.

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82 Responses to “$650 Weight Loss Challenge: The Rematch”

  1. Best of luck Tyler, it seems to be a common trend for bloggers/website owners to pile on a few pounds! I’m currently in progress with my own weight loss efforts but I’ve just got 15lbs to lose to hit my goal weight.


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  3. Wesley says:

    You should finally get yourself a (electric) standing desk.. The $650 you will win can go towards this now. Or if you’re feeling up to it a treadmill desk.

    Make smoothies, or even better, green smoothies to increase uptake of fruit and vegetables. This fills you up and it will mean that you snack less.

    Good luck.

  4. Joe Big Time says:

    Oh no…. when are you going to answer the questions?

  5. LeSigh says:

    Keep doing these “weight-loss” challenges and you’ll be 300+ pounds in no time…

  6. Casey says:

    Tyler, if you like junk food, you like junk food. Unless you are prepared to change your diet for the rest of your life, you’re going to sink back to your old diet and just gain the weight back like you did last year. Instead, I would focus more on getting exercise and find a balance where you set rules of when and how often you eat fast food.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I agree. That’s partly why we decided to expand this challenge to 4 months… it forces us to use healthier habits over a longer period of time.

    • used tires says:

      I completely agree with Casey, and it is something similar that I was going to suggest. Tyler I firmly believe that you dont have to change your eating lifestyle by much, if you setup a dedicated workout, exercise routine for yourself

      Also, I would say skip soda all together, yes even the Diet stuff. I am huge believer that Diet is really worse than the regular kind anyways.


  7. Jacob says:

    Drinking diet soda won’t help. Sure, you’re not getting the calories, but the trade off is that your metabolism will slow down. My advice? Cut out soda entirely and just drink water. You’ll get used to it sooner or later and that’ll give you a huge advantage.

  8. God! You are going to bore us for another six months with your weight-loss crap. You always gain your weight back after the contest. oh by the way you don’t look 212…Looks 300+ dude. anyway good luck

    • Paulymath says:

      You know what’s worse than losing weight and then gaining it back?

      Not losing weight and just continuing to gain it.

      Somewhere out there, in a parallel universe there is a Tyler Cruz that never did any weight loss challenges, and unlike his 212lbs counterpart in this universe he probably IS 300lbs.

      I like how in your universe 212lbs is 300lbs and 120 days is 6 months. What’s that US dollar at there?



      • LeSigh says:

        Actually, no. When you fatties are in binge mode after your “weight-loss” challenges you increase your bodies fat storing capacity, training it to be a lean, mean fat-storing machine; yo-yoing is actually worse for many people in the long run than those that slowly but steadily gain weight, as the latter group typically peaks at a lower overall weight.

        In the end it all boils down to one simple thing. No elaborate challenges, no expensive equipment, no math; just put down the pie and walk away.

        • Paul B says:

          Don’t go boring them with facts, I tried it last year. You might as well just piss into the wind and let them get on with it.

        • Paulymath says:

          “Yo-Yo”ing only increases your body’s fat storing ability if the weight you’re losing during the “Weight Loss” stage of your program is MUSCLE weight and then replacing it by FAT during the “Weight Gain” stage.

          This is due to the fact that most people end up reducing their Lean Muscle Mass during stupid, short-term dieting trends.

          If you look at my DEXA Scan results form my last weight loss competition ( http://www.paulymath.com/2010/12/13/body-fat-testing-post-competition-results/ ) you will see that I did NOT lose any muscle mass during my weight loss competition.

          In fact, during my last diet from Nov 3rd to Dec 13th (my 2 DEXA scan appointments) I lost 5.6lbs of FAT while simultaneously gaining 1.5lbs of muscle.

          So even though I gained some of the fat back that I lost in the last challenge, I have also gained more muscle mass so you are incorrect in saying that we are worse off doing this than doing nothing.

          If you really believe that losing weight long term is as simple as just “putting the pie and walking away” then why don’t you write a book and become a billionaire solving one of the biggest health challenges the world is facing right now.


          • LeSigh says:

            At the end of your last “weight-loss” challenge, you were at 197 lbs. You’ve since ballooned back up to 216. Judging from the photo you posted, that ain’t 19 pounds of muscle mass that you packed on, cupcake.

