Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2: One Week Left!

August 7, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

We are down to the final week of the Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2! While the clock is certainly ticking (…literally! Check out the Affiliate Challenge widget on the top right of my blog), there’s still time to register and earn your way to a prize (or prizes).

If you haven’t entered yet, I highly recommend you do. MarketLeverage has put up so many great prizes that it’s certainly worth your while to try to compete for them. I’m actually very envious of you guys and wish I could compete in my own contest!

For those of you who have signed up, but are having trouble making any leads or sales, keep working at it! Part of the great thing about this competition is that it really pushes and encourages you to make more money through affiliate marketing. I know of a few contestants who have surprised themselves by raking in a lot more dough that they thought they could, simply due to the nature of competition.



Before I get to the rankings, here is a reminder of what is up for grabs. Full details of the prizes and contest details can be found at the original contest page.

Top Grossing Affiliates

  • 1st Place: Dell 22″ Widescreen Monitor with Built-In Webcam
  • 2nd Place: Sony PSP + Secret Agent Clank
  • 3rd Place: Mino Flip Video Camera
  • 4th Place: iPod Nano
  • 5th Place: $100 Prepaid Rewards Card
  • 6th Place: $100 Prepaid Rewards Card

Top New Affiliates

  • 1st Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen
  • 2nd Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen
  • 3rd Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen
  • 4th Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen
  • 5th Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen

Random Blog Draws:

  • 1st Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen
  • 2nd Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen
  • 3rd Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen
  • 4th Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen
  • 5th Place: 2.0GB USB Storage Pen

Current Rankings

Here are the latest rankings as of August 6th, 3:10pm Pacific time.

I’ve now referred a total of 83 affiliates to MarketLeverage, 24 of which signed up during this current competition.

Together, during this competition thus far, they’ve generated a total of $22,661.75 in commissions. The current leaderboards are shown below:

Top Grossing Affiliates
Rank Participant
1st CD8470 “The Behemoth” $13,238.80
2nd CD9189 “The Newcomer” $4,711.20
3rd CD9050 $1,134.00
4th CD8137 “The Tortoise” $1,029.00
5th CD8346 $888.50
6th CD8036 $632.05
  Combined Total (all referrals): $22,661.75
Top New Affiliates
Rank Participant Earnings
1st CD9189 “The Newcomer” $4,711.20
2nd CD9050 $1,134.00
3rd CD9618 $171.20
4th CD9506 $99.00
5th CD9475 $65.80
  Combined Total (new sign-ups): $6,181.20

CD8470, aka “The Behemoth” as I prefer to call him, has continued to show his complete and utter dominance in the competition. He must really want that 22-inch monitor :)

However, “The Newcomer”, entering into the competition a week late, is a force to be reckoned with as well, having secured 2nd place with nearly $5,000. From the pace he’s set so far, it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to catch The Behemoth, but anything can happen within the span of a week…

CD9050 seems to have sneaked into 3rd place somehow. It may have taken him sometime to get his campaigns moved over to MarketLeverage or get things set up, but he’s doing quite well now.

CD8137 has continued to play out his role as “The Tortoise”. He’s never been flashy, but he’s consistent and solid.

CD8346 dropped down another spot due to CD9050. He’ll need to be careful in order to stay in 5th place since there is a lot of competition looking to bump him off.

CD8036 is another “slow and steady” competitor, however he will need to try and ramp up his campaigns in order to continue to stick with the pack.

For the new affiliates, we see “The Newcomer” easily securing 1st place and CD9050 easily securing 2nd. A number of other new affiliates seem to have put in some effort as well, and there is now a lot of competition in the $50-80 range.

Blogging Entrants

So far, a total of 12 people have blogged about this competition. That means that as it stands right now, if you wrote a blog post about this competition, your chances of winning a 2.0GB USB pen would be 42%. Those are pretty good odds for taking 20-minutes to write a blog post! 

Competition Goals and Thoughts

It appear as though I’ve already met and surpassed my goal of having the competition generate a total of $15,000, however it doesn’t appear as though I’ll reach my goal of also referring a total of 100 affiliates. So sign-up and help me reach that second goal!

