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April 6, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I used to recommend the company BannersMall for banner design. Unfortunately, close to 2 months ago I ordered a new batch of banners from them but never received them, even after numerous e-mail and IM attempts. I’ve also heard the same from a couple other people as well.

So, last week I started looking for a new banner design company. I had thought there were countless ones out there but apparently I was wrong. While you can certainly find half a dozen or so on Google ( was my first choice but they never contacted me back), I couldn’t find any that were decently priced and had a very good portfolio. In fact, the majority of them seem to be stuck in 1999…

I ended up going with a company that was recommended to me by the owner of PeerFly. I had actually heard great things of this company through various contacts before, but had never actually used them myself.

The company is Check out their portfolio on their site to see examples of their work. They do pretty much anything graphic-related including: website design, banners, logos, business cards, etc.

I ordered a batch of 9 banners for PublisherChallenge from them, which you can see below (you’ll need to click on the 728×90’s to view them in full size or they’ll appear distorted in this post):

120-600    300 125288 200-75 468 125-1728 728-1

As you can see, they do great work.

Why I like

Unique & Creative Design

One of the attributes that sets out from other design companies is that their designs (especially their banner design) are pretty creative and aren’t the same run-of-the-mill designs you see everywhere.

Especially if you’re running something like a web host or an arcade site, you want something that is unique and pops out at you.

I think part of this might come from the fact that they’re Belgian which will may influence some of the design styles.

Fast Turnaround

While they didn’t do my banners the next day, they did get them to me when they said they would – about 3-4 days.

There’s nothing more annoying than using a company that always promises you one time but never delivers on it. To me, if you say 3-4 days and deliver on that promise then that is a fast turnaround.

Very Affordable is actually very cheap for what you get. Their web design prices start at $699, logos & print work at $195, and their banners at $22. In fact, even with their great banner design quality they have one of the lowest banner design prices I’ve seen out there…

Free Revisions

I do not know their policy towards their other design work, but for banners they offered me 3 free revisions per banner. I took them up on it for a couple of small things on two of the banners, but the rest were all great on their first try so I didn’t need anything else done.

Source Files

Many designers do not give out the fonts or PSDs used to make the design, especially for banners, or else charge extra for them because it means you’ll have to go back to them to make any small tweaks in the future including even simple text changes.

But I got all the fonts used and PSDs for all my banners which means that I can make a small change here or there in the future without having to pay for new banners.

Enjoy! doesn’t have a referral program, so you can see how much I like them. If you do go with them, please let them know I referred you as thanks. Maybe they’ll give me a discount in the future 🙂

Enjoy this valuable resource. I’ve already ordered another batch of banners from them for and will probably give them any future design work I need as well.

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35 Responses to “My New Banner Design Company”

  1. Ryan McLean says:

    Bummer that they don’t have a referral program
    They should really consider getting one
    I would definately pitch them to my readers

  2. But but I wouldn’t say they are original or unique – they look like template jobs to me…

  3. Justin Time says:


    Bannersmall still owes me a banner too.

    Going on three months and a thousand emails.

  4. The Net Fool says:

    Hey Tyler,
    Can you let me know just how much you trust these guys? Their work looks good, but I have a new project valued at $15-20k and I need a company that I can trust to do the design job well. I’m not gonna let any old shmuck rip me off, eh?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Wow, that’s one huge design job!

      I’ve only done 1 batch (almost 2) with them now so I’ll let you make your own conclusions, but I’ve been really happy with them so far.

      Zac Johnson has been using them for a while too so I’m not the only one who likes them… 🙂

      Please tell Nathalie I sent ya if you do decide to use them though 🙂 I want a discount for my future orders, and I can imagine something nice if you spend $15-20K haha.

  5. IncomeSpace says:

    Hey I think they look great. They are very clean and describe well what you arte trying to present.

    // Ace
    // Follow Me
    // Get free traffic to your blog at

  6. smashill says:

    Crazy pricing they have there. So extremely low.

  7. ian says:

    Yes, I had the same bad experience with I ordered a banner for it took ages and several emails to get it. I asked for one small revision, several times, but never ever received that. I will never use them again.

