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January 25, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It has only been 5 weeks since I last gave an update on how I’ve been evolving my blog, but I made a fair number of small improvements since then so here is a list of the changes and improvements I’ve made during the past 4 months. In these "Blog Update" posts I list any notable improvements, modifications, or milestones related to my blog such as new plugins installed, design changes, or new features.

However, I only list things here that I haven’t already announced or touched on in other posts.

You may wonder why I make these Blog Update posts, where I mention very small or seemingly unimportant improvements and modifications. Well, while they may not seem too notable by themselves, over time these small things can (and do) make a big impact. The key is to keep looking over your blog or site with a very critical eye and to constantly try improving it.

By simply making small improvements here and there, my blog has evolved by leaps and bounds since its genesis four years ago. So, maybe you’ll pick up an idea or two by reading my blog updates. Feel free to search for my past Blog Update posts to get even more ideas.

Tool Upgrades

Shortly after making a post announcing the release of a New Windows Live Writer Version, another update came out so I upgraded to that. To download version Version 14.0.8050.1202, visit

Windows Live Writer is getting better and better. Soon I think you will notice many people taking notice of this free software and switching to it. I remember that when I made the update announcement last month that most people had never even heard of it!

Design & Code Changes

Feedburner Account Updated – I upgraded my Feedburner account to migrate from the Feedburner servers and integrate it into my Google Account. As a result, I also had to update my Feedburner RSS URL from to throughout my theme.

Minor CSS Edit – I edited the CSS to remove borders from images when placed within <p> tags. It was always a waste of time and an annoyance having to remove them by hand.

JavaScript Removed – I removed the SEOintelligence JavaScript tracking code from the footer of my blog. It’s a great service, I just don’t need the stat tracking on my blog. I originally added it for part of my research on a paid review.

New Logo Made – After Christmas, I had my mascot logo modified. The poker chips, cards, and drink were removed and replaced with piles of money. I rarely play poker anymore and my blog is about making money online, not poker, so it made sense to me.

Updated Recommended Resources Page – I updated my Recommended Resource page. It was quite out of date so I rewrote the entire page from scratch. My plugin which automatically links certain words makes it look spammy though, so I might have to disable it for that page.

Copyright Automated – I made a simple change to my theme to have my copyright year at the footer of my blog automatically grab the current year so I don’t have to change it by hand. It’s kind of a funny update as it really only saves me 1-minute a year. Thank you John Chow for the idea.

WordPress & Plugin Upgrades

Upgraded WordPress – I upgraded WordPress from v2.6.5 to v2.7.

Upgraded Kimili Flash Embed – I upgraded the plugin Kimili Flash Embed from v1.4.2 to v2.0. This actually took up a ton of my time as it created a conflict with another plugin, and I ended up having to go through many back and forth e-mails with both developers to find a solution.

Upgraded Email Users – I upgraded the plugin Email Users from v3.1.4 to v3.1.6.

Upgraded MaxBlogPress Favicon – I upgraded the plugin MaxBlogPress Favicon from v2.0.2 to v2.0.6 and then to v2.0.8… and then again to v2.0.9. This was the plugin that had a compatibility issue with the Kimili Flash Embed plugin. Fortunately the new version fixed the issue and they can both work side by side again.

Upgraded MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate – I upgraded the Ninja Affiliate Plugin from v1.5.8 to v1.7.2, and then again to v1.7.3. This was a great update as it fixed the MSIE status bar bug :). It’s probably my favourite plugin, but still needs to address the issue of auto linking every single word back to back.

Upgraded Digg This – I upgraded the Digg This plugin from v1.0.3 to v1.0.4, hoping that it would fix the issue I’ve been having with it lately. Basically – it doesn’t seem to work, and the update didn’t fix things either. It doesn’t seem to be supported anymore by the developer as the v1.0.4 update was put out ages ago. I might just have to scrap this in the future…

Advertising Changes

Sitewide 125×125 Banner Price Increased – I increased the price of my Sitewide 125×125 Banner from $40 to $50. However, I’m letting existing advertisers keep their old $40 price 🙂 I like to reward those who renew. The $50 is only for new advertisers.

Guest Bloggers Needed

I’m always looking for more guest bloggers to occasionally submit posts on my blog. Why do I want guest posters? It’s simple really: there are times when I’m too busy to write a new post, and could really use a guest post to fill in the gap. Since I try to post every day, having a few guest posts on file for when I need them is very useful.

I’m looking for good writers who can write about affiliate marketing, making money online, blogging, marketing, or web development and the articles/posts must be written specifically and exclusively for

In return, you’ll have your name attached to each post which can be linked to your own website. This is not so much for backlinks as it is to gain a bit of exposure and traffic. I’m also fine with you writing a small blurb (1-2 sentences) plugging your own blog within the actual post, either at the very beginning or end.

With over 2,100 RSS subscribers reading your posts, you’ll also get the benefit of receiving a lot of feedback from readers and the knowledge that you’re writing to a large, targeted audience. And, of course, you’ll be helping me out as well :)

The way it currently works is once a guest blogger submits a draft, and when I don’t have time to write a blog post, I then publish the draft into a post on the site.

If you’re interested, please contact me with a sample post or two.

If I think your writing style and post-length is suitable for my blog, I’ll upgrade your account to Contributor status within WordPress, and you can submit a post whenever you’re willing!

If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment below, subscribing to my RSS feed, or following me on Twitter.
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16 Responses to “Blog Updates – January 2009”

  1. Troy says:

    Great post and thanks for the update. I’ve been keeping up with this blog for while and just want to let you know you’re doing a great job and providing great and useful information…Thanks!

  2. Sophie says:

    Looks good Tyler. I am looking forward to the new mascot.

  3. Steven Finch says:

    Nice update. Its interesting to see the plugins and changes you have made for the month

  4. Klajdi Hena says:

    I really like the new mascot Tyler.

    Good job.

  5. What code did you use for the auto copyright date? I’ve been meaning to do that too, but forget what it is…

  6. briandev says:

    “Upgraded Digg This – I upgraded the Digg This plugin from v1.0.3 to v1.0.4, hoping that it would fix the issue I’ve been having with it lately.”

    You should upgrade again from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5. It was released just the other day and who knows, it might fix the problem.

  7. Funny Quotes says:

    The automated copyright idea, while simple and not really time-consuming, is a good idea. I tend to forget to update the year in the copyright so that would help keep it updated for me. Thanks for the idea.

  8. Seems like you did a lot of backend stuff to keep up to date with all the new updates 🙂


  9. automated copyrighting is the best update outta wateva u made recently i guess!

  10. Cocacolya says: day i’ll buy the small banner on your blog:-(

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