Blogging Weight Loss Challenge: Day 46 of 70

May 25, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Time flies, and it has now been 46 days since I started my Blogging Weight Loss Challenge: Cruz vs Volk. That’s 46 days down with only 24 days left – just over 3 weeks!

My rival in this competition, Jonathan Volk, appeared to have a good week last week, having lost a total of 5 pounds. We are now pretty much neck and neck. We also know that we really need to start kicking things up a notch since the competition is quickly coming to a close.

By the time I make my next update post on this challenge there will likely only be about 2.5 weeks left so now is the time to make sure I don’t start to falter.

I will admit that this week I started missing my fast food again. The only fast food I’ve eaten since the challenge began has been Subway which is actually pretty healthy, and takeout from a Vietnamese restaurant here which is also pretty healthy as well. I did have moussaka at a restaurant on Mother’s Day but that’s not too unhealthy and I did have it with a Greek salad and water.

Another Personal Record!

I have now completed my 15th “run” around Westwood Lake. That works out to a total of 108 KM (or 67 miles). That’s over 2.5 marathons!

Two runs before last, I finished with a new personal record of 58:48, beating my previous record by 9 seconds. I’m still really slow and am just briskly walking the vast majority of it, but at least I’m improving.

Instead of jogging, I started doing more of a run along with taking sarms uk supplements everyday. Since it’s usually my feet that give out before my cardio, I thought it made more sense since I’d get more distance in, and it seems to have helped, look for juice recipe, this can help.

Two runs ago, I did a total of 10KM (6.2 miles) for the first time. I tried for my best time during the first 6KM and then just walked at a normal pace for the remaining 4. My God, those final 4 KM were boring! It was absolutely beautiful out though and for the remaining 4KM I grabbed my sunglasses out of my car which mellowed things out for me.

I never wore them before because I thought it’d be too dark during most of the trail, but it wasn’t too bad. I also listened to my Buddhist tranquility monk music on the final 4KM which was very peaceful, but the walk is still boring. I tend to get bored easily out in nature. I think it’s also from the fact that I’ve done the circuit 14 times now so it’s beginning to get quite old.

What I’m considering doing for my future runs on the final 4KM walking period is downloading some audio books as then I’d have something interesting to listen to. The only thing with that is that it’s a pain – I have to search for stuff to download and transfer it over whenever I want to go around the lake…

Anyhow, I was proud that I did the 10KM. Granted, I walked for nearly all of it, but it was a very fast pace. If I doubled that distance, that’s actually a half-marathon!

Westwood Lake Time

Date Time Distance Comments
My 2007 Best Time 1:00:34 6 KM My previous record…
April 8, 2009 1:06:00 6 KM Feet and calves absolutely painful
April 12, 2009 1:05:33 6 KM Feet, shins, and calves still absolutely painful
April 15, 2009 59:45 6 KM Jogged a couple extra stretches
April 20, 2009 1:00:45 6 KM Off my record by a minute :( Shins killed me
April 22, 2009 1:02:30 6 KM Shins and calves still very painful
April 24, 2009 1:01:45 6 KM Came close to record but couldn’t push near the end
April 26, 2009 1:03:30 6 KM Had a very bad first 2-3 KM
April 29, 2009 59:35 6 KM Had a fantastic first 2KM
May 4, 2009 59:07 6 KM Had great first 3KM with lots of jogging
May 7, 2009 1:01:27 6 KM Lots of pain in the feet and shins, very bad first half
May 9, 2009 1:01:38 6 KM Tried hard as usual but just couldn’t set record
May 12, 2009 1:03:15 8 KM Had severe ankle pain. Extremely frustrating
May 17, 2009 58:57 8 KM First time trying new shoes
May 20, 2009 58:48 6 KM New Record! Did several sprint stretches near end
May 21, 2009 59:34 10 KM First time doing 10 KM
May 24, 2009 59:15 10 KM Sprinted hard the final stretch but no new record

(Note: Times are for first 6KM only)

Weight Loss Status

Date Weight Total Pounds Lost Days Left
April 11, 2009 205 0 68
April 14, 2009 205 0 65
April 19, 2009 205 0 60
April 23, 2009 204 1 56
May 3, 2009 201 4 46
May 8, 2009 200 5 41
May 18, 2009 200 5 30
May 24, 2009 198 7 24

I finally got back into the 100’s! It took me 2 weeks to get back under 200 which makes me a bit apprehensive since there is only just over 3 weeks left of the challenge.

I think if I can keep pushing myself to do Westwood though that I can make it. 7 pounds down, 3 more to go!

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18 Responses to “Blogging Weight Loss Challenge: Day 46 of 70”

  1. Nice progress. I find that music is of paramount importance for runs. If you have good music, it makes it so much more enjoyable.

    It is a pain in the butt to always find good new music to run to though.

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    I’m enjoying this competition. As I’ve said before I’m trying to lose weight myself and this competition is actually pretty inspiring.

  3. I think you are going to make it 🙂

  4. James says:

    keep up the good work!

  5. congrats on the progress! How you like running in the new shoes?

  6. Beowulf says:

    Nice job Tyler! Make that a 6 pack of cokes if push this one thru the end!

  7. This has got to be the stupidest competition I’ve ever seen.. I’ve been able to shed 10+ pounds in less than two weeks, and it’s taken you 46 days to drop 7?!

    Jogging is a waste of time.. If you’re short on time, do some HIIT. I’m not a big fan of cardio, so I stick with a few days of HIIT (usually using an elliptical, sometimes a treadmill at 5-6 MPH), along with heavy lifting. Also, daily whey protein shakes are a must to assist in building muscle (which burns fat).

  8. Asswass says:

    Hey cool you have a BB javelin just like me. Awesome phone.

  9. Asswass says:

    Never heard of the Javelin? It’s the BB Curve 8900. It’s much smaller than the Bold but with the same design.

  10. Paul says:

    It sounds like this challenge will be really close. What does the winner get?

  11. Hey Tyler, I’ve been following your progress for the weight loss challenge, and I really like the way you present your stats and your overall progress, I don’t see Jonathan doing it hehe, you are really bringing a scientific approach to it =D

  12. Israel says:

    I haven’t weighed in in a while, but I am doing great. I have been doing some interval training, sprinting, circuit training, and strength training. I haven’t ran long distance in months and I feel better for it. If you really wanted to blow this out of the water you would do sprints and burpees. That would makeyou drop a bunch of fat and not take you an hour to do each time you worked out.

    I would have loved to have known about this contest when it first launched, but oh well, I’m too late.

    Good luck, 10 lbs in 10 weeks is real easy if you eat healthy, fruits, veggies and lean meats and just go for a few walks a week so you shouldn’t have any trouble reaching that 10 lb mark in 10 weeks. Well, mentally you may have trouble. Since it’s often the mind that messes things up. lol. Next time you do a weight loss of fitness challenge, shoot me an email. I’d love to be in on it.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      You have too much of an edge though since you’re already into fitness 😉

      I can’t do sprints… I can’t even really jog. I have a mitral valve prolapse so I can walk long distances but really can’t jog or run because of my heart. The most I can do is a few extremely short jogging/running stretches throughout my run.

      The time it takes to do my 12KM really is annoying as you say though.

  13. Hey great video! You seem out of breath. That’s still a nice time. I know my push ups are now moving into 150 a day now. I’m so happy…

  14. Congrats on the new personal record Tyler. Keeping track of your times like that is a great way to motivate you to be quicker next time. Good luck on your weight loss goal.


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