Affiliate Marketing Challenge 7 Results

February 4, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

In December, XY7 sponsored my 7th Affiliate Marketing Challenge for the first time. The turnout and participation was greater than I had expected, with nearly 60 affiliates signing up, a third of which were busy generating commissions!

While none of the VIP categories were met, the Main Category was definitely filled with a lot of action. Congratulations to BeerNuts from for securing 1st place.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated for entering, and especially thank XY7 for putting up all the prizes.

Affiliate Marketing Challenge 7 Results


Congratulations to all of the following winners. You can expect your prizes on your doorsteps soon.

1st Place: BeerNuts – $3,488.00

Prize: Sony PlayStation 3 & Rock Band 2

yStation 3 & Rock Band 2

Congratulations to CD11497, who is actually BeerNuts from for taking home 1st place. He actually makes quite a lot more from affiliate marketing than shown here but decided to run an offer with XY7 to  win himself an easy PlayStation 3 and Complete Rock Band 2 kit.

I know that he is looking forward to the prize because he told me yesterday how he already went out and bought himself a few games and an extra controller for it! I’ll get XY7 to ship out his prize right away so he won’t have to wait any longer 🙂

2nd Place: CD11330 – $1,672.00

Prize: Samsung 24" Widescreen LCD MonitorSamsung 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

CD11330 placed 2nd to win himself a nice Samsung 24-inch monitor. He appeared to have a pretty steady and straightforward running campaign which helped him stay near the top of the competition. Congratulations to him, I’m sure he’ll enjoy the monitor.

3rd Place: CD11384 – $1,020.20

Prize: 8GB iPod Touch

8GB iPod Touch

Congratulations to CD11384 for securing 3rd place with just over a thousand dollars. For his efforts he’ll be receiving an iPod Touch soon.

These things are pretty cool. I saw Apple’s new commercial for it the other day and the games for it are better than I thought. Check this YouTube video out.

4th Place: Richard Bonner – $544.00

Prize: Flip MinoFlip Mino Video Camera

Richard Bonner from took home 4th place with $544, most of which he generated mostly within the first week of the competition. Richard is one of these new affiliates you’ll want to keep an eye on due to their tremendous growth in a short amount of time. He’s only been doing PPC affiliate marketing for less than a year now but has already hit his first $2,000/day.

5th Place: Becky Marie – $205.80

Prize: 8GB iPod Nano

8GB iPod Nano

CD11513, aka Becky Marie from managed to hold onto 5th place to win herself an 8GB iPod Nano. I’m thrilled to see Becky win a prize. She is new to PPC affiliate marketing and actually making money online period and has been working hard to learn everything.

Congratulations Becky, you are the first woman to win a prize in my Affiliate Marketing Challenges!

Perhaps it’s karma for being one of the donators in my SPCA Fundraiser 🙂 I hope you can put it to good use during your dog walks!

Final Rankings

In my first competition I’ve held with XY7, an impressive 57 affiliates signed up, 18 of which have actively generated commissions.

Together, they generated a total of $7,422.40 in commissions. The final standings are shown below (Note: only the top 15 places are shown for the sake of space):

Top Main Affiliates
Rank Participant
1st BeerNuts $3,488.00
2nd CD11330 $1,672.00
3rd CD11384 $1,020.20
4th Richard Bonner $544.00
5th Becky Marie $205.80
6th CD11306 $154.80
7th CD11465 $111.00
8th CD11494 $43.00
9th CD11700 $39.00
10th CD11903 $34.60
11th CD11336 $24.00
12th CD11393 $23.40
13th CD11443 $22.60
14th CD11842 $13.60
15th CD11418 $11.40
  Total (all main affiliates): $7,422.40

My goal for the competition was for the total commissions to hit $8,000. While we didn’t make it, we came extremely close! Even though we didn’t make it, I’m very happy with the results of this competition as signing up 57 referrals in a month is pretty good.

Thank You XY7!

This competition would simply not have been possible without the sponsorship of XY7. They are putting up all the prizes, not me. Thanks a lot guys, we really appreciate it!

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27 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Challenge 7 Results”

  1. Are we going to see some new competitions soon?
    I’ve always wanted to try out PPC affiliate marketing but there has never been an incentive that has made me to try. Another competition would be great!

    Also – good luck to all the winners!

  2. Maybe I missed something. But how come the person listed as 7th place (CD11465 with $1,481) wasn’t actually 3rd or was that a typo.

    The contest was fun!

  3. Ryan McLean says:

    Congrats to the winners.

    @ Roman – He is running 2 affiliate competitions at the moment….so enter either of those.

    @ Everyone else – Win a flip mino HD on my blog. Easy to enter this competition

  4. Typhoon says:

    Wow..Great..Congrats to all the winners..

  5. Beer Monies says:

    Just picked up 2 more games to, now ive got 5 for a system I don’t even have yet. lol

    Thanks for the links and the press maybe my blog will pick up a few new fans from it. BTW, the link at the bottom is going to the snack maker. I wish I had that domain 😉

    Thanks again to XY7 and Tyler for hooking me up with a ps3!

  6. Greg Ellison says:

    Congrats to all of the winners. Thanks Greg Ellison

  7. Mike says:

    what happened with CD11465???

  8. Luke says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

  9. Becky says:

    Thanks Tyler! It feels great to win!!!!


  10. Pheak Tol says:

    Congratulations to the winners and becky for being the first lady on tyler’s contest

    I think I must’ve did something wrong i didnt even generate a cent!…even though the competition is over i’m still going to try to make something happened, I just don’t know what it is! *pulls hair out*

  11. New Music says:


    Congrats on these competitions man! All the best with Hope it works out…

  12. Woo Hoo! 11th place, I’m so proud of myself.

    Seriously though, I just couldn’t find anything on Xy7 That I thought I could promote well…I wish it was another ML type test, I would of been able to be in the top 5 🙂

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  19. Has any of the winners received their prize or commission for January yet???

    I took second here, but haven’t received my prize, and I’ve yet to receive a single check from XY7!!

    Tyler, do you mind checking into this for me? My AM has gone dark and is not responding to my emails…


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