            It’s admirable that you managed to lose fat while gaining muscle last time around but look at yourself. These “weight-loss” challenges are miserable failures.

            As much as I’d enjoy the money, I’m going to keep the Pie Diet plan under wraps for now and forsake the billions. It’d inevitably spawn way too many crappy MLM sites filled with pop-ups and get-rich-quick spiels, and that’d do the world as much good in the end as trying to talk sound diet advice to a fat kid with pie smeared all over his face.

          • LeSigh says:

            P.S. Lo and behold, there’s already a Pie Diet:


            …and man, that’s right in your sweet spot! Sadly I didn’t see an affiliate program, so I’m not sure how you’ll spam it for profits, cough, I mean bring the invaluable resource to the attention of your followers.

            Maybe a premium Pie Diet mentorship program? Dedicated YouTube channel? Harnessing the power of spirit pie? Lots of possibilities to cash in on the Pie Diet craze, especially before it really catches on.

          • Paulymath says:

            I never said it was muscle. You missed the point entirely.

            You said that Yo-Yo diets are bad because they make it easier for your body to gain fat later on, so it’s not worth trying to lose weight the way we’re doing with these competitions.

            I then stated that the only reason Yo-Yo diets are bad is in the case where you lose MUSCLE during the “weight loss” phase and then gain FAT during the “weight gain” phase.

            I then sent you a link to my DEXA scan which clearly shows that I did NOT lose any MUSCLE during the “weight loss” phase of my diet.

            The other thing you’re not taking into account is that with each attempt for us to lose weight and keep it off we are also learning from our experiences and making adjustments to try to make this a lifelong health improvement for ourselves.

            That is why in this challenge we made it a 4 months challenge, rather than a 10 week one. You may label what we do as a “miserable failure” but at least we’re trying to improve our health.

            Nobody – except apparently you – is perfect. If you’re so smart and successful with your health, why don’t you start a Blog and share your health / weight-loss wisdom with everyone instead of spewing your negativity on people who are trying to make improvements and who have the courage to share their successes and failures publicly.

          • LeSigh says:

            “So even though I gained some of the fat back that I lost in the last challenge, I have also gained more muscle mass so you are incorrect in saying that we are worse off doing this than doing nothing.”

            You finished the last challenge at 197 pounds. You now weigh 216 pounds.

            Go have your fancy scan done and if you’ve gained back more muscle mass than fat in that 19 pounds you added, I’ll donate $1,000 to the charity of your choice.

            Easy as pie.

          • Paulymath says:

            You’re still not getting what I’m saying about “yo-yo”ing.

            Let me explain it more mathematically…

            Let’s take two hypothetical examples…

            Person A
            Day 1 – Starts Diet Here
            Starting Weight = 200 lbs
            Lean Body Mass = 120 lbs
            Fat Body Mass = 80 lbs

            Day 50 – Ends Diet Here
            Weight = 190 lbs
            Lean Body Mass = 115 lbs
            Fat Body Mass = 75 lbs

            Day 100 – Gained Lost Weight Back
            Weight = 200 lbs
            Lean Body Mass = 115 lbs
            Fat Body Mass = 85 lbs

            In *THIS* specific example the YO-YO effect of losing weight and then gaining it back is BAD. Why? Because the person lost MUSCLE MASS simultaneously while losing FAT during the WEIGHT LOSS portions of the diet, and then ended up gaining ONLY FAT on the way up. So as a net effect, even though they are 200 LBS on Day 100 (aka YO-YO back to original weight), they are actually worse off because their body composition is now -5 lbs of MUSCLE and +5 lbs of FAT.

            Meaning, they weigh 200 lbs but they are fatter than before.

            That is why people say that it is BAD to YO-YO since a lot of people end up doing this. They starve their muscles during weight loss and end up reducing their LEAN BODY MASS, which is a stupid thing to do.

