New Affiliate Marketing Record: $3,099.99 Profit in 1 Day!

June 5, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Coming right after my previous post in which I announced that I profited over $40,000 in May, I am happy to announce that I’ve set a new personal affiliate marketing daily net profit record.

It’s actually been a while since I’ve had one. My previous one was made back on January 27th, 2013 for the amount of $2,883.89.

At the end of that post, I predicted the following:

"While my last 3 posts have all been about setting new records, I’m pretty confident that you won’t see a new one from me for quite a while. If I had to guess, I’d say at least 2-3 months, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it took an entire year."

That prediction turned out to be pretty accurate, as it took me just over 4 months before setting this new one.

New Daily Net Profit Record!

A few days ago, on June 1st, 2013, I set a new daily net profit record on my campaigns for the amount of:


(Spare a penny, anyone?)

While it’s a new record, it’s not significantly higher than my previous one – just $216.10 more – and it did take 4 months to reach.

That being said, I shouldn’t complain. Hell, 2 years ago I was making literally nothing from affiliate marketing.

For those wondering, the daily gross number was $6,151.00, which wasn’t a new record gross for me, but is definitely in my top-10. That works out to an ROI of 102%.

Not The Average

Remember, the $3,099.99 that I netted a few days ago was a new daily record for me and isn’t the average I make on a day-to-day basis from my campaigns.

If we look at my numbers from May, we’ll see that my daily average last month was $1,296.

While June has started off absolutely awesomely so far (the past few days have been very good too!), I still stand by the prediction I made in my previous post in that I believe June will be fairly low for me – at least in comparison to how May performed.

Next Record Prediction

The record I made on Saturday was a little bit of a fluke in that the stars had all aligned for me on my campaigns. Without going into any details, everything just went right for me – I ran some new offers which were doing fantastic and my conversion rates were higher than usual.

So taking that into consideration, along with the fact that I predict June will take a fair bit of a drop in profit, I don’t think that I’ll be setting a new net profit record anytime soon. If I had to guess, I’d say no sooner than 1 month, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it took another 4+ months.

Hopefully I can break it within 6-months though. We’ll just have to wait and see how long it takes!

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Posted: June 5th, 2013 under Affiliate Marketing  

23 Responses to “New Affiliate Marketing Record: $3,099.99 Profit in 1 Day!”

  1. Josh says:

    All that is made from pimping dating and adult offers?

  2. Robertas says:

    Hi.Tyler. Ihave read your blog anfigured you are running campaigns on FB. Do you have several accounts for advertising,or just one the initial? This is the main thing that puts me away from running Fb ads

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I have just one that I use. I had one before which got banned (for no good reason! I wasn’t even using the account at the time…), and created a new one which I’ve been using for over a year now.

      You only need multiple accounts if you’re running shady stuff or doing shady techniques.

  3. Riz says:


    Just a quick question…what type of offers are you running on Facebook? And is your profit from just signing up or does when most of your profit actually come from when visitors buy a subscription on like dating websites after they have signed up.

    I have noticed that dating offers pay like $4.00 a conversion but Facebook charges like $3.50+ a click which means that the profit is very slim. I am hoping that you can advise of the best strategy and what is your main source of income single signup or subscription purchase.

  4. dan says:

    Hi Tyler

    I was wondering if you make your own landing pages or hire a designer?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I make my own. Don’t have time to wait for a designer, and they’re never so elaborate that I can’t make them myself. Takes a little bit of time, but once they’re done, they’re done…

  5. Darek says:

    Another great success of yours Tyler.

    I got a quick question, do you run any other affiliate campaigns aprat from the ones on facebok?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      You mean other traffic sources? Yes, I use a lot of traffic sources. Last month I used 6 or 7 different ones. I have an account at probably 50-70 different traffic networks and bounce between different ones depending on what I’m running at the time.

      • receitas says:

        Hello Tyler,

        I was wondering.. Do you trust those traffic sources you use? I see so many traffic services that only use boots and fake visitors… Is there any chance you can reference the name of your sources? 🙂

  6. Sadek says:

    ooo, that’s really cool man. I donot even earn that much money in a month.

  7. Sadek says:

    I love the way you beat your own records. Hope some day you will reach $10K/day mark.

  8. Jeff Tikk says:

    How about I make a post too…

    “Record $145,215 day! Blah blah blah…tried some new shit…Blah blah blah….old campaign really took off…Blah blah blah….added 2 new traffic sources….Blah blah blah….updated my landing page….Blah blah blah.

    What a useless, garbage, generic post. WTF

  9. Jeff Tikk says:

    Don’t kid yourself people, he makes 100% of his money (probably $1000-2000 a month) of the BS ads on this blog. All the useless posts do is drive a little traffic.

    Kid answers every post too…hahaha. Looks like you’re working pretty hard on those “campaigns”.

    Am I off base, why not show even a SINGLE lander or campaign you’re running….didn’t think so. Loser.

    • mr brain says:

      I did affiliate marketing before, and thats why I know what he said is real

      at least he motivate others to try

      unlike you , who wanna force him to let you know his campaign and then steal it for yourself

    • ryan says:

      haha looks like Jeff Tikk isn’t doing so well. Good stuff Tyler. How many hours per day do you typically spend on affiliate marketing?

      • Tyler Cruz says:

        On average, about 2 hours. Geez, that sounds ridiculous when I re-read that…

        Part of that is because I’m trying to catch up with all my e-mails and slowly get rid of my side projects and websites so that I can eventually focus 100% on affiliate marketing…

    • Haters gonna hate :))

  10. Chris says:

    Tyler… was this on Facebook or Adwords?

  11. Rick says:

    Way to go Tyler.

    Lets hope that you got your prediction wrong and June is an even better month for you.

  12. Sunday says:

    Well Tyler,

    it is really good to know of your new affiliate marketing record. Although you have stated that the record is fluke, I guess many affiliate marketers should expect it once in a while. I mean, a time when all the stars align to favor the marketer.

    Having said that, I will try to keep in touch to see how and when you are going to break the next affiliate record. Your reports are usually inspire learning!

    The above comment was shared in the IM social site – where this post was also “kingged”.

    Sunday – contributor


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