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February 21, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

The following is a paid review and is completely of my own opinion and is not influenced by being paid. If you’re interested in having me review your site or product, please view my advertising page.

Note: Back in the middle of December, I reviewed a free web host and gave them a very favourable review. While their service was new, their design ugly, and their content poorly written, I ended up recommending them as their actual free hosting was simply a great deal.

However, as several readers commented in the review, there are many free web hosts that launch all the time only to crash and burn soon thereafter due to an overload of users; it’s not easy to give out completely free hosting. As some of my readers predicted, the web host I reviewed went down shortly thereafter and has since enabled forced ads.

There is no way for me to review a site and predict if they will continue to operate or not, but in hindsight, I probably should have mentioned to my readers in that review to be a bit wary as not all web hosts have enough resources to operate indefinitely.

Therefore, that is my warning for this time around. Again, there is no way for me to predict if a site will stick around or not, but I’ll review their site and services the best I can and you can make your own judgement whether you’d like to use them or not.


This free web hosting company I’m reviewing this time is Their site is extremely simple, comprised of only a few pages, which is pretty standard for a web host. They were founded in August of 2007, so they do have a bit of history to back themselves up as a free host that might stick around for the long run. And since January 2008, they have provided 100% uptime. Before then, their uptime was above 99.7%.

Freezoka reportedly has over 4,500 users, which is quite impressive for a new host. In addition, they have an Alexa of 37,000, and a Google query of the keyword “freezoka” yields 266,000 results. While these things are no definitive proof that Freezoka will continue to offer free hosting or stick around for the long haul, they should nonetheless give some added credibility.

Their design and logo are very amateurish, which probably repels a large portion of would-be members. As such, it is strongly recommended that they get a professional redesign. Since their site is small and basic, they could get a great-looking design for only around $500.

Freezoka repeatedly states “Free PHP Web Hosting” throughout their site. I don’t know if this is being done for SEO reasons, trying to capitalize on a possible lucrative keyword niche, but I would definitely tone it down. It is very misleading and confusing; to me, the phrase suggests that they only offer PHP hosting, and it gives a very technical connotation.

Free Hosting, No Ads

As promised, offers completely free ad-free web hosting. The obvious question is: how can they afford to do this, and what do they get out of it?

First, while there are no forced ads, users can choose to put ads on their site via Freezoka and receive part of the revenue for doing so, but this is not required. The other part of the revenue goes to Freezoka to help them sustain the site.

In addition to the optional shared-revenue model, Freezoka also offers paid web hosting plans which obviously give greater disk space and bandwidth. Their packages are quite cheap: only $2.99 per month for the Standard package (50 GB Space, 250 GB Traffic) and $6.99 per month for their Ultimate package (100 GB space, 1 TB Traffic).

Freezoka’s free hosting is already very lucrative, however, offering all the basic amenities and features such as MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin. They give out 300 MB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth which is far more than you need; if you ever exceed these, then you easily afford to upgrade to paid hosting.

They support full domain hosting, so you can host your .com with them, or if you don’t have a domain, you can set up a subdomain (


Freezoka uses VistaPanel, which is a CPanel skin, so you get to use CPanel as well. For those unfamiliar with CPanel, it is the most popular and robust web server/web hosting software which allows for fast and easy web server administration. A screenshot of VistaPanel within Freezoka is shown below:


Freezoka has a forum which has pretty responsive support. In addition to getting answers from the forum, members can also utilize the ticket system within their control panel.

Signing Up

Signing up to was fast and simple, taking roughly 30-seconds. Within 2-minutes, I had signed up with Freezoka, made a quick web page, and was had my site up and running.