            However, consider this example:

            Person B
            Day 1 – Starts Diet Here
            Starting Weight = 200 lbs
            Lean Body Mass = 120 lbs
            Fat Body Mass = 80 lbs

            Day 50 – Ends Diet Here
            Weight = 190 lbs
            Lean Body Mass = 125 lbs
            Fat Body Mass = 65 lbs

            Day 100 – Gained Lost Weight Back
            Weight = 200 lbs
            Lean Body Mass = 125 lbs
            Fat Body Mass = 75 lbs

            In this example, even though the person technically “Gained all the weight they lost” aka “YO-YO”ed, the reality is that they are actually BETTER off than before because of that 200lbs, now only 75lbs of it is fat, so they are actually LESS FAT than before starting the diet.

            My point is that YO-YO dieting is ONLY BAD *IF* you are LOSE LEAN BODY MASS during the weight loss portion of the diet, and that is NOT what I was doing.


          • LeSigh says:

            Offer still stands, cupcake. Have the fancy scan done and see what it says, as far as a comparison to the last one you had done.

            My point is this is much more likely to be the case in your second hypothetical situation:

            Day 100 – Gained Lost Weight Back
            Weight = 210 lbs
            Lean Body Mass = 120 lbs
            Fat Body Mass = 90 lbs

            I know math is hard but you’re starting this second challenge at a HIGHER weight than you started the first “weight-loss” challenge.

            You’ve GAINED weight, cupcake. You claim it’s lean body mass; I say it’s pie mass.

            Have the scan done. If you’re right and the reason you’re now a svelte 216 pounds is the gained lean body mass (and not fat), it’s an easy $1,000 for the charity of your choice.

          • Paulymath says:

            I was giving a hypothetical example with round numbers (ie. 200lbs) to make the math simple to understand, not stating that my starting/ending weight in the competitions was 200lbs.

            In reality, body weight is much more complex than that and there are many factors involved. I won’t bother responding to any more of your comments though since it’s clear that you’re just arguing for the sake of arguing.

          • LeSigh says:

            The easiest way to shut me up (and earn $1,000 for the charity of the choice) is to have another fancy scan done, cupcake.

            You’re defending these “weight-loss” challenges as being valuable tools to both you and Tyler; your “evidence” is that for a small window of time during the last challenge, you lost fat body mass while gaining lean body mass.

            I’m positing that these “weight-loss” challenges are crutches for both of you and leaving you off in WORSE shape than when you started them.

            Prove me wrong. Show me that the majority of the 19 pounds you’ve packed on since the end of the last challenge isn’t fat body mass, and that you maintained your lean body mass (or even increased it) since the last scan.

            We both know you haven’t, which is why you keep deflecting the discussion from a very simple fact; both of you are avoiding the life changes you really need to make in order to not just lose fat body mass but keep it off.

            Which is fine, in and of itself. Fatties gonna fat. It’s just unfortunate that some sheeple will inevitably stumble across this and mistake it for any sort of a guide to living a healthier life.

    • yeah says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Now he is going to fill up the blog with 87 crap posts about how he is doing with his little challenge… as if anyone in the world gave a rat’s ass.

  9. Wish you best luck for this challenge Tyler!
    You made a good choice focusing on 75% diet and 25% on exercise because if you just exercise fats are trapped between the muscles and it makes it more difficult to lose weight!

  10. Matt Coddington says:

    In my personal experience, trying to force a change in the types of food you eat just doesn’t work. I’ve had much better success just watching my portions. I went from 205, down to 165, and back up to 180 (this time all muscle baby) – and I started about the same time as your first challenge.

    Molding your body is the same as building a business – you just have to DO SOMETHING (ANYTHING!) and you’ll be fine. Elaborate plans/diets are just fluff.

    • Jonathan says:

      I think you have it right, Matt, portion control is key, especially for us food lovers, Trying to give anything up is just too hard over the long term. You need a stable, sustainable plan of attack, not unlike with blogging or online business.

  11. Jonathan says:

    This yoyo thing is not good, guys. I’ve followed the previous challenges on here, and you guys keep gaining wight back. I think the main problem is that neither of you make sustainable lifestyle changes, you make extreme lifestyle changes that just cannot be maintained over the long haul.

    So sure, you lose a lot of weight quickly, but its almost inevitable that you will gain it back.

