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July 6, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I’m starting a new post series called “Blog Earnings”. Once a month I’ll break down the earnings that my blog is making. I should have started this on the 1st, but I don’t have the willpower to wait.

I didn’t make my blog to make money, but since it is now my 3rd largest site and takes a lot of my time, I’ve recently started to monetize it more. I’ve decided to document it’s earnings publicly — it’s not much, in fact, it may surprise people how little I make from it.

Currently, I only sell advertising through 3 methods:

1. Private Advertising (text links, 728×90 leaderboard banner)
2. Text Link Ads
3. Paid Reviews such as ReviewMe and PayPerPost

There are other residual benefits such as referral sign-ups and driving traffic to my other sites, but I will only focus on the top 3.

Here then, is the breakdown of my blog’s earnings. You’ll notice a large spike from private ads in April and May. This is from selling a bunch of text links for a long period:



Are you can see, I’ve only made a total of $2386 over the past year and a half since I started monetizing my blog, averaging only $140 a month. Here’s a breakdown pie chart for you:


Obviously the vast majority is from private ad sales, but that’s largely because I’ve only recently started to use the other programs. I haven’t even used PPP for 2 months yet, and it already accounts for 6% of my earnings. I actually have another 2 PPP reviews backlogged already, one is for $80 and the other $60, so July may end with $300+ from PPP posts alone.

PayPerPost is proving to indeed be a good source to monetize a blog.

 Anyhow, I’ll have an update on my blog earnings a month from now.

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16 Responses to “Blog Earnings”

  1. jimbabwe says:

    Why did your income jump so much in april, then slowly trail back off? Was it a change in traffic or did you just stop selling private ads?

  2. gariben says:

    what happened to your monthly/quarterly earning update for your network of sites?

    Please keep us updated.


    • Tyler Cruz says:

      There hasn’t been any growth which is one reason 😉 Another is that it really does take me far too long to calculate that, even once every 3-months. Doing it for my taxes is enough for me.

      It takes me a good 4-hours or so to calculate.. I’m an affiliate at scores and score of sites for one thing; it’s not a simple task of just adding up all my private ad sales 🙂

  3. ozzie says:

    Tyler, why not post your other blogs earnings? I would be curious to see this information or free this
    could impact them in anyway?

  4. Still long way to go for me, now I get 10 – 20 uniques per day for my blog.

    Regarding the big jump, you should “split” the long period text link sales, for example if you earn $500 in may by selling a text link of 5 months, you should split it so that each month reads $100

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I do my accounting through the accrual method.. same way as taxes. I like how it shows how it’s definitely an up-and-down industry, especially if you sell ads privately..

      It can also be misleading if you ‘split’ the earnings up. If I sell a spot one month for $10,000, for a campaign that lasts 6 months, it’s more of a one-time thing than an ongoing average..

  5. ms.kat says:

    Tyler, I thought you said that the $75 PPP direct in July, wasn’t actually a PPP direct offer because PPP direct doesn’t take paypal, so it went through private sale.

    If it went private, then technically, it’s not ppp direct earnings. 😉

    Oh, and great job on the earnings. I love seeing people make money from their blogs. 🙂

  6. Sujeet says:

    I started reading this blog a few months ago, and had always assumed that your blog generated a fair amount of money – Maybe you hadn’t come out and said it, but the “tone” of the site led me to believe that.

    You really should consider ditching the PPP and ReviewMe stuff (they’re annoying, and disrupt the flow of your posts), and instead focus your energy on affiliate marketing.

    My site is barely 3 months old, and it’s already generated about $5000, all through affiliate links. Food for thought..

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