My 2-Page Interview in CAP Magazine

March 14, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

A few months ago, I was contacted by the editor of CAP Magazine to do a 2-page spread interview for their magazine. CAP Magazine is the largest and longest-running magazine dedicated exclusively to the gaming industry.

We had conducted the interview back in September and I had completely forgotten about it until I received an e-mail yesterday from somebody saying they found me from the article in CAP Magazine.

Apparently, I was featured in the November/December 2008 issue. While I’ve done a number of interviews online, this was the first time I’ve been published in print media so it’s a new highlight for me. It’s also my favourite interview I’ve done so far as I like how my answers came out.

I asked the editor to send me 1 or 2 printed copies via the mail. I’m considering framing the interview and putting it on the wall in my office, but haven’t decided yet.

You can read the actual magazine at, but the Flash system they use is very awkward to say the least, so I provided the following screenshots:




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You can get CAP Magazine delivered to your home for free. It’s a 60-page, full-color magazine that focuses on the online gaming (gambling) industry, but also contains a lot of relevant information that can be used on any sites such as SEO tips, affiliate marketing techniques, etc.

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32 Responses to “My 2-Page Interview in CAP Magazine”

  1. Supermance says:

    wow, congratulation for the interview, im gonna get the magazine ! 🙂

  2. Mega Champ says:

    Congratulations Tyler, this is simply amazing. Signed up with magazine :-).

  3. 50 Cent Game says:

    Great Interview, and I never new pokerforums made that much 😮

  4. Xbox Controller says:

    great interview, I liked the part about broking the domain

  5. Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment. Congratulations and way to Tyler. 🙂

  6. tke71709 says:

    God I’ve always hated reporters…

    Couldn’t even get your blog url right in the article.

    Well hopefully is enjoying their additional traffic.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Heh, I didn’t notice that. It’s okay though – print media has never been very good at converting into traffic.

    • 90s Music says:

      Haha, I hear you on this one completely. I was pumped when I found out that this news group was going to do some wide promotion of an interview on my site (titled However, when I saw the email blasts they sent out, they titled the site r& I was like thanks, that’s REALLY going to make it understandable for people.

      Hope you still got good promotion off this one tyler!

  7. Print media seems to be working good for John Chow though 😛


  8. I bet i will be interviewed some day. Dont know when that day will come. Anyways congrats on making it to the print media

  9. Man, that’s a long interview! But I’ve enjoyed reading it.

  10. KushMoney says:

    Congratz on the interview. I think you did a great job answering those questions.

  11. Netfire says:

    good stuff man, congrats

  12. Web Surf says:

    Cool interview dude.

  13. Zeeshan says:

    Here are the original size of the magazine pages for those of us who want to read them more easily:

    Page one:

    Page two:

    The above links were found by inspecting what third party resources the Flash interface accessed when using the magazine URL.

  14. congrats on being published! You should frame it and put it up in your office, its a major accomplishment and hopefully the start of many others to come!

  15. Albert says:

    Wow that was a great achievement for you! Congratz!!!

  16. Indo Contest says:

    Great interview, Tyler!
    I honestly had never heard of his CAP Magazine, but I’ll have to check it out now.

  17. Matt says:

    Pretty cool stuff. Nice to see a BC boy doing well!

    I found your blog about a week ago and it got me motivated to dust off an old project and start blogging again about my passion, which is selling. Subscribed – I’ll be checking back here often.

  18. Bill Rodney says:

    If you choose a niche that you are passionate about it never feels like work. That’s so true.

  19. 90s Music says:

    I love how they intro the article with a picture of a superhero. Be careful as I know that’d be easy for me to get a huge ego boost haha.

    All the same, congrats on this Tyler. It’s a great read that gives a nice overview of your success. I hope you sent that to the whole family 🙂

  20. PigsnieLite says:

    Congrats, Mistoor! You should get more than 2 copies! Did you give a copy to your proud parents (well, they’d be proud if you told them) & your BROTHER? heheh.

  21. Melissa Emmett says:

    Tyler, great article. It’s cool to see something in print. Keep on doing what you do. =)

  22. Thats awsome. You should definately frame it in either two document frames or one 16×20 frame with the articles matted. Some might says its narcisstic, but I’d rather have those kinds of things hung in my office rather than some “inspirational” poster.

  23. game-girl says:

    I enjoyed the interview very much,your success is obvious,I hope you are ready to go further and realize new ideas.

  24. game-girl says:

    I enjoyed the interview very much,your success is obvious,I hope you are ready to go further and realize new ideas.

  25. game-girl says:

    I enjoyed the interview very much,your success is obvious,I hope you are ready to go further and realize new ideas.

  26. smashill says:

    Another good way to market yourself and your blog in 2009… way to go, the year just started. Time to it some more offline media, there are enough people who never heard of affiliate marketing living next door. Ever thought about a few flyers at your local mall so people join you at publisher challenge?

  27. thomas says:

    Great interview buddy what is the next challenge now! Keep in the top maybe…

  28. Excellent interview. Congratulations!

    Was great reading your thoughts!


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