Blog Earnings: September

October 2, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s always exciting for me and I always get excited when it’s time to write a new Blog Earnings update post. I’m always eager to see how much I’ve made, and most importantly – if I’ve made a new month record.

Here are my blog’s earnings, including September:


As you can see, last month made a new record high for me at $743.96! I had suspected early on in the month that it might make a new record, as I was getting an armful of offers for paid reviews.

In fact, September also made a new record for my PayPerPost earnings at $580.

Unfortunately, the paid review offers have slowed down significantly. As such, I don’t think October will beat September. My prediction is that it will make around $600-$650, but I hope I’m wrong!

The affiliate column is currently only the income from WordZe. WordZe has a fantastic affiliate program which is two-tiers and pays for life. They originally purchased a paid review from me, and on top of that I’ve made over $150 from them in residual income, so that makes it a win-win for both WordZe and I.

Now that my 728×90 leaderboard has proven itself, I suspect that it should be sold out from now on, giving me an added $80 a month (I’ve increased it by $5).


PayPerPost is quickly becoming my main source of revenue on the blog though, so hopefully I’ll get some more offers soon. 

I really don’t have much advertising on my site though. I’m still wondering how I can add my leaderboard to my RSS feed – how to display it at the very top once. I think that if I did this that I could double its price to $150. Still, none of you savvy readers know how to do this yet? 🙂 I suspect I could hand-modify one of the feed template files within WordPress, but I don’t want to break anything, and if there’s an easier way such as using some form of SSI, that’d be even better so I wouldn’t have to update two different areas whenever I update the banner.

Speak up if you know how, I’d be appreciative!


It’s nice seeing another peak. I don’t have any goals for earnings on my blog other than hoping to break a new monthly record.

Again, I doubt that October will beat September, but who knows. I definitely hope I’m wrong!

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11 Responses to “Blog Earnings: September”

  1. You are right, there was a lot of PPP reviews last month. $700 is pretty good though

  2. Aaron says:

    It’s nice to see your earnings going up. It seems to take a lot of work but hopefully you’ll get a snowball effect. 🙂

  3. SMM Guru says:

    Nice job Tyler, I hope to increase this year what I am making. I dont make enough to live off full time yet, but I think I will be able to over the next year.

  4. directandy says:

    congrats. you are setting a standard for the rest of us to shoot for. i am definately a long ways away from achieving anything close though.

    you would think that things will begin to pick up here in the winter months. between the holidays and the cold weather keeping people indoors.

  5. Swiss_Mouse says:

    Congrats on the tasty cheddar.
    Once again your kung fu has proven powerful.
    You are truly setting a standard for making internet $.
    Both impressive and inspirational.

  6. vincent says:

    It seems that PPP has been quite good in the month of September 2007.

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  8. congratulation for the September earnings.

  9. Congrats on the earning tyler

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