Help Vote for my Friend to Win $25,000!

September 25, 2010 Posted by Tyler Cruz

My friend Joe Daley is pretty excited. He entered an online contest hosted by Entrepreneur Magazine called the Kodak Home Office Prosper Contest.

The contest is simple, with each entrant submitting a tip on how to make their office or daily workday more productive and efficient. The submission phase is now closed, and the voting phase has begun.

Joe is currently in 1st place on the leaderboard with the highest number of votes! However, he needs your help to keep him there. An hour ago he slid down to 2nd place before crawling back up to 1st again, so he doesn’t have this in the bag yet.


There are 4 prizes:

  • Grand Prize: $25,000 + Kodak gift package
  • 2nd Prize: $15,000 + Kodak gift package
  • 3rd Prize: $10,000 + Kodak gift package
  • 4th Prize: Home office makeover

Also, the winner will receive a published article about them and their company in Entrepreneur Magazine!

Vote for Joe – It’s Easy

Help Joe stay in the #1 spot by voting him – it’s really fast and simple and he’ll thank you for it.

To vote for Joe, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to his submission profile
  2. Enter your e-mail address and click the “Vote for me” button
  3. Click the link in the e-mail

I did this and did not receive any spam, so I’m pretty sure it’s just a way of verifying votes and to help prevent automated voting bots.


Who is Joe Daley?

Some of you may remember Joe as he has purchased a couple of paid reviews form me in the past (BlingEasy and LogoMyWay). He is an internet entrepreneur like me, only he is smarter because he tends to focus on only 1 or 2 projects at a time.

He is the founder of, which is a huge logo design contest site.

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21 Responses to “Help Vote for my Friend to Win $25,000!”

  1. car battery says:

    That’s a funny picture, with the rest of the competitors canceled out. 😛 Well, I sure hope JD wins it.

  2. Seems like a cool guy. And yes def has some alpha qualities as well as some natural advantages!

  3. Brad says:

    i voted; hope he wins!

  4. Paulymath says:

    Ok, I voted.

    Hope you win Joe.

    You should have sent Tyler a shirt that says “Vote for Joe” kind of like those “Vote for Pedro” shirts. 🙂


  5. Dan Lew says:

    What do we get for voting for him though? 🙂

  6. Just voted for you Joe.Hope you win 😉

  7. forstner says:

    Voted :). Go win joe..

  8. Joe says:

    Thanks a lot everyone! We plan to put the money right back into the business if we win. The winner will also get a write in “Entrepreneur Magazine”. Not to many opportunities like this come along so we are really doing our best to win this. At the end it does come down to the top 20 and judges will take it from there.

    Whatever happens we tried our best and really appreciate your votes 🙂

  9. Well despite Joe’s great marketing strategies in this contest, I am not going to be voting. I’d rather not give my e-mail address to yet another company who may decide to start sending me some newsletter.

  10. Essay says:

    Just voted for Mr. Joe. Hope he will win 🙂

  11. No offense, but I don’t believe all these people who said they voted. What incentive do they have for helping someone rich get richer? Is everyone suddenly Joe’s friend because he posted a sympathetic photo?

  12. p90x reviews says:

    Good luck Joe in the contest.


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