  8. Josh says:

    Haha are you serious again with this tyler? Looks like my 4 year old daughter did those banners, well actually, she could do a better job.

  9. Yeah I had problems with Bannersmall too. They’ve finaly delivered what I’ve ordered but it took me a lot of time to get it from them. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  10. Yeah, the bannersmall guys seemed to have fallen off the map… It has brought us in some business though so I’m not complaining… Hopefully they’ll at least make right on those that placed orders and not received responses.

    Tyler, we don’t have an affiliate program but if you were to plug us like you did 4D we’d create a custom one…

  11. Its weird that I was searching for a banner site and was looking at bannersmall before reading todays post…thanks to this I can see which site to go to instead!

  12. Ooooh. This company does nice work. Thanks for the heads-up.

  13. Jeff Klein says:

    Thanks for the referral Tyler. It’s always great to hear about companies that produce quality work. I especially like the fact that they provided you with the source files and fonts.
    Thanks again!

  14. Tom says:

    This is so odd because my company was about to do a few hundred dollars worth of work with BannersMall. I was going to use your link and thankfully I read this. I seriously was going to place an order this week.

    I’ll have to give this new place a shot.

    Thanks for saving me the cash 🙂

  15. Funny Quotes says:

    You got some pretty good banners from them, they match publisher challenge pretty well. You definitely got your moneys worth from them. I’m going to look into ordering a couple banners from them for some of my sites.

  16. Chad says:

    I use 4design for all of our stuff. They do really good work and have really good prices. I would recommend them to anyone.

  17. Wuhan says:

    Hi, I think this is a good website, Hey Taylor,
    Can you let me know how much you trust these guys? Their work can also look like I can trust the excellent design. Don’t be serious I will not let go of any old shmuck Rip ‘me, ah? Thanks for the sharing.

  18. The banners from them look pretty good, so I think you have made a wise decision 🙂

  19. 90s Music says:

    Man, I saw the headline and thought you were creating your OWN banner design company. Still, it sounds like is a great company, and worth the effort.

  20. I too have been ripped off by Bannersmall and am trying to get a refund from Paypal.

    Thanks for the links to more pro banner designers!

  21. Seems likes bannersmall is getting some pretty negative feedback.
    I like to do my own banner designs (I try :)), but I may try out in the future

  22. Online TV says:

    One of my friends also used to create his banners and he told me that he is very satisfied with them They are very professional.

  23. Hey great banners 🙂

    And pretty cheap too, got to try them out, thanks for sharing.


  24. Chris says:

    Hi guys, this is Chris from

    just wanted to reply to the comment “BBC News WordPress Theme” posted about him being ripped off by us.

    Marc, we sent your banners on April 4. we have emailed you several times and we have received no reply. I think its unfair for you to say we have ripped you off, sure there may have been a bit of a delay but we did not rip you off. Atleast you could reply to our emails…we even sent a trouble ticket on your website.

    I have uploaded the banners here:

    BannersMall will be back in full swing this week, we’re also introducing new services very soon. We were in bad shape for the past few months but everything is being sorted out.

  25. Yes I can confirm I am now in contact with Chris at Bannersmall and I have now recieved the banners I ordered – am very happy with them indeed.

    Glad to hear everything will be back up and running as I will surely return in the future.

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  27. Cocacolya says:

    you’re a great master mr Cruz

  28. seosoeasy says:

    It seemes to be a great banners and at same time looks clean and well described.thanks for sharing!

  29. gurtey says:

    great designs and looks really proffesional…just wanna sak whether they do ebook covers?

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  31. Evan says: looks very nice. Thanks for another source of design work.

    we have been using for the past 3 years and have been very happy with their service, I say save yourself some $$$ and don’t pay for their 24 hour service unless you really need to, because they usually deliver within 24 hours anyway. I also tried – one of the worse i’ve dealt with. 4designtv has a different ‘style’ to 20dollarbanners though, might be a good idea to switch between the 2 to change styles. HOWEVER, their portfolio seems to have nice banners, the ones they made for you looks rather bland and template like??

  32. It looks pretty good! I do like it


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