The URL to the awesome site I made is: As you can see, there are no ads from Freezoka on my website 🙂

There is one thing regarding registration I should mention though for paying customers (it does not appear to affect free hosting users). Upon reading Freezoka’s Terms of Service (yes, I’m thorough in my investigations *smile*), I noticed a term that should be read carefully before proceeding:


Free domain names which are included with Paid Hosting accounts are the property of freezoka Internet. freezoka will always retain ownership of free domain names we register. If requested, freezoka will allow the ‘transfer’ any free domains to an alternative hosting provider if a transfer administration fee is paid, which amounts to $29.99. If the service has been provisioned for over 12 months freezoka may waiver the above mentioned transfer fee.  freezoka reserves the right to cancel / transfer domain names which are provided with paid hosting accounts. We reserve the right to renew or allow the expiration of domain names we register.

It may be perfectly harmless and just worded poorly, but it sounds if you register a domain through Freezoka with one of their paid hosting packages, that if they wanted to, they can keep that domain for themselves.. a scenario which would most likely occur if it was particularly valuable.

Again, I don’t know if this was just poor wording on their part, but to be on the safe side, it would be recommended to not register any important domain with them until they update the wording of this.

Summary is a completely free web host which is ad-free as well. Signing up and getting an account is fast and easy, and they offer pretty much everything a webmaster needs in a web host including large disk space, bandwidth, and features such as MySQL, PHP, and CPanel.

They also offer paid hosting at extremely affordable prices ($3-$7) which essentially give more disk space and bandwidth.

That being said, Freezoka will need to continue to operate for quite some time in order to prove itself as a reputable and stable free web host. With that disclaimer in mind, Freezoka is a great solution for those who can not pay for web hosting but still want all the bells and whistles of paid hosting.

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27 Responses to “Ad Free Web Hosting with Freezoka”

  1. bluefur says:

    I did some quick research that I found interesting.

    You can view the whois here for that domain…

    Now I did a quick search on the email and some scary things pop-up…

    You will notice one of the sites in that list is this one:

    That same email is used for another free web host company It appears that does not offer free hosting anymore. I wonder why?

    Another site on that search brings up this site…

    They mention which appears to be another web hosting company. I’m starting to wonder how many they have.

    Anyways on to the next one on the list…

    Surprised that they mention yet another web hosting domain? This time it is and that redirects to (yes another one).

    This whole thing is one BIG red flag. If you want your neighbours to be fraud sites then perhaps this will be a good solution but personally I would rather find a paid solution (but I am bias).

    • If that’s true, then I wouldn’t trust them at all. Nice find.

      • Andy says:

        insaneGB had to shut down temporarily, too. these sorts of things never work. I think tyler would do well to actually screen his advertisers a little. if you’re going to have so many ads on a site, the least you can do is make sure that they’re for genuinely valuable and reputable services.

  2. wtf says:

    hey tyler loser i see your rss feed reads 728 did they finally find all your face RSS leads? lmao exposed for what you really are, a fraud.

  3. wtf says:

    fake* rss leads. anywho i hope your ready to hand out refunds for all advertisers who fell trap to your fraud.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Charming comments as usual, but this is just a usual Feedburner hiccup. It should be fixed tomorrow… unless you think JohnChow, Shoemoney, and everybody elses lower RSS are just coincidences too…

      • Andy says:

        its pretty frustrating that you respond to the crazy people, but ignore all the sane ones with legitimate complaints.

        did you ever explain the whole traffic measurement problem, by the way? didnt you get an awful lot of money from pokerforums advertisers who thought your traffic was 10 times what it was? were they contacted and offered a refund of any sort?

  4. Mike says:

    The following is a paid review..

    Stop reading right there.

  5. selma says:

    More quality posts that are going to make you a superstar. Get off your keester already Tyler. This is getting quite tiresome.

  6. taquila says:


  7. Luke says:

    Yeah, I have to agree, this paid review seems to be reviews and company who is taking part in illegal activities.

    Also, the muppett who commented on the RSS feed, man you need to get a grip on your life.

    Tyler. More informative posts are needed, you used to comment on how you made your sites big and how much money you made etc, things like that interested us readers. Paid reviews on crap sites do not.


