Affiliate Marketing Plunge II: Day 21

June 25, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s time for another update on the Affiliate Marketing Challenge. I’d like to encourage everyone who hasn’t entered yet and is eligible (hasn’t signed up to MarketLeverage) to sign-up. There is an 8GB iPod Touch, Mino Flip Video Camera, $200 Market Leverage Rewards Amex Card, and a 2.0GB USB Pen up for grabs in addition to all the revenue you generate.

First, let’s take a look at the current competition standings. We can see that participant CD8107 hasn’t made a penny for nearly a week, so don’t get discouraged by his early burst. CD8036 has also seemed to slow down. However, we have two new participants working hard to dethrone them: CD8137 and CD8346 entered the top-4 and are gearing to take over 3rd place.

All the contestants are in their 3-digit earnings now. I wonder if anyone will be able to reach 4-digits by the time the competition ends…

Rank Participant Earnings
1st CD8107 $996.60
2nd CD8036 $180.00
3rd CD8137 $147.00
4th CD8346 $131.80

The competition is not quite halfway done and I’ve already referred 49 affiliates to MarketLeverage! The number is actually higher but some applicants were not accepted. I’m setting a little goal for myself to refer 100 publishers by the end of the competition.  

I also have a bit of good news to announce: I will be running another MarketLeverage contest after this one ends, so it’s of benefit to you to sign up now and get used to promoting some of their offers. There will be different prizes for the next competition, but they will be just as sexy.

Still in the Red, but Still Improving!

Here are my latest affiliate marketing stats as of yesterday:


As you can see, I’m down $400 overall from my venture into PPC affiliate marketing so far. And my ROI is at negative -31.76% which is quite horrible. Yet, I’m still very optimistic.

I’ve somehow managed to continuously improve my average ROI every update. I should also note how much harder it is to improve the ROI as each day passes since every new entry increases the sample size, and the larger the sample size, the less each individual day modifies the overall average ROI.

My ROI started -57.12%, increased to -53.42%, -43.71%, -36.83% and is now sitting at -31.76%. I also had my first 2 days of profit in a row a couple days ago.

I haven’t actually worked much on my campaigns for a while, so I plan on getting back to putting in some good hours soon (I’ll be starting right after I post this). I also plan on launching a new campaign soon, so that may actually hurt my ROI until I start optimizing it.

Wish me luck and stay tuned as usual…

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Posted: June 25th, 2008 under Affiliate Marketing  

9 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Plunge II: Day 21”

  1. KushMoney says:

    Looks like you are getting better and better at affiliate marketing. Have you been talking to Jonathan Volk?

  2. Two profitable days on the run! Lets hope this continues 🙂

  3. Tyler,

    Thank you for posting your numbers on your blog. It helps other new affiliate marketers learn that you have to stick with it to make money with PPC. You may lose money while you are learning but it will pay off in the long run. It is kind of like paying to go to school. Let Mike or I know if you need anything.


  4. Dave says:

    You’re gonna be rich off affiliate marketing in a few months. Don’t let it get to your head! Could you share some of your tips on how you have improved your numbers? I am curious about landing pages. Do you design a new one each offer?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Let’s just hope I can break even… lol.

      I haven’t done too much really.. basically just lowered bids on poor performing keywords, removed poor performing Ad Texts, etc.

      I’ve spent a crapload of hours working on integrating my custom split-testing landing page rotator script with my keyword tracking tool… it’s up and running now but I’m not 100% sure it’s tracking properly. I’ll have to wait for a day or two to be sure…

      If it works, it will go a long way to helping me split-test my landing pages, although it’s not exactly ‘ideal’ for short-term QS.

  5. Thanks for sharing your progress. Looks like you are getting good at PPC. All the best!

  6. Jay says:

    Hey Tyler,

    Do you do anything else besides PPC to get traffic?


  7. Looks like the last few days have been pretty good for you


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