  12. Car fanatic says:

    Good luck to you! Having lost a good amount of weight before I can say that what worked for me was staying very active. I went to bed exhausted every night and the wrong types of foods made me feel gross. When you get to that level of activity (takes 3 weeks if you’ve been sedentary) you’ll quickly return to your ideal weight.

  13. Congrats very impressive, good luck!

  14. Good luck on this challenge, Tyler. Hope you win it again. I can relate perfectly to what you said as I have a metabolic tendency to get fat very easily. It seems like every ounce of fat I consume gets plastered along my body.

  15. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Cool Tyler! I see that many bloggers are facing the same problem, fat…because of just sitting on the chair in front computer without exercise. I wish you best luck this time Tyler!

    Shall we put some side bet this time, either you or Paul will win in the end. ;D


  16. Ramon says:

    I wish you good luck Tyler!

  17. Jared Ronski says:

    Good luck guys. You have inspired me to also try this, and I think I might challenge a friend of mine. Over the last 2 years I have put on a ton of weight, and now its time to get rid of it and get in shape. I am about 200 now and I want to get down to a lean mean 175.

  18. George Tee says:

    Hi tyler. that’s a cool, nice challenge. I like the rules you and Paul agreed on. It’s a good thing making the challenge longer to set your stomach to that habit. I’ll go look at Paul’s post. Good luck to both of you! Hmm I am thinking who will win the challenge. 🙂

    • That’s a good and important point, George. A sudden change in daily intake is not good for the body and it’s definitely better for the body to ease into such changes in diet gradually.

  19. I lost 40lbs last year using Weight Watchers and exercising. I suggest you give that a try 🙂

    • Paulymath says:

      I’ve known quite a few people who tried them, but didn’t get any results long term.

      What typically happened is they attended the weekly meeting and for as long as they kept losing weight each week they showed up to meetings to do their weigh-in, but as soon as their weight loss stopped or they gained a few pounds it became harder to show up to meetings to face everyone and be seen as a “failure”.

      I haven’t tried it myself, so I have no idea how well it works, but that’s what I’ve seen happen with a few people. Of course I also heard of success stories like yours where people lost weight and kept it off on Weight Watchers.

      I studied the diet itself during my nutritional studies and it’s a fairly sound diet. It limits simple carbs while emphasizing veggies etc.

      • Paul B says:

        “I studied the diet itself during my nutritional studies” – brilliant, just brilliant. Did your “nutritional studies” involve (only) Google?

        As part of my work I’ve got to deal with dozens of nutrition experts, personal trainers, PT trainers and not once have I ever come across one that was even slightly over weight.

        You and Tyler are comedy gold.

        ps I’m no big fan of Weight Watchers but it is still regarded amongst those that know as having one of the highest success rates for long term weight loss of all the various clubs and diet systems out there. I’m not sure if Google would agree as I can only go by real life experience.

        • Paulymath says:

          No, actually I did 2 years of studies and earned a diploma in Advanced Nutrition at Alive Academy (http://www.aliveacademy.com), and I am also a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant (CSNC).

          You make it sound like only fit people study nutrition. There are plenty of nutritionists and dieticians who are overweight or even obese when they first start studying nutrition. There are also brilliant doctors out there who have cancer, are obese, and who suffer from colds and flus. Just because you have the knowledge or wisdom or even a PhD in a subject doesn’t mean you’re a perfect specimen or example of your studies.

          I also know a couple mechanics who drive complete clunkers that are always breaking down on them.

          It’s not that I don’t *know* what I need to do in terms of diet, it’s just that I haven’t built a lifelong habit of doing it yet. It’s no different than knowing that cigarettes are bad for you, but still being addicted to them.

          I don’t quite understand why you’re assuming that just because Tyler and I haven’t made losing weight and getting in shape one of our long term highest priorities yet, that we’re complete morons and the only thing we know about proper nutrition is what we found by searching on Google.

          As far as Weight Watchers is concerned, depending which study you look at online, they claim a success rate of about 50% from those people who achieve their goal weight (so they discount those people who didn’t reach their target to make the number sound higher), but other studies show it’s more around 2-6 people out of 1,000 that actually lose and keep the weight off with Weight Watchers.

