Affiliate Marketing Update: New Gross Record

December 16, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I set a new personal affiliate marketing record yesterday, grossing a total of $441.90 in a single day!

My previous high was on January 12th, 2010 at $397.

I fully understand that it’s rather silly to "celebrate" a gross income record, as anyone could have spent $400 or $800 and done the same thing, but I still like to celebrate it anyway as it hopefully means I’m moving in the right direction. Plus, I’ve always loved celebrating new personal bests in anything I do.

Below is a screenshot of the development of my campaigns in December so far:


While I set a new personal gross revenue day, I didn’t break my best net profit day, which was $233.39. However, I did come fairly close, ending up with a net profit of $166.96 for the day:


However, due to the variety of traffic sources, time zone differences, and bidding methods (CPM and flat daily/month rate, for example), these numbers may be off by 10%-20%.

This is one problem with calculating things on a daily basis. The longer the period I calculate, the more accurate it will be though, to the point where a calculation of 1 month should should yield 99.5% accuracy (I just made that number up, but you know what I mean).

223 Leads

I also ended up doing 223 leads for the day, which comes close to the record I set on November 7th, of 250.

I mention this because I want to again point you to the power of the bump. As mentioned in my previous post, I am expecting (and hoping) for a bump next week. It will probably be $0.25 but may be higher.

At 223 leads, a $0.25 bump works out to $55.75. So if I get a bump and have another exact day like yesterday, I will profit $222.71 – that’s nearly a 35% increase in net profit just by getting a bump.

Anyway, we’ll see how things go. The bad news is that a large majority of my traffic completely tanked yesterday, netting me exactly $1.01. I’m hoping that yesterday was just a bad day for that traffic source but we’ll have to see.

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Posted: December 16th, 2011 under Affiliate Marketing  

14 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Update: New Gross Record”

  1. Paulymath says:

    Great job. Keep at it!

  2. Are you directly linking to the offer or did you create your own landing page? From your stats I’d say direct linking, but I don’t think you’ve mentioned it yet.

  3. Affpaying says:

    Good job Tyler! Keep that growing!

  4. Japeto says:

    So you are bidding on keywords or showing banner ads, direct buying ads (buysellads), showing the aff page as a pop-up or traffic from expired domains. Not clear what you mean by traffic source (just one source)?

  5. Seems like you’re really doing great with your affiliate marketing strategy! The result is absolutely fine.

  6. AIPMT 2012 says:

    Tyler, dude you’re on fire!

  7. Wow! I would really like to earn that kind of money for my web projects! Maybe I could hire you?

  8. I am surprised that no one else has said What? to your comment.


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