  8. Steve says:

    Really, who is concerned with the long term stability of a free web host? Why would I bother with a free host when I already get 1000 subdomains with each of my shared accounts? I’ll never use all of them up. Useless paid shilling…it’s sad 🙁

  9. Matt Livingston says:

    Tyler: I have been reading your blog for about 5 months now, and I must say I’m getting bored with where you are going.

    I do not want to rip on you like some of the narrow-minded people above, but it seems like every single post on your blog is a paid review or a post about how much the blog is earning. While these are fine for an entrepreneur’s blog, I think we all want some actual ideas from you. You should share more thoughts that people will find interesting, such as followups on projects you are working on.

    Other commentators: if you apply some common sense you can see that there is indeed a hiccup with FeedBurner: some blog’s subscriber amounts are much higher or lower than they should be.

    Also, Freezoka is simply a Byethost ( section. They are reliable, but slow, and will spam your email address with annoying offers (this applies to the popular as well).

    • Andy says:

      no kidding. of the last 28 posts, 7 have been paid reviews. thats 25%. 2 others were talking about wordze and were crawling with affiliate links. 2 others were about poker. and another was about neverblueads and was also covered in affiliate links.

      so, one-fourth of the posts over the last several months have been outright advertising, and if you factor in more subtle forms, it probably approaches 35-40%. and this isnt counting the THIRTEEN image ads on every page. this place, sorry to say, is a glorified billboard.

  10. Eagles Links says:

    I decided to move one of my low-traffic, static sites to these guys.. If nothing else, it’s on a seperate class-c, which is a benefit in my book.

    I sort of wish I had read the comments here before signing up, but the damage is done now I guess.. Hopefully they don’t really spam me, as I get enough garbage as it is. 🙁

    What sucks is that I can’t find a way to forward e-mails to another address, so I’ll have to use their crappy webmail client for now.

  11. Tom Beaton says:

    Not sure I would trust a site to be run on a free host unless it was a low bandwidth small site.

  12. Matt Livingston says:

    @Andy – Yes, I agree with you that it is odd he responds to those who post pointless comments but does not respond, either positively or negatively, to those of us who actually read his blog because (at one point) we liked what he had to say.

    Does he not understand he only gives the spammers a little power while driving true readers away?

  13. KieranG says:

    The best free host (without a shadow of doubt) is – Zymic is a *highly* respected webmaster resource that has been around for at least five years now… They offer fantastic free hosting and excellent support (better than some paid hosts!)…


  14. Matt says:

    Wow, lots of rather uninformed posters talking about fraud and other illegalities. Freezoka is a service run on Byethost’s MyOwnFreeHost service, which allows a person to run a host without having to worry about the background setup (maintaining apache, php, cpanel, etc) for free. It’s essentially a reseller account for only free hosting. Byethost itself has been around for years, and has never been known to participate in fraud.

    Websites hosted by Freezoka, or any MyOwnFreeHost site for that matter, will not spam anybody. Once a month there is a “newsletter” sent out advertising the paid service. You can opt-out the first time you get it.

    I have hosted small sites on Freezoka and other MyOwnFreeHost services, along with sites on Byethost itself. I have not experienced noticeable downtime on any of the services except for the small amount of time when Byethost first switched to their clustered service.

    I must say I’ve been surprised at the quality of the support on Freezoka, as the operator of the service works to respond quickly to user problems. This isn’t often the case with free hosts. Freezoka is a good service and, unless Byethost closes up (which is very unlikely), will very likely continue to be one.

  15. Leo says:

    Lol, you will never learn, idiots. All above posts are from the poor competency, who hasn’t has money to pay a review.

  16. […] single person that has ever purchased them have been extremely satisfied, with the exception of one advertiser who was angry not with the actual review, but because of the negative comments he received (he […]

  17. you will never learn, idiots. All above posts are from the poor competency, who hasn’t has money to pay a review.

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