          Studies are hard to believe though because it all depends on who pays for the study and what their agenda is, so the numbers are always skewed. Personally speaking I count 12 people I know (friends from school, work etc.) that went on weight watchers several times and did not lose weight with them long term.

          Like I said, the basis of their diet is OK, but the system is not perfect. For example, they don’t take into account the fact that a large part of obesity is due to simple sugar addiction and the fact that sugar is more addictive than Cocaine, so until a person gets rid of their sugar addiction – which takes about 4-7 days of withdrawl symptoms – they are always addicted to it in some form – whether that be getting their simple carbs from soda, white pasta, white bread, cereals, milk, fruit or any number of about a billion foods out there that are packed full of simple carbs.


          • Matt Coddington says:

            You are everything wrong with this industry. The fact that you think you can educate people on nutrition is a perfect parallel of how the guru mentality is ruining the internet industry, and making the world view us as snake oil salesmen.

            You know nothing. You’ve done nothing. You are an embarrassment. In this challenge and in life.

          • Matt Coddington says:

            The above comment was directed at Paul, not Tyler btw.

          • LeSigh says:

            Very well said, Matt.

            I’d offer you a pie but you seem to have the good sense to decline it, or at least only eat a very reasonable portion after daily exercise.

            (No, Pauly, you can’t have the rest of Matt’s pie.)

          • Paulymath says:

            @Matt: I don’t think I can education people on nutrition. You mistook me for LeSigh. He’s the one who knows everything about nutrition, fitness, me, Tyler Cruz and pie.

            I freely admit I know nothing about anything. I’m just an overweight Blogger with a pie eating problem (according to LeSigh) trying to lose 30lbs of fat before I have to cough up $650 to Tyler.

            I’m just Blogging about nothing to temporarily keep people entertained while we wait for you and LeSigh to launch your epic awesome Blogs and share all of your wisdom and accomplishments in life so we can all learn from you. Even then, I’m doing a miserable job of doing that, so please start Blogging / teaching already. The people are getting restless.

          • Matt Coddington says:

            Been there, done that man. I left this industry because of people like you.

      • They offer an online version too 😉

      • I didn’t go to a single meeting. I paid for the online account and tracked everything using their iPhone app. I dieted using their system and ran a mile every morning for about 4 months.

        The reason I regained the weight is because I have a horrible habit of going out to eat once every other day or so. Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise if you eat like a cow.

        So, I’m back on WeightWatchers to lose and maintain my weight. I recommend them 100%.

  20. Kimarie says:

    Maybe you should add a higher penalty for 6 months after the end of the challenge? Encourage you to keep the weight off 🙂

  21. Best of luck to you. I hope after this you have a self discipline to avoid gaining weight again.

  22. Great results Tyler, congrats

  23. flash game says:

    i’ve also some weight problems and i’m working on it.good luck tyler for your challenge keep it up.

  24. Jasmine says:

    Wow, what an interesting weight loss challenge, especially when you do this on your blog. Anyway, I wish both of you loss more than 50 pounds! Good luck yo! 🙂

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  26. Orgreenic says:

    Oh my, I don’t know if I can do the same. But congrats Tyler!

  27. Good stuff time for yet another weight loss challenge. I am excited to see who will win this go around. Didn’t you do this against someone else last time though?

  28. Keep the weight off, congrats man

  29. paul says:

    Thats too bad you gained the weight back. Why dont you try p90x!

  30. dan says:

    im look to loose around 30 lbs myself im going to drink tons of water and exercise with a healthy diet

  31. Here are two good weight reduction proposals that will help you guarantee 100%. Do any of them, and eat it for 3 weeks and get a great result on the scales.

    1. Eat nothing or as little as possible carbohydrates. No white bread, flour, beer, wine, pasta, potatoes, etc.

    2. Air-hostesses recipes. (Really boring and monotonous)
    Breakfast: A can of baby food and two glasses of milk.
    Lunch: Chicken breast and rice.
    Afternoon: A can of baby food and two glasses of milk.
    Dinner: Chicken breast and rice.
    Supper: A can of baby food and two glasses of milk

    Good luck //Lenny

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