Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2

July 14, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Due to the great success of my first Affiliate Marketing Challenge which finished just a couple of days ago, MarketLeverage was more than happy to sponsor a second competition.

This competition has even bigger and better prizes than the last competition, which is saying a lot. Instead of just 4 prizes like last time, there are now 16 prizes for grabs. Also, this time around there are 5 prizes available to be won just by blogging about this challenge. This allows non-affiliate marketers or those who have already previously registered to MarketLeverage under a different referral link, able to participate

So, without further adieu, I proudly present to you my Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2!



My Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2 runs from July 14th to August 14th (8PM Pacific, 11PM Eastern time) and you are welcome to register at anytime. However the earlier you register, the more time you have to start making some dough, so the sooner the better!

The process of the challenge is simple: publishers register to MarketLeverage under my referral link and then start to make as much money as they can until competition ends on August 14th. There are also some additional prizes that can be won by simply blogging about this competition.

How to Participate

There are two different ways to participate in the competition. You may choose either method, or do both. However, the best prizes are only available in the “Earn the Most” method:

Earn the Most: Compete with others to earn the most (or top 6) in commissions from MarketLeverage.

  1. Sign up to MarketLeverage by clicking here. It is very important that you register under my referral link so that I can track your commissions. If you’ve already registered to ML previously, then you are unfortunately not eligible to participate as I cannot track your generated revenue.
  2. Approve your account by phoning ML or having them phone you (don’t worry, they’re real nice!).
  3. Earn as much as you can!

At the end of the challenge, if you generated one of the top-6 amounts in commissions, you win one of the six prizes!

In addition, the top 5 new referrals who generate the most in revenue will each win a 2.0GB USB Pen!

Write a Blog Post: Simply write a blog post telling others about this competition on your blog.

  1. It’s as simple as it sounds. Write a blog post (an entire post, not a small mention in another post) about this competition, being sure to link to it.
  2. Contact me with the URL of the actual post, being sure to provide your e-mail address.

A drawing will be taken at the end of the contest, and 5 random winners will each receive a 2.0GB USB Pen!


1st Place: Dell 22″ Widescreen Monitor with Built-In Webcam


If you can manage to make your way to the top of the earners list, all your hard work and efforts will be rewarded with a 22″ Widescreen monitor.

Studies have actually proven that a larger monitor increases productivity dramatically. With a maximum resolution of 1680×1050, imagine how many keywords for your campaigns you could see at once…

And get this – it has a built-in webcam! That’s less clutter on your desk, and faster video production for you.

2nd Place: Sony PSP + Secret Agent Clank


This new version of PSP is slimmer, smaller and lighter, while still providing an awesome gaming experience, lightning-fast gameplay and intense graphics. The latest PSP is 19% thinner and 33% lighter than the previous model and has twice the memory. The unit features an AC power cord, an AC adapter and a smaller, more efficient battery pack that lasts up to six hours.

In addition, I talked MarketLeverage into throwing in a game as well, and they were happy to oblige. I chose Super Agent Clank since it got a high rating of 8.0 on GameSpot.

Now you’ll have something to play inbetween working on your affiliate marketing campaigns.

3rd Place: Mino Flip Video Camera


Due to the popularity and interest that contestants of my first Affiliate Marketing Challenge showed in the Mino Flip, we’ve brought it back. Here’s your second chance to win it!

The Mino Flip is the latest line of Flip Video cameras. It is smaller, better, and simply overall sexier than both the original Flip and the Ultra.

In addition to being smaller and having new features such as pause/fast forward/rewind buttons, it also sports a rechargeable lithium ion battery (compared to the double AA batteries the original Flip and Flip Ultra use). More details can be found on TheFlip’s website.

4th Place: iPod Nano


The iPod Nano is a very small and popular iPod from Apple’s massively popular line of iPod’s. I’ll let you watch the video below for some eye candy and visit Apple’s official iPod Nano website for more details, but first here are some quick specs & features:

  • Plays up to 5 hours of video or up to 24 hours of music on a single charge.
  • In addition to playing music, you can watch movies, TV shows, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, play games, and organize photos.
  • Includes earphones, USB2.0 cable, and dock adapter.
  • Holds up to 1,000 songs, 4 hours of video, or 3,500 photos.

5th – 6th Place: $100 Prepaid Rewards Card


As part of a way to make this competition bigger and better than the previous one, and since 2nd-6th place were all fairly close to each other in the previous competition, I thought it would be great to add two more main prizes to the mix.

So now the 5th and 6th place finishers will get a prize as well! This American Express/Market Leverage Rewards card is prepaid with $100 and can be used just like any other credit card, only it is prepaid and can be thrown away when emptied. Think of it as a throw-away credit card (only don’t throw it away until you’ve spent it all!).

I’m actually putting this prize up with my own money in order to really encourage participation and as a way of thanking those who do participate.

Bonus Prizes

The top 5 new referrals who sign up to MarketLeverage through my referral link and earn the most money out of new referrals will each receive a 2.0GB USB Storage Pen.

