Blog Earnings: July

August 8, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Last month I launched my new “Blog Earnings” post series with this post. Here’s how July finished:


As you can see, I made $375 from PayPerPost last month. I’m nowhere near the top PPP earners yet, but I do appear to be the top PPP Direct earner, surpassing even Colleen – the #1 PPP earner. There’s still a lot of resentment from the majority of the PPP crowd.. they really do hate me there, which I’m starting to actually enjoy more and more as my PPP earnings start to increase.

PPP is proving to be a good source of income… I hope August will beat July, which it might considering I’ve already done two reviews this month, one for $100 and the other for $70. I’m considering raising my price from $65 to $70 soon, but will wait for more offers to come in as they slowed down a little. However, I did decline a few paid reviews… even though some were paying $100. I just didn’t think they suited my audience close enough.


The pie-chart below is the breakdown of my blog’s earnings from the beginnining (March ’06). In just one month, PPP increased by 10%, now accounting for 16% of my blog’s total revenue. And take into account that I’ve only been using them since June!


So far, my plan with PPP has been working just dandy. August will be an important month to help gauge just how much I’m improving with my PPP Direct reviews.

Stay tuned next month for the next update!

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15 Responses to “Blog Earnings: July”

  1. Ted says:

    I’ve just started using PPP as well. One of the concerns I have about them is that they use for a lot of their links. I don’t think this is a great online business practice. I wrote a little about it here :>>

  2. Belvos says:

    It seems your doing really well with this blog. I’m going to check out PPP and am waiting on a email from reviewme. I hope i can do as well as you though in monetizing my blog.

  3. That is PPP using tinyurl? I thought it was Tyler. That’s actually amusing. They must think a tinyurl is craftier than just having or however they’ve got it set up. I actually think tinyurl makes it look worse as the best redirect practice is to rewrite to Perhaps would be the most acceptable. Tyler, you should make your tinyurl link into a outbound redirect just to make it look better.

    I pretty its too late in the game to try and fool the webmaster crowd with aff links and that people need to stop trying to be so sneaky. If someone legitimately introduces me to a product, say vbSEO, and writes a good article about it as to spark interest in me, I will reciprocate and register under them. After all, they did sell you on it. And being upfront about the aff link is simply “noble.”

    (Of course, I’m not talking to Tyler, just the practice of aff links in general).

    As for my comments on the post, I’m glad you filter the reviews and I think that’s pretty respectable. I don’t see a lot of people turning down $100 simply to adhere to their blog’s audience. And I’ve noticed that your review posts are actually in the interest of other webmasters and bloggers. Even the Guess website review still fell under the Make Money Online category. I didn’t even consider that you turned down offers, but just that people wanting reviews know where to get them from.

    On another note, I’m curious to hear about your slew of other sites accessible at your Mirendi network website. Could you maybe go down the list in an upcoming post and sort of spout your feelings on each website you own so far? I think it’d be a good read. Just a small paragraph for each one. Perhaps you’ve lost enthusiasm for one and another one is just on the backburner. And you’re considering selling this one and hiring a programmer/skinner for that one. When I look at that list, I can’t help but wonder where you stand at each one.

    Of course I know how project enthusiasm works, too. I think all webmasters have the “start-and-stop” way of going about projects. We all get these AWESOME ideas where we can’t even go to bed at night and work and work on a website. Then a couple months later and that website is nearly collecting dust and sort of “forgotten.”

  4. Jack says:

    Close to $3000 for the month is not to shabby. Keep it up 🙂

  5. You should add adsense and Kontera

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I could also add pop-ups and interstitials…

      AdSense and Kontera are way too obtrusive for the amount they pay out in my opinion… that is, for a blog.

      • I agree. Kontera is truly one of the biggest pains in the ass… tactically avoiding the Kontera dotted underlined links with my mouse like they’re landmines. I think Kontera is better left for websites that don’t cater to a crowd that largely knows exactly what Kontera is (e.g. websites that aren’t directed towards webmasters that are interested in making money online). 😀

  6. Simon says:

    Congratulations, I haven’t been approved by PPP yet since my blog is less than 3 months old, but I look forward to it, it seems like everyone is making some money off them.


  7. Swiss_Mouse says:

    What about any referral or affiliate type of income? I didn’t notice tha t listed.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I rarely add an affiliate link in a post, but even when I do, there’s no way to track what’s converting from here and what’s coming from PublisherSpot.

      I’ve made a bit from referrals/affiliates on my blog, but not a whole lot.

  8. Simon says:

    yeah I’m quite curious about that as well, it seems like you don’t have a whole lot of income streams going on.

  9. nateroe says:

    wow tyler that is really impressive. I’ve just started my blog, I am just hoping it will become something like your own!

  10. […] I am the post. This is good for Tyler, I suppose, if he’s not serious about his blog which I assume he is. Not to mention that it doesn’t even open up in a new window, he’s essentially losing […]


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