My Big Project Unveiled

January 13, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

This will be my shortest post in months if not years.

I spent the majority of the morning cleaning and then went out to BestBuy. Three-and-a-half hours later (yes, literally) I walked out with one carload and one truckload of toys (again, literally). More on that in a future post.

Since I spent the rest of the evening unpacking and setting things up, I didn’t have time to write a proper long post. But that’s fine, as this short teaser should spark some discussion.

You know that Big Project I’ve been talking about for the past 4-6 weeks? Well, since I finally found a new programming company after hours and hours of interviewing and shortlisting, the programming has finally begun. Since progress is again underway, I thought I could reveal what the “Big Project” is.

Well, sort of. I can give you a sneak peak. Once the programming gets decently far into development I will reveal a lot more. Anyhow, without further ado, here’s the Big Project:

PublisherChallenge - Are You Ready?

That’s right. The site is and I hope to have it fully launched and up and running by February 1st, 2009.

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53 Responses to “My Big Project Unveiled”

  1. Carlito says:

    The new project looks very exciting Tyler!! The sneak peak kinds of give a little bit away, but I won’t speculate and will wait until February.

    Anyway, I love challenges (I’m still hoping I can catch up and take away the XY7 one this month).

    • Ryan McLean says:

      Good luck winning the XY7 competition. You have got to be in it to win it
      Unfortunately I am not in it…maybe I will be involved in Affiliate Challenge 8, 9 or 10…who knows

  2. Ryan McLean says:

    Bout time you showed us a sneak peak at your new project.
    My latest project has been a free ebook I was giving out and it has gone great guns. I have had over 300 people sign up to read it.
    Soon I will catch up to you in RSS subscribers 🙂
    Nothing like a little bit of competition to make work fun

  3. Ryan McLean says:

    Hey Tyler, you should work out the avatars on your site…because your site is the only one where my avatar does not show up. I want to have a face to my name

  4. Upstarty says:

    Hmmm…I would speculate, but I don’t want to look like a fool if I’m wrong. Aw, what the heck…

    Taking the blog’s biggest money maker and turning it into its own property? If so, brilliant move. You’ve built up your blog traffic with that, and the blog traffic will only grow with this launch.

    Now, will allow more flexibility and focus for your contests than a blog format would. Wow. If all goes well you’re on your way to doubling (or more) your income this year.

  5. Greg Ellison says:

    I can’t wait to see the finish project. Greg Ellison

  6. Hey Tyler, maybe adding a little subscription box on the site would be a good move – you know, to let everyone know when the site is officially launched.

    • Oh, I just realized that the page already says when the site’s gonna launch. But still, emailing all the subscribers would be a great way to remind them to check out the site when it’s launched.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Yup, I thought of this shortly after making this post yesterday. But I figure since I’ll be making regular updates on the status of the project until it launches on my blog, that it shouldn’t matter.

      If I wasn’t doing the updates on my blog then I definitely should have added an AWeber launch subscription e-mail list to the splash page, you’re right. It’s neat because this is something I never would have thought of a year or two ago, or realize the importance and value of list building.

  7. Tyler thats mean, we still don’t know what the site is for or how your gonna use it!

  8. Chris says:

    Sounds very interesting. I can only imagine what types of challenges await.

  9. Donny Gamble says:

    Tyler you are simply taking entrepreneurship to a whole another level. The one’s that achieve true success are those that have diversity and have multiple streams of income coming in at one time

  10. Chris M says:

    I’m not surprised! Sjoe, glad you found a programming company, this one’s going to be a difficult one to develop if I’ve guessed correctly.

    All the management and tracking must be incredible.

    All the best!