In addition, 5 bloggers who post about this competition will be chosen randomly by drawing and will also each receive a 2.0GB USB Storage Pen as well!

2.0GB USB Storage Pen


Just because I’m giving away 10 of these pens (Thanks again, MarketLeverage!) doesn’t mean they’re just any cheap, ordinary pens.

While a fully-functioning pen, when unscrewed, it unveils a USB connector from inside. With a storage capacity of 2.0 gigabytes, this pen can hold a huge amount of data on it for quick and easy data transfers.

Act out your favourite spy character from your favourite spy movie with this high-tech pen. I personally find it useful for transferring data back and forth from my computer to laptop.

More Information

  • I will be making regular updates (once or twice per day) to the current competition rankings on the “Affiliate Challenge” section located on the top right column of my blog. This will let you know how far behind (or ahead!) you are from the leaders. I’ve also improved this section to give a live countdown of exactly how much time is left in the competition.
  • Your name or personal contact information will never be posted on the site. I don’t even have access to it if I wanted to (MarketLeverage can still ship the winner’s prizes as they have access to it). I will state your earnings and CD#, but those are completely safe to disclose.
  • The challenge only tracks participant’s income during the contest’s timeframe, so nobody will have a head start on you.
  • You will only be competing against other publishers who are signed up under my link, not against all of MarketLeverage’s publishers. This dramatically improves your chances of winning a prize.

    Now go make some money!

I strongly urge everyone to participate in this challenge. The prizes alone should be enough incentive for you to join, but on top of that, this competition is a very good way to get started in affiliate marketing and put positive pressure on yourself to improve your earnings.

I’ve heard from a couple people who participated in the first Affiliate Marketing Challenge who said that the competition helped make them try harder and work on their campaigns more.

And, of course, you’ll keep all your profits you generated from MarketLeverage.

My personal goal for this competition is for the total amount of commissions to hit $15,000. The last competition brought in $7,800 so I’m hoping you guys will double it. I know you guys can do it!

I look forward to seeing how this challenge progresses and hope to see a lot of you participate.

Good Luck!

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59 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Challenge 2”

  1. Some Great Prizes Wish Everyone The Best !

  2. Muneeb says:

    Wow !

    Another great Affiliate Challenge 🙂

    Well, unfortunately i cant participate as I’m already registered with ML with some other referral link. But yeah i can do a blog post 😀

    Thanks Tyler


  3. Some cool prizes there Tyler. I’ve been putting off signing up with Market Leverage (been on my ‘to-do’ list for weeks) so I’ll sign up and give this a go:)

  4. KushMoney says:

    I am signing up for sure. I hope I get 3rd place. Seeing how the last contest affiliates did some big numbers I will do my best.

  5. Matt says:

    Where can I see a list of their offers? Anything to do with gaming? i.e. GameFly, free Xbox 360, etc?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      After a quick search I found the following offers: – Games Of Skill! “Let your audience play games online, chat, and win $$ at the same time! Just a one page form and you get a $1.00 CPA!”

      Pure Play.Com!! $2 CPA!! – “Help your audience win big without the risk. They sign up trying for a big payout of their own and you get a raised $2 CPA!! Offer good in US, CA, and UK!”

      40 INCH SONY HDTV + ROCK BAND! – “Help your users and their friends enjoy Rock Band together on their new 40″ Sony HDTV! Just an email and zip submit and you get a $1.65 CPA!!”

      Grand Theft Auto IV + PS3 + HDTV! – “Give your audience the gift of this year’s hottest game, GTA4, and a great system to play it on. Just an email and zip gets them started and you get a $1.55 CPA!” (E-mail Only)

  6. I have already registered with ML, I would probably blog about this contest and try to win something.

  7. Tips says:

    wow, cool prizes there.
    i dont know affiliate marketing, but will enter for usb pens.

  8. Hi Tyler – cool contest you have going on here.

    I missed the first one, but thought I should join this one. I tried to sign up with ML, but at the page where you confirm the rules nothing happens. The site just loads and loads, and then goes to blank.

    Might want to check that out with ML. 🙂

    Staale aka VikingBlogger

  9. You know, I really like your blog, but looking at the main page 3 of the 4 posts shown are strictly self promotion. I hope you don’t turn your blog into the typical MMO blog because to me the appeal of your blog was always the honesty and personal touch.

  10. Hey Tyler

    I signed up for your last contest with ML, didn’t win though as I had to go to the Top Affiliate Challenge so I could not run offers. Can I try for this contest. I am under your referral link.

  11. EntreBlast says:

    At least there are prizes for those who can’t play the affiliate game!

  12. Enkay Blog says:

    Great prizes there Tyler! I also have a contest running by ML and they’re just amazing. Good luck with your contest!

  13. Andrei Buiu says:

    Great contest Tyler. I will do my best to win at least the Mino Flip Video camera. I really want one and it will motivate me to work hard. I’ve just signed up with MarketLeverage and I will do a blog post also later this day.
    Anyways, great contest and I can’t wait to start marketing with ML.

