New Affiliate Marketing Record: $1,671.82 in 1 Day

April 29, 2012 Posted by Tyler Cruz

The last update on how my personal affiliate marketing campaigns were going was made nearly a month ago, so here’s what’s new.

Since the title of this post gives it away, I’ll just get straight to it. Yesterday, I set a new personal record on my affiliate marketing campaigns by bringing in a total of $1,671.82.

My previous best was $1,500.00 (exactly), but was made back on January 2, 2012, so I’m happy to set a new one.

That is gross, however. While I’d love for all of that to be profit, it doesn’t include my costs. Whenever you read an affiliate marketer write about income, you should always assume it is gross unless they specifically mention net or profit.

So how much of that $1,671.82 that I made yesterday was actually profit? $531.10.

That’s an ROI of over 45%, which is extremely high for such volume.

$531.10 in 1 day is actually not a new net profit record for me, but it does come close.

Below is a screenshot of my PeerFly dashboard that I took a couple of hours ago:


It was taken just before noon, and you can see that today (the 29th) already brought in $1,082.97 so far.

My goal is for today to hit $2,000!

Wish me luck on that.

Credit Card Limit Woes

Now that I am spending over $1,000 a day on advertising, I’m going to need to apply for another credit increase on my Visa soon.

I wish my bank had better reward credit cards available. Right now I’m using a Visa cashback rewards card, but it is capped at only $250 a year I believe… making it rather pointless!

Maybe I should look into getting the Gold Elite Visa instead… it’s 1% cashback and I don’t see a cap limit anywhere. There’s an annual fee of $99, but who cares. Do any of you have this card? Do you know if there’s a cap on the cashback?

Perfect World

If the other successful offers I was running before weren’t stopped and I was able to run them again, I’d actually be grossing $5,000 a day believe it or not.

One of them actually might be coming back soon though, so let’s cross our fingers on that. If it does, I might just be netting close to $1,000 a day!

More Affiliate Marketing Tips Coming Soon

I have a ton more affiliate marketing tips for you guys coming soon.

If you haven’t already read them, be sure to check out my two most recent affiliate marketing tip posts:

I spent a lot of time working on them and they have a lot of valuable information in them.

My upcoming ones will be a lot more specific in terms of tips, tricks, and strategies.

I’m still learning this game myself though, so don’t expect a magical formula or anything. I’m not really comfortable in writing such guides because any success I’ve had in affiliate marketing thus far has been very limited and somewhat inconsistent.

The best advice I can give to anyone still struggling to launch their first profitable campaign in affiliate marketing is to not give up. Yes, it’s boring, generic, ancient advice, but it’s also good advice.

Also, don’t forget that in an affiliate marketing campaign the difference between netting –$10 and $10 is enormous, while the difference between netting $10 and $1,000 is far smaller than you might think.

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Posted: April 29th, 2012 under Affiliate Marketing  

19 Responses to “New Affiliate Marketing Record: $1,671.82 in 1 Day”

  1. Dave says:


    I have a Gold Elite Visa from TD, and there is no cap on the cashback

  2. I like this post. I’m actually thinking about doing something similar on my site, like case studies and how much i lost or earned… Just to show people it’s possible to make some dollaz online :).

    Anyway, congrats on your campaigns. You only have to repeat and scale and you’ll be making a lot more, but I assume you are buying traffic and b/c of that it’s not always easy to scale it b/c of a limited “bank”.

    Keep up the good work Tyler.

  3. Love it tyler … me and my buddy just started getting into our first month of affiliate marketing … we have focused a lot more in the past on our outsourcing business here in the Philippines … hoping to learn a bit more from you over the coming weeks / months so that we can slowly move away from the service game. Anyway congrats on the new figure!

  4. Patrick says:

    Good job Tyler. You may want to consider getting an American Express Plum Card.

    They use to offer 2% cash back but now its down to 1.5%. The good thing about Amex is that if you pay your bills on time, you can work you way up to as much credit as you need. So if you want $100K credit, you can get to it, if you prove yourself worthy.

  5. Wesley says:

    It seems to go quite up and down? A week ago your profit was $2? (23rd and 24th)

    Doesn’t seem like affiliate marketing is stable. Best would be if you diversified instead of spending _all_ your time on this.

  6. Very good work Tyler, impressive results!

  7. Get the Plum AMEX, no spending limits and deferred payments for up to 60 days (perhaps longer can’t recall for sure)

  8. Nate Ritter says:

    Congrats man. Well done.

  9. Congrats on the achievement. $500 in one day is awesome!

  10. Congratulations Tyler,
    Always nice to hear when someone manages to make money on the internet.
    I lift my wine glass tonight in your honor.

  11. Very impressed by your great success!

  12. Congrats Tyler this month is turning out great for you.

  13. Kyle O says:

    Cashing in! Nicely Done. Been there…:) Keep it going

  14. aerial lidar says:

    I like this post. I’m in fact thinking about taking action similar on my web presence, like case studies and how much i lost or earned… Just to show people it’s possible to make some dollaz online


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