Affiliate Marketing Income Report: May 2014

July 27, 2014 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Well, I better get May’s affiliate marketing income report up before I start to fall too far behind on them again.

If you remember, April 2014 did not bode well, netting only $336.55. And then I didn’t post another income report until just now, a month later. Things must have continued in a downwards spiral, right?

Wrong. As explained in my previous blog post, I had just been busy looking into real estate investing. My affiliate campaigns did just fine in May, but even if they hadn’t, it’s not like I would purposely try to avoid posting about it.

So how well did May do? Let’s take a look:

May 2014 Affiliate Campaign Income:


This was actually my highest grossing month in 10 months!

Affiliate Network Breakdown:

  • Affiliate Network #1: $41,218.00
  • Affiliate Network #2: $39.00
  • Affiliate Network #3: $12,839.00
  • Affiliate Network #4: $2,919.00



Similarly, this was also my highest month of expenses in 11 months (not so proud of that one, heh). I also ended up using a ton of different traffic sources in May, 8 in total (more on that later):

Traffic Source Breakdown:

  • Traffic Source #1: $29,994.89
  • Traffic Source #2: $8.40
  • Traffic Source #3: $12.45
  • Traffic Source #4: $843.62
  • Traffic Source #5: $288.46
  • Traffic Source #6: $334.73
  • Traffic Source #7: $2,562.78
  • Traffic Source #8: $4,689.68

Net Profit:


Wee! My highest netting month in 10 months (July 2013). For those curious, that works out to a 47% ROI.

2014 Affiliate Marketing Results

Now that I’m into my 2nd year of these affiliate marketing reports, here’s a recap of how 2013 fared for the entire year:

Year Gross Expense Net ROI
2013 $823,884.01 $555,024.33 $258,859.68 46%
Total: $823,884.01 $555,024.33 $258,859.68 46%
Monthly Average: $68,657.00 $47,085.36 $21,571.64 46%

And here’s a monthly breakdown of 2014 so far:

Month Gross Expense Net ROI
January 2014 $10,922.80 $8,908.47 $2,014.33 23%
February 2014 $25,941.97 $15,900.52 $10,041.45 63%
March 2014 $24,202.06 $15,408.95 $8,793.11 57%
April 2014 $3,486.55 $3,150.00 $336.55 11%
May 2014 $57,015.00 $38,765.01 $18,249.99 47%
Total: $121,568.38 $82,132.95 $39,435.43 48%
Monthly Average: $24,313.68 $16,426.59 $7,887.09 48%

That helped a lot. Basically, May stepped up to the plate and completely made up for April’s poor performance.

Taking a look at my Excel spreadsheet, since I started recording my numbers in January 2013, my overall average month net profit (spread across 17 months) is $17,546.77.

I might actually start including that metric in future reports as it’s actually pretty meaningful.

Net Profit Projections

This is just a reminder that I decided to cease including my graphs for projected future numbers, as I decided that there really are no trends when it comes to affiliate marketing. It’s simply far too volatile, and so much of it is out of your control.

May Recap

Okay, so I finally caught up close enough on these reports that I can actually remember what happened during the month.

By the beginning of May, I had finally caught up with all my other work and was able to once again focus on my campaigns. With April having gone so incredibly sour, I decided to revisit every single one of my traffic sources I had ever used in the past, no matter how old.

A good majority of these sources had either disappeared or merged with another company, so I wasn’t able to use them anymore. A good chunk of the ones that did remain, I checked my old stats with them in CPVLab to see how they performed. If they performed terrible, I didn’t try them again. If they had potential, I gave them another shot.

This is why you see 8 different sources of traffic in my expense breakdown earlier in this post. Most of them did not do very well, but one old sources did.

In addition, I tried a new traffic source as well. It started off AMAZING. The first week was crazy and I was on pace to scale to $2,000+ a day profit… I was thrilled. But then, for some still unknown reason, my CTR dropped like 10-fold literally overnight and everything went to crap.

I have since did a lot of testing to try to figure out this new traffic source and why my CTR dropped, but never did get things back up to what they were in the first week. I have learned a lot about the system since then though, and am improving on it. It still has potential…

I also ran some new offers during the month which performed very well. I have to credit those new offers for sure.

So, what to take away from this post? Why not try what I do every 6 months or so – go back and revisit all your old traffic sources and give them a try again. Your skills will have improved since you last tried them, and you may have better converting landing pages now and higher payouts. Competition may have dropped on the traffic sources, and they may have new features. Give it a try.

June Plans and Predictions

Normally in this section I list the plans I have for the upcoming month as well as predict how I think the month will fare profit-wise. However, since June has already come and gone, I will be skipping this section in this report since I already know how it went.

Stay tuned to see for yourself!

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  1. Wow that’s a huge amount.

  2. Andy Cruz says:

    Those are good numbers Tyler. I am glad things are picking up.

    My numbers look very similar. I made 22k in profit for the first time last month.

  3. Anticareer says:

    About the big drop in the one source:

    Do you host CPVLab on your own server or CPVLab’s server? (assuming you still are using this to track your conversions)

    Is the traffic source that had CTR drop 10 fold a source you trust not to analyze where their traffic goes and take your model for themselves?

  4. Calin says:

    What a great month, and a really unexpected growth compared to the previous one! I really hope that I will be able to get numbers that are as close as possible to yours in the near future!

  5. Sara says:

    Very inspiring. I’ve been wanting to post income reports as well, but I’m not very organized and it would take a lot of effort to keep track and record everything.

  6. Ramon says:

    nice work Tyler! Great numbers

  7. Asher says:

    hi Tyler,
    What types of traffic sources are you using now? are you still on FB and adwords?


    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Hardly touch Adwords these days… too complicated for me and slow turnaround times… but on occassion I still dabble in it. As for Facebook… well, about to launch a new campaign on it right now…

  8. OMG….how did you manage to earn this much?

  9. Glad to see you are back in the greens 😀

  10. Hi Tyler,
    You see that persistence and hard work pays off. You have to look for where the cost are relative to income, so comes profits. Good work and good numbers.

  11. xmnan99 says:

    Tyler, are you doing dating affiliate programs? Can you at least give us a general idea of the segment? i don’t want to market dating.

  12. Sagar says:

    Pretty awesome numbers man…
    i think someday i will get…

  13. Aria Love says:

    I am jealous on the numbers!!! great work..

  14. Neha saraf says:

    Ver inspiring bro . I am a newbie , i think , i will be in your position someday .


  15. Just unbelievable income report. Affiliate marketing is really much better than Adsense. I also usually focus on affiliate sake to ince5my earning from blog. Very inspiring thanks

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