  14. Great its round 2. I will register for this one

  15. Mike says:

    Hey everybody!

    My name is Mike Kelly, and I’m Tyler’s Publisher Manager at MarketLeverage. I will be more than happy to assist any/all of you in any way that I can. If you have any questions regarding signing up for MarketLeverage or on offers once you are registered, please submit those requests to me. I’ll make sure I answer each one in a timely manner. Best of luck to each of you in the contest!

    Mike Kelly
    AIM: mktlvgmichaelk

  16. Tried to sign up again now, and it went smoothly. 🙂

    Sent you a mail Mike!

  17. Ron says:

    “It is very important that you register under my referral link so that I can track your commissions. If you’ve already registered to ML previously, then you are unfortunately not eligible to participate as I cannot track your generated revenue.”

    Sorry Tyler, but that is a flat out lie. Of course we all know you would rather only have referred people in the contest so you make money off their earnings now and in the future (no shame in that) but it’s not hard at all to track non-referred affiliates just the same. You make it sound like it’s only because of that when we all know it’s more so you can make sure you get your referral commissions lol ;).

    Just as an example, moneybits just finished their challenge which was open to anyone, referred or not, and they didn’t have any problem keeping the stats of non-referred players.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would rather get the referrals and commissions as well but it would be better (more honest) if you didn’t pretend it was the only way to do it.

  18. Tyler Cruz says:

    !@#$, I just wrote about 10 paragraphs and then my browser went crazy… I should have copied to my clipboard 🙁

    So here’s a crappy truncated version since I’m angry I just lost it all:

    1. I didn’t lie. I only have access to stats of those who sign up directly under me. Max from MoneyBites gets sent a report every few days from ML. I could do the same, but I’ve been updating usually twice per day instead of 2-3 times per week.

    2. I’m not trying to hide anything, and I’m sorry if it sounded like that was the only reason I only allow direct referrals to participate. I’m making good money from these sign-ups and I love it, no doubt!

    3. If I allowed others to join, then almost nobody would have a chance because once the big boys heard about it, they’d steamroll everyone with their existing $5k/day campaigins.

    4. I spend a lot of time working and promoting this competition. I don’t want all my efforts to make other referrers money, and the prizes as well as I’m sure many people would enter who are not regular readers of my blog, just to grab a free prize.

    5. I want to encourage people to sign up under me in the future.

    Man.. really sucks when you spent 25 mintes writing a nice response and it gets deleted…

  19. Zak Show says:

    Great competition and cool prizes, I’d love to had a free PSP and Im not a ML affiliate yet, Actually I work with Neverblueads.

    Im thinking about joigning but the problem is that Im not a very good affiliate marketer, I never broke the 1000$/month mark and I think there is a lot of competition down here!

    Anyway, can you tell me what are my chances?

  20. Georgia says:

    Wow…I see greater prize than the previous one. Though, I get doubt to join because I am completely new in affiliate marketing.

  21. I think that this is an awesome contest.

    Im not ready yet but i will keep checking in to see who wins!

    Let the fur fly!


  22. Melvin says:

    I think I have joined Market Leverage before but then never contacted them… Maybe I’ll do it again..Let’s see how I far in this one…

  23. Daren says:

    Internet Marketers do take advantage of popular topics this is why they make money because they understand the basics if Internet Marketing and now have moved onto advanced.

  24. m.dinesh says:

    i already have an account with market leverage,
    will you please let me to participate in the contest.

    Thank you so much.

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  27. m.dinesh says:

    Hai tyler nice to meet you,
    i blogged about the contest and I even sent you the link.

    Thank you so much.

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  31. Posted about the contest at

    SYC is a blogging contest site where you can submit your blog contests.


  32. Contestime says:

    Blogged about the contest here:

    Count me in. Thanks.

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  34. Jay says:

    BBOOOO!!!! I didn’t write a separate post for it but I still gave you a backlink… don’t worry, I don’t need to win a USB pen… already got one! 😀


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  40. haarg says:

    Great challenge…my Friends…hihihi

  41. Asim says:

    I Just signed up to marketing leverage and well its my 1st time in an affliate . So i might take some time to learn . How it works and all. B/w You have a really nice contest running up here.

    I have posted about your contest here:

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Please e-mail it to me as per the rules so I can easily keep track of it.

      • Asim says:

        I have been accepted onto your program although i didn’t make much off it i wasn’t able to understand if you could make a guide or ebook or even a post on step by step how to work up on ML Affiliate it would be best .

        B/w Can you give me your email id . i could email you my detail or can i post them here on my comment itself ?

        • Tyler Cruz says:

          Asim there is certinaly no shortage of affiliate marketing guides and how-to’s out there – all free. Unfortunately, I can’t be of much assistance to you since I’m a beginner just like you 🙂

          Please e-mail your blog post URL to:

  42. Timon Weller says:

    Good Competition and prizes there Tyler, maybe i will enter the next comp…

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  45. Isaac says:

    Love this game


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