  11. Amanda says:

    Great idea! (If it’s what I think it is). 🙂

  12. jason says:

    a site just for affiliate marketing competitions eh?

    it sounds like your buying your own prizes tyler. well heres my take on it. first of all since your buying your own prizes im thinking you dint go overboard with the prizes. probably the same prizes as the xzy guys.

    anyway with those kinds of prizes your only gonna attract the noobs to AM. which in the long run wouldnt be a bad thing but unless your holding exclusive competitions with market leverage or any of the few networks out there that offer lifetime referral earnings (and i do mean few) this idea is shit out of luck.

    you know why market leverage stopped putting up the prizes for your competitions right? there profit margins went to shit after your two top affiliates stopped generating money. they make over 30% off the commission affiliates make. you only make 5% do the math. unless you get 2-3 top affiliates to push for you off the bat your going to lose money every competition you make.

    if your prizes arent that big so you won’t lose as much money then its a double edge sword, nobody will be interested.

    also these networks that promised life time referral commissions back out on the deal a lot. and market leverage isnt doing so hot right now. don’t be surprised if they do what azoogle did and back out on the lifetime referral commission and change it to 6 months.

    it was a decent idea tyler but you jumped on it to late.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Actually all those toys I bought from BestBuy yesterday were just for me, lol. But I can see how it could be mistaken that it was related to PublisherChallenge from the way I wrote it.

      MarketLeverage only took a break from running the competitions on my blog. They should be back in either February or March.

      XY7 started with a smaller prize pool to test out the waters. We should hit close to $8K for the first competition which would be $1K more than the first competition I held with ML so the prizes should increase in their next competition with me.

      I will agree though that ML’s profit margins are slim to say the least. 30% commission is being very optimistic, especially on the larger affiliates who get higher payouts. But that is not the reason they stopped the competitions. Again, they’ll be back.

      I’m actually inundated with requests from affiliate networks to sponsor my competitions, which is nice.

      May I ask, are you a larger/super affiliate? If so, what would you personally like to see in a competition? Just larger prizes?

      • jason says:

        lets just say i hover around 6,000 a day right now in this business i don’t think thats anywhere near a super affiliate but id say i do pretty good right now…

        as far as what id like to see in a competition…

        let me just tell you something when i look at your competitions from my side of the table.

        the network you chose to start with was market leverage, these guys are ok but are very slow on AM trends and usually get offers last.

        Me making some good money isn’t gonna waste my time trying to sign up under anyones name (the thought of someone making money off me isn’t very appealing to some marketers).

        Im not gonna waste my time trying to sign up through the network and wait a day or two just to get in to look at what they have to offer.

        Im not gonna waste my time trying to push traffic to them and show them i push volume of traffic and then usually wait for my first paycheck to come through the mail before they put me up on wires. sometimes they do it faster than that but overall the point im trying to make is. i make good enough money right now and having a PS3 for the first prize is nothing im interested in. i could go buy 50 ps3’s with this weeks pay.

        As far as those top vip prizes go it was interesting to say the least and some of the prizes seemed worth trying out for thats probably why you got 1-2 good affiliates to try out for them.

        Overall any affiliate making real money in the industry could care less about these competitions. the last thing they need to worry about is winning a 50 inch plasma TV. because most likely we got 3 of those already in the home.

        • Tyler Cruz says:

          Thanks for your thoughts from your side. I would only like to say that the PS3/Rockband 2 is for the main prize of the main category. $6K a day is $180K a month, and although I’m assuming it is spread throughout multiple networks, that would easily put you in the $100K VIP tier prize which would mean winning a $5,000 Segway. That works out to a 3% off your gross sales (assuming the $6K was gross and not net) which isn’t too bad…

          If you can do that for 6 months straight I could probably give you a 2009 Porche Boxster Convertible from XY7…

  13. AM says:

    you really are worthless and have no idea what you are doing. Some day soon people will catch on and you will go down in flames.

    Patiently waiting with marshmallows in hand,
    -Real AM’s

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I’ll bring the graham crackers. We can make smores!

    • jason says:

      gotta be honest here. You do seem to attract a lot of noobs. you’d be better off trying to sell stuff like make money at home products here than competitions.

      • Upstarty says:

        Let’s examine what a ‘noob’ is in today’s context.