There are still 7 days left for this competition, so if you haven’t signed up yet, come on and join the fun! Even if you don’t place in this competition, you’ll be all set up and ready to go for the next one.

Plus, what better way to get your feet wet into affiliate marketing than to join a contest?

I’ll be declaring the winners in a week from now: I hope to see you as one of them!

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29 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2: One Week Left!”

  1. Contest seems to be getting bigger wishing everyone the best!

  2. Richard says:

    Damn I wish I signed up under your referral for ML.

    Shame you can’t change it somehow…

    Good luck guys

  3. Muneeb says:

    Thats amazing !!!!

    13k boooooo !!! , i wonder how giant CD8470’s network of sites would be heheh

    Anyways, Goodluck to other participants for 2nd and onward places as Behemoth is on the top lol


    P.S Wish i could participate too but Alas!!! , I’m already registered with ML referred from somewhere else not from here. (CD7580) anyways chao ! Best of luck to everyone

  4. one hell of a successful competition, even if you didn’t hit your goal of 100 affiliates. Something tells me you will be sharing the success of these winners for quite some time 🙂

  5. Georgia says:

    Even New Comer has little chance to catch the first place, but the current achievement is amazing…

  6. Submerge says:

    You should email each winner and ask how much is profit 🙂 Anyone could make $4k-$13k easily if they shelled our the money for ad campaigns. I’d be more interested who had the higher ratio of cost:profit

    • I’m sure you would get honest answers 😉

    • Scott says:

      To me the cost:profit ratio is not important at all – the only thing that really matters is net profit. Cost:profit ratio does not buy me vacations, cars or other toys – only net profit does. The only time cost:profit is important is if you are limited on funds and spending on one campaign would be taking funding away from another more profitable campaign.

      And believe me, I would not be running a losing campaign just to win a 22″ monitor. 🙂

  7. Cut says:

    I signed up under you (CD9233) And I would be in thrid place right now for “new” affiliates.

  8. Derek says:

    Hey Tyler,
    I was wondering how I can sign up as a publisher without a website?do you have to have some kind of company website or something???
    Hope you can answer or anyone
    Thank you

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Yes. You “could” do direct-linking but it’s getting harder to be able to do that.

      I’d recommend first learning the basics of creating a webpage before trying your hand at affiliate marketing, which requires a certain degree of familiarity with web development.

  9. This looks like a great competition! the top players are doing their thing 🙂

  10. Stefan says:

    nice… I’m the last on the top 5 new affiliates 🙂

    i’d love to hear from the first 3-4 guys how much it is their profit if they could share it.

  11. Derek says:

    Hey Tyler
    No I thought you have to have a company website?o so I have to buy a domain, sign up in marketleverage, then create campagins but what if I want to create more campagins on different landing pages?can I list more domains?

  12. Derek says:

    Hey Tyler,
    OH so when you sign up to marketleverage you have to buy a domain before you do. So then once you buy a domain and list it in marketleverage you can create a land page and then create a campaign and throw ads on them. But lets say you want make more domains and landing pages can you add them to your acc with out making another acc?
    Thank you so much
    Hope you can answer
    Good Luck with the challenge

  13. Derek says:

    O and indtead of creating one I think I will buy landing pages because I am not sure what languages you need to learn to create landing pages and how long it’d take

  14. I cant believe these people are making this kind of money, week after week!! this is crazy….

  15. Tyler, this contest is getting bigger everytime I come to the site. I don’t see why you shouldn’t hit the goal of 100 ML affiliates in the next seven days.

    Besides, from my own experience, don’t box yourself in with a rigid number like that. Instead I’ve always found that a more open goal works, too.

    Just a thought…

  16. Hey good shit Tyler sick way to build an extra $1500 bucks a month just on referral commissions. 😉

  17. Ben says:

    Hey Tyler or anyone,
    I was wondering if I should team up with a buddy in all the networks I join and make campaigns together?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I’m not sure if it’s allowed, but even if it was, I’d highly recommend against doing that. It’d basically be like sharing a bank account with a friend.

  18. Too bad I didn’t sign up under you, but I signed up before you had the contest. I would be in 1st place.

  19. m.dinesh says:

    I already submitted my entry for blog posting.
    I hope I will win.


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