New Monthly Net Income Record: $23,349.91

February 3, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It is now February and so I thought I’d provide you guys with an income report on how my affiliate marketing campaigns fared during the first month of the year.

My last monthly income report on my campaigns was posted 2 months ago, for the month of November 2012, in which I ended up generating a net profit of $11,027.09. I didn’t mention it in that post, and I’m not sure if it’s correct or not, but I believe that was my best net profit month for affiliate marketing to date. If not the best, then definitely one of the best.

Due to posting so frequently with other posts lately (enjoying that?), I actually never posted an income report on my campaigns for December, although I did do a recap of the month.

However, I just finished calculating the totals for December (always a pain in the ass), and it ended up netting a profit of only $5,388.43, at an ROI of 20%.

December was bad for a number of reasons, as I explained in the link above, such as it being the end of the year and all the big brand advertisers trying to fill their quotas and allocated advertising budgets, as well as my trying a bunch of new traffic sources and campaigns.

Nevertheless, since I now consider $5,000/month net profit from my campaigns to be a bad month, I think that is actually a good thing. 2 years ago I would have been ecstatic with that.

The Results: January 2013

January was a fantastic month for me, and it really only started to skyrocket during the 2nd half of the month, which bodes well for February.

I ended up setting 5 new personal records: 3 new daily gross records, and 2 new daily net profit records.

I’ve really grown tremendously over the past year. To put it into perspective, one year ago, in January 2012, my total gross for the month was only $2,817.45.

Fast forward 1 year and…

January 2013 Affiliate Campaign Income:


Ka-pow! It ended up being my 2nd highest grossing month to date. The highest was back in July 2012 which brought in $75,577.

So, I was just $1,300 away from hitting a new monthly gross record… d’oh!

But that is gross. I had to pay for traffic, of course, which came out to:




While it sounds like a lot, I actually spent $70,000 during July.

This is one record I’m not aiming in breaking Smile

Net Profit:



Now that is definitely a new monthly net profit record for me.

That works out to a monthly ROI of 46%.

It also average out to $753 net profit per day.

February Predictions and the Future

As I’ve mentioned on my blog before, one of the main reasons I got into affiliate marketing in the first place was from seeing super affiliates post screenshots of their stats, earning $100,000 and up per month.

It would therefore be very rewarding if I could finally reach the 6-figure month. A type of validation, if you will. Even though it’d be gross numbers, it’s still a good indicator of how perseverance can pay off, and besides, those screenshots were all gross numbers too!

Now, being that it’s February, I have that working against me since it only has 28 days. That being said, I’m still currently on pace to comfortably hit that 6-figure month milestone despite the month being a couple days short.

However, affiliate marketing being as volatile as it is, I could just as easily struggle to make $25,000 let alone $100,000 for who knows what reason. After all, I only did around $33,000 in December.

Then again, February has so far, been rather extraordinary. You’ll hear about it in another 48 hours when I do my next blog post Smile

I’ve scaled my current campaigns as far as I can really take them though. I’m still doing a tiny bit of adjustments here and there, and really trying to peak the maximum amount of net profit from them as I can, but I’m probably at about 90% of what they can get up to.

So, that’s actually bad news, because it means that I’ve hit a ceiling. There’s a new campaign that I’m going to be launching (I already started doing some basic research on it and wrote out a ‘todo’ list for it) over the next day or three, and I really want it to work because it’ll give me another boost in my income and hopefully help me average the $10,000 day.

Dr. Ngo and Richard Bonner, two affiliates who both eclipse me and make me look pitiful, have both told me to "make it work". That basically, I shouldn’t give up on a campaign until I make it profitable, and that virtually any campaign can be turned profitable if you just stick with it long enough.

I’m going to take that mentality with me on this next campaign. It will be hard for me though, as I really do give up on a campaign quite easily. If it shows no immediate potential with horrible ROI’s after several angles, I’ll ditch it. So, this will be a good experiment for me to see how long I can stick with a losing campaign. I just hope I’m not flushing good money down the toilet!

One upside is that I know this offer is working. My affiliate manager told me that several guys are doing well with it on Facebook, and so I know that it IS doable, I just have to figure out how. The downside is that I have already tried this on Facebook several times now, with extremely poor results…

I think I just need to suck it up and sit down and work hard on it.

Anyhow, here’s hoping that I’m writing about breaking this new monthly net profit record in the not-too-distant future.

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13 Responses to “New Monthly Net Income Record: $23,349.91”

  1. Congrats on more big numbers Tyler. It seems like you’ve had amazing growth since you started networking with other big affiliates. Obviously you have put in a ton of work yourself, but how much do you think that has helped you?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I’ve only been talking to one guy on Skype, and while he has given me technical tips and advice, it’s really just general basic stuff that everyone already knows. The real benefit, for me, anyway, is the motivation and inspiration factor.

      I’m very competitive, so part of my competitive nature is to try to “catch up”. Never underestimate the power of motivation and inspiration!

  2. Hi Tyler,
    Big congratulations to your success and over the January results. work on as usual and look not on Facebook, I know so many who have tried and say the same thing afterwards – wasted money.

  3. Dr_Ngo says:

    Thanks for the mention.

    Some thoughts:

    You’re absolutely correct about the mindset of “I know this campaign’s working.” If a campaign is everywhere and you see competition running it, then you KNOW it makes money. WHat I like to do from there is “reverse engineer” the campaigns of my top competitors. AKA look at their landing pages, angles, offers ads, etc. and figure out what I can do better.

    Also I wouldn’t necessarily stick with something until it’s profitable. You gotta know when to pivot, and that comes with experience. Two things I do is before I launch the campaign is tell myself, “I’m willing to lose $5,000” testing this campaign. I do this BEFOREHAND because during the testing phase, you can get emotional and wanna quit before it’s time.

    I also think about how many metrics I have left to test. If I am -50% ROI during a campaign launch, then I’m happy. I still have ads, bids, offers, landing pages, etc. to test. The idea is with each test, you make progress.

    My motto for internet marketing is “To succeed faster, fail twice as fast”. Test, launch, test, launch

    Good luck

  4. sadek says:

    Average $753 a day is a dream of mine.
    Your January result is awesome, and your earning report inspiring me to work harder.

  5. Ben says:

    Well done, Tyler. It’s good to read your successes. Hope you can keep it going for the next 12 months.

  6. Affpaying says:

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Justin Dupre says:

    Congrats man! Nearly 1k avg days! They’re coming bro keep it up!

  8. Well done, Tyler. It’s excellent to study your achievements. Wish you can keep it going for the next 12 several weeks.

  9. conie says:

    I’m happy for you but how the hell do you make over 10000 just in affiliate are you a sport affiliate or something I.e betting.
    Just when I was about to give up on affiliates all together you just reminds me to hang in there.

  10. Super Robin says:

    OMG, $50,927.39 to spend on ads sounds fantastic! I have to start small and scale later. This is it!


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