        I’m certain you’re aware of the large scale unemployment that is happening across the globe? Well, a surprisingly large number are white collar professionals. So, today we have a large number of people – marketers, designers, coders, all looking for employment, but unfortunately are finding it tough to land the next gig. So, many are going to look into ways to make money online and are certainly going to find their way to affiliate marketing.

        For many, they will find that they have all the skills that they need to get started. Their kung fu will be strong, their severance packages big.

        I believe that Tyler is certainly aware of this, thus there’s Publisher Challenge. Why not cater to the new generation of affiliate marketers, er, I’m sorry…’noobs’?

        Real AM’s, super-duper affiliates…whatever you call yourselves, contstantly preach on finding the next profitable niche. Yet, you can’t see this new influx of new talent coming into AM?

        You want to dismiss them as ‘noobs’, but these aren’t going to be some bored housewives looking to make some spending money on ebay. They will be professionals, who will not tolerate all the games, bravado, and ‘mine is bigger than yours’ attitude that seems to prevail in AM today.

        Now, you have Tyler that’s stepping in just at the right time to cater to them. Why not make it fun for them? Why not treat them as a valuable asset? Why not make their intro to AM comfortable? Because, on the other side you’re going to have unkowing ‘Real AM’s’ telling them that they wish that they ‘will go down in flames’.

        While Tyler can sometimes be a bit brash and cocky, he’s a likeable guy, he’s going to be a great host for many entering the world of AM.

        So, if you want to dismiss them as ‘noobs’ and not a threat to current super mega big affiliates…well, go right ahead. But, get ready for a rough road ahead.

        • Carlito says:

          So brilliantly said Upstarty. Take me for example, I’ve been in the online game for a while, but never got into the PPC/AM because it always seemed out of my league, and couldn’t see the fun in it. But following Tyler’s blog and AM challenges made it look much more accessible and more fun then I had first thought.

          So, I just started AM this month with the XY7 challenge (CD11330). While I’m still small time, I’m having fun learning, and I’m already able to turn a profit. The prizes are just added incentives that keep the initial drive going. So, I’m sure there is a market for new peeps in this game, perhaps with a different mentality than the more old school guys.

    • Kevin says:

      So what if Tyler caters to noobs. The noob vertical is filled with revenue streams. With todays economy, every Tom Dick and Larry are looking to get into the online money making business and make a fast buck. Even if you cast a large net, there is a good change that one of those little fish may turn into a whale.

  14. jason says:

    you “noobs” just made my point.

    not to sound harsh here but non of you 3 guys who posted below me know anything about what your talking about.

    first of all you guys think this new project is to help noobs? where the hell did you get that idea from? all tylers new site is gonna be is “sign under my referral id and you could win some prizes”.

    secondly not anyone can do this. a lot of “noobs” think you can just jump into AM. And those are the same noobs who lose 20,000$ in one week.

    Thirdly AM is a very broad word. the kind of marketing the top % of internet marketers do is a very small group of people and not what everyone here thinks what AM is. Most of you probably think all these top marketers are making money selling cell phone accessories or something of the sort.

    You need more than just programming skills to be a marketer. here is just some of the things i have to know just to be a successful marketer.

    1. some sort of web coding skill to build websites.

    2. the know how of using networks and sites to my advantage.

    3. marketing knowledge (this is huge, you can’t learn this stuff over night. and most people will never understand it because its very hard to market things and make a profit. one word in a sentence could change your profits from 100$ a day to losing 100$ a day).

    4. PPC knowledge and how the system works and how to use it. (another huge step)

    and thats just the beginning of the list. AM isn’t something you learn its something you become. and it only comes with experience. Sure you can start a campaign and do good on your first try but that only means your gonna fall harder the next time you try pushing another product.

    My point is, if your new to everything about making money on the internet. Stay far far away from affiliate marketing because you will lose every penny you ever earned in your life in a week if you don’t know what your doing.

