Custom Mascot Logo Winner Drawn

August 25, 2011 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Last Thursday, I launched a giveaway in which I was giving away a custom mascot logo from my friends over at

To enter, all you had to do was follow me on Twitter and tweet the message: @tylercruzdotcom I’m entering to win a custom mascot design from via!

However, even though the instructions were very clear and precise, I ended up having to redraw for a winner 4 times because the first 3 people Tweeted the message correctly, but didn’t follow me!

The 4th redrawn winner did follow me, and so he won himself a nice custom mascot logo from LogoNerds. Thanks for supporting the giveaway guys!



I was pleasantly surprised as to the turnout of the giveaway. In the past, similar giveaways would see around 10 entries. However, this giveaway had 43 entries – that is, people who followed me on Twitter and tweeted the message mentioned above.

Counting the total number of followers from the people who tweeted the message, it came out to around 70,000 followers, that means that 70,000 Twitter followers would have seen that message in their Twitter feed, which is pretty good.

In addition to the Twitter exposure, LogoNerds also received two posts (the giveaway post and this one) on my blog.

It just goes to show that sponsoring a giveaway can be a lot cheaper than ordering a paid review, but can result in even greater of a yield in terms of overall exposure.

Sponsor My Next Giveaway

If you’re interested in giving away a nice prize (or prizes) for an upcoming giveaway on my blog, contact me and we’ll work something out.

I’m only looking for prizes that my readers would particularly enjoy though, and should be of decent value.

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12 Responses to “Custom Mascot Logo Winner Drawn”

  1. Ryan says:

    How can you just assume that each of those 43 people had 500 followers? I’d be willing to bed the average of them all (if I were to find out who they all were) is under 100 each.

  2. Tyler Cruz says:

    Well let’s see… @michaelpowers has 1,300, @techathand has 1,889, @lukepeerfly has 6,138, @gleysen has 2,793, @thailandmusings has 13,283, @fillsout has 3,437, @Rajnish357 has 9,883, @andreibuiu has 3,670, @Robinsh123 has 9,393, @michaelkwan has 3,041, @paulpiotrowski has 3,372, @baxterluke has 2,099, and @scoutingnews has 2,185.

    That’s 62,483 followers right there. If we ONLY counted them, that would make the average out of all 43 people, 1,450 – so thank you – I’m going to update my post now and say it’s even more 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Haha – looks like Tyler has looked into this very carefully and found the numbers! Good work Tyler.

      Looking forward to your future giveaways.

    • What you did is pure marketing smarts/genius — what a great idea! In a million years I never would have thought about all the exposure you get from that many people posting tweets. Someone in a marketing department told me to try to “think out of the box,” and your’s is a great example. Nice work!

    • OOpss I was not able to get this prize, anyway i know that there are still some other chance.. Keep it up tyler

  3. Too bad I didn’t win this, and I will have to pay for a maskot logo

  4. used tires says:

    Interesting reach for your contest, I wonder what the results would of been if it had been a cash value.


  5. Maybe this is a new great way to get traffic to blog.

  6. Nice logo! Even though I figured I probably wouldn’t win, I’m kinda disappointed I didn’t win, but I’m happy that someone won! 🙂

    Will you have another contest soon?

  7. Congratulation to the winners! hope next time I’ll be the winner.


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