Motive Interactive’s Advent 2.0

October 13, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

The following is a paid review and is completely of my own opinion and is not influenced by being paid. If you’re interested in having me review your site or product, please view my advertising page.

(Important Note: There was apparently a miscommunication between Motive and I and the Advent 2.0 that I reviewed in this post is actually still currently being worked on and is in Beta mode. That explains why I found a couple bugs and why there were only 49 offers. Advent 2.0 should be going live to the public in about a week and a half and all of the offers will be transferred over by then and the bugs I found should be fixed as well. Motive said they’ll be getting me to do another screencast review once it’s launched to the public near the end of the month. )

This is a follow-up review to the one I wrote 6-months ago for MotiveInteractive’s CPA network called Advent. Motive has been a strong supporter and repeat advertiser of my blog for 7 months now; you’re probably familiar with their 300×250 Embedded Banner and 728×90 Leaderboard ads on my blog.

Motive took my suggestions and recommendations seriously and implemented a number of them in their new and improved program which they are calling Advent 2.0.

In addition to faster loading times and a slightly more streamlined look are the following great new features and improvements:

  • Highest paying offers; they claim that if you find a better price, they’ll beat it!
  • Negotiable payment schedule; Weekly and Net-15 for qualified publishers.
  • Improved 5.5% lifetime referral program (My personal favourite improvement)
  • Cash Paying Rewards Program (see below)



Here are the links to both the new and old Advent logins. Advent 1.0 is still functioning and is where the current referral system resides. It will be moved to Advent 2.0 within a week or two and I assume Advent 1.0 will be fully replaced with Advent 2.0 shortly after.

Advent 1.0:

Advent 2.0:

Their rewards payment tiers are shown below:

Commissions – Rewards
$1,000 – $10
$2,500 – $25
$5,000 – $50
$10,000 – $100
$15,000 – $150
$20,000 – $200
$25,000 – $250
$30,000 – $300
$50,000 – $500
$100,000 – $1,250
$150,000 – $2,000
$200,000 – $3,000
$500,000 – $10,000
$1,000,000 – $20,000
$1,250,000 – $25,000

It’s good to see MotiveInteractive working hard to improve their network. It’s even better to see them take publishers opinions and recommendations seriously. A lot of the new features and improvements in Advent 2.0 were requests from publishers themselves.

Overall, MotiveInteractive is one of the better affiliate networks out there, and their new and improved 5.5% referral program is certainly one of the most lucrative out there currently which you might want to take advantage of.

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11 Responses to “Motive Interactive’s Advent 2.0”

  1. Tyler, First off thanks for the review ! Regarding the limited offers we are currently pushing over all the offers from the 1.0 system and only a handful were in Advent 2.0 at the time of your walk through – we have hundreds of quality offers.

    Also regarding the bugs you noticed in I.E – I will have our team look into them and have them fixed (if needed) but I do know they were doing some work on the back end tonight.

    As always we welcome your comments and suggestions and any suggestions affiliates may have. We continue to improve our system and provide solutions for our publishers all the time!

    If any one has any questions they are free to email me.

    Thanks again,

    Luke Smith

  2. Andrei Buiu says:

    Hey Tyler. Couldn’t wait for a new post and here it is. I was looking for a CPA network to join and Motive Interactive Advent 2.0 seems perfect for my needs.

  3. Clog Money says:

    What type of offers does this network run?

    E.g selling real goods/ virtual products / cost per lead?

  4. Thanks for sharing, tell me do you have some form of affiliate program i can join?

  5. Motive 2.0 is by far the best CPA network out there!

  6. Jay says:

    The video is helpful and all but it sucks as a RSS Feed subscriber because most of the time it doesn’t show up.

    But I’ll be signing up soon, not because of your review, but because Luke contacted me last week. 😀


  7. Catie says:

    sounds like a great opportunity for a lot more people to get their hands on even better software. Great review. Thanks.

  8. Make money says:

    motive 2 rocks
    nice review 🙂

  9. Just wanted to drop a line in here and say thank you for a great review! Motive is excited and looking forward to working with all of you! We are now out of beta and have officially launched the new Motive CPA Network powered by our advent 2.0.

    Check out the press release :

    Brendan J. Smith
    Chief Executive Officer / Founder


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