    Oh and kevin if you knew what catering to the noobs in affiliate marketing really ment then tyler should be selling you noobs make money from home ebooks or even his own ebook for 20$ a pop. catering to the noobs is only worth it if you make money off them. and tylers plan is to make money off all you noobs from getting you to sign up under his ID. like i said before, good idea tyler but your late on the trigger, But its not like i think these noobs could pull any real income to make it worth doing anyway. Id say you will lose money or break even every competition. if you do make money out if it. it won’t warrant the time it takes to set up these competitions, but i give you props for trying something new.

    • Kevin says:

      Well it seems like someone got tired of flaming people over at wickedfire and looked to take shop over here. While i agree with some of your points, I can’t help but laugh at your “Master of Internet” stance.

      I give Tyler props for stepping outside the box. Selling ebooks is almost as bad as promoting Clickbank products. So if AM is something you become how the hell are you supposed to become it if it can not be learned? Like you wake up one day and it magically appears? You case is full of flaws but its easy to make bold claims when you can just go hide behind your curtain of anonymity.

      • Tyler Cruz says:

        Yeah, people love to hate me it seems… certainly nothing new 🙂

        At least jason tries to vent his anger into some sort of thought and be somewhat rational. I ban and delete most trolls and haters simply because they flat out lie or throw around immature namecalling.

        I’m more than fine with people leaving negative comments on my blog as long as they try to make a point with at least some ounce of respect and without making up lies.

    • Jason, you mention that networks like ML are always the last ones to get offers. Could you shed more light as to what you mean by this? Which networks are more conducive to professional marketers like yourself?

      From my experience with networks like Market Leverage and Amped Media, if I find an offer on another network that they don’t have, they can typically get it for me. Of course there are a small handful of Exclusive offers as well, but most are not.

      As far as some of the criteria you mention, I mostly agree with you here. ie.

      (1) Web coding skills to build websites. I’ve been programming computers since I was a little kid, long before 99% of the world even owned a computer. I’m talking all the way back to VIC20 and Commodore 64 days. I’ve coded in a lot of languages from BASIC all the way to more modern languages like C# etc. I’m also fairly competent in Photoshop.

      (2) Using networks to my advantage. Although I’m new to affiliate marketing specifically, I have been in the business world for over a decade so I do know how to swim in shark infested waters.

      (3) Marketing Knowledge. I agree here as well. I’m a student of marketing on many levels, not just affiliate marketing or even computer marketing either…most marketing fundamentals haven’t changed for hundreds of years. Ie. Some people think using YouTube is a marketing strategy. Using YouTube is not a strategy, it’s just a tool. I think you may know what I mean.

      (4) PPC knowledge. Very important as well. There are “hidden” sides to this game that are very hard to unearth. Nobody wants to share the real secrets. For example how Google’s system is purposely setup to make it WAY harder for newcomers to make money, and helps the rich get richer. I’m sure you know what I mean.

      All in all you make some good points. My question to you would be:

      (1) In what way would an affiliate like yourself participate in some sort of “contest” type thing? I’m not just talking about signing up under my ID or Tyler’s ID either, but more broad than that.

      For example, could a contest be put together that you would participate in that didn’t really have to do with the monetary value of the prize? If you’re making $6,000/day, that’s $180,000/month. I don’t know if that’s revenue or profit, but even if $50k of that is profit, that’s $600,000/year in income. I doubt there is ANY prize that a contest host could have that you can’t just buy yourself!

      I’d love to hear your ideas on what you think might work for affiliates like yourself. If you’d rather let me know in private, my name is linked to my site. I’m interested in your opinion.

      (2) You say that people new to making money online shouldn’t do affiliate marketing as it’s too risky. Do you have any recommendations on income streams online that may not make as much as AM, but have a much less risky profile and a higher chance of success?

      If a good friend of yours wanted to get into making money online because he hates his job, where would you recommend he starts? Assuming he doesn’t have all the super skills of professional affiliate marketers, but he does have a good intelligent head on his shoulders and isn’t afraid to learn and work hard. Any ideas?

      (3) As an affiliate marketer who’s passed the hurdle of being a “noob”, do you feel that “noobs” are hurting the affiliate marketing world for people like you?

      I’ve thought about this a bit. For example, lets say that in a given niche in order for someone to make a profit on “keyword1” they need to bid $0.25/click on it and no more than that. So, if a handfull of professional marketers go after the keyword and all bid around $0.25 then they will make money or they’ll move onto something else and that’s fine.

      However, if a newcomer comes and has no clue what they’re doing and starts to bid $1.00 on the same keyword, losing money but not even knowing it, now the professional marketers have to wait for the newcomer to go away. Not a problem, but what if there is a constant stream of newcomers that is always coming in and bidding WAY TOO HIGH on keywords and losing money?

      Do you think “noob” affiliates have an effect on the industry like this? Is this why you’re saying that they shouldn’t get into it? Because unless they know what they’re doing, they are just padding Google’s pockets and making it hard for others to make a living?

      Just wondering why you’d care if these “noobs” do what they do?

  15. Tyler Cruz says:

    Oh, and I just wanted to say that in response to: “Id say you will lose money or break even every competition.”

    How would I lose money? The only thing I put into any of these competitions is my time; all of the prizes are always paid for by the affilite networks. The worst that I could do is make nothing.

    So far I have made over $20,000 profit from my referrals as a result of these competitions so I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss it…

    • jason says:

      i thought you were gonna start putting up your own prizes. sooner or later your gonna have to because if your referral income looks like it is right now with
      xy7 networks won’t sponser the prizes anymore because they will be the ones losing money.

      • Ricardo says:

        Go work jason, stick to your thing, let Tyler do what he´s good at…creating innovative projects that make him money.

        I doubt you really make as much as you say, but if so, congratulations, you´ve found your niche, let everyone else find theirs.

        I think its a good idea Tyler, although the promotional part of it is going to be CRUCIAL.

  16. Asher says:

    Hi Tyler,

    What’s this publisher challenge? Is it for bloggers to continue publishing new posts on a regular basis or something? 🙂


  17. DaveRH says:

    I personally find it very amusing how anonymous commentators have been posting for years about why Tyler sucks and why he will be broke in a year.

    First it was: “Tyler’s a one trick pony, he only has poker forums and when those die he’ll go broke”. Now it’s his marketing challenges that are a lame one off idea and will be the harbinger of his doom.

    I don’t know what Tyler did to piss off all you people, but if you want anyone to listen to what you have to say, how about posting some credibility or proof that you know what your talking about.

    Anonymous comments on the Internet mean nothing.

  18. good luck with the project

  19. mike says:

    I think your new site is a great idea. You’re basically taking one aspect of your blog that works for you and moving it up a level. If I was in your shoes I would do the same thing.

  20. BigMick says:

    Cudos Tyler for allowing the negative comments on your blog.

    I may drop in from time to time now.


  21. Hi Tyler, I just want to let you know that you are on my list of most admired bloggers. Keep it up! 🙂

  22. mecozz says:

    congrats and good luck big project

  23. Atniz says:

    All the best for your new project. I’m happy to hear that you have found the programmer and the work is underway.

  24. Congrats Tyler.. I’m waiting for your website 😀

  25. Izu Mou says:

    Sounds Intresting,please keep us posted

  26. Hi Tyler,

    I found your blog from Olgi’s blog, with whom I have link exchanged. I really love it, and especially love the way you are prepared to take all the criticism so well (I know I couldn’t do it!). Anyway, I may well join one of your competitions – I could do with some prizes! Good luck in 2009.

    – TB

  27. Smart of you to allow negative comments. I came back just to see how you’d respond. 🙂 Good luck with the new project, too.

  28. I can’t wait for the release and the domain name is perfect for the project

  29. Win Prizes says:

    Its already looking great Tyler 🙂

  30. […] January 22, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz Paid Advertisement Just over a week ago, I revealed that my Big Project was actually While I revealed the domain name and logo, I didn’t actually […]

  31. eagerly awaiting the launch!!
    look way way exciting!


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