New Monthly Net Income Record: $33,883.66

April 2, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s April! A new month! And you know what that means… it’s time for me to give an update on how my affiliate marketing campaigns fared for March.

This is the third post in this new monthly series, and I hope that I continue with them for a long time.

February 2013 was my best affiliate marketing month by far. I ended up grossing over $100,000 and netting $31,444.64, which was the most I ever made from affiliate marketing in 1 month.

I had predicted that March was going to be quite bad (in comparison), but I’m happy to report that my prediction was wrong and that I actually ended up setting a new personal monthly net record in March 2013!

Here are the overall numbers for the month:

March 2013 Affiliate Campaign Income:


While March didn’t gross as high as February, it still did pretty well, and I think is my 2nd or 3rd highest grossing month.

But that’s just gross income and not net profit. Paid traffic is called "paid" for a reason…



Traffic Source Breakdown:

  • Traffic Source #1: $688.28
  • Traffic Source #2: $111.92
  • Traffic Source #3: $240.68
  • Traffic Source #4: $31,502.77
  • Traffic Source #5: $14,605.66
  • Traffic Source #6: $2,171.03

My expenses were significantly lower last month. It’s partly due to optimization, but also due to the fact that I was spending less on new campaigns and new traffic sources. I spent a lot of March on trying to take care of non-affiliate marketing things, which is why I didn’t run a lot of new stuff.

Net Profit:


Yay! That’s a new monthly net profit record for me! My previous monthly record was $31,444.64 made just 1 month prior, in February 2013.

This new record is only $2,439.02 more though, and to be fair, February did have 3 fewer days. So February actually had a higher daily average, but March had a higher total number.

On the other hand, my ROI skyrocketed from 43% in February to 69% in March.

Year-To-Date Affiliate Marketing Results

2013 has been a fantastic year for me so far.

Just 3 months in, I’ve already grossed over a quarter million dollars in revenue, of which $88,678.21 is profit.

Here’s a monthly breakdown:

Month Gross Expense Net ROI
January 2013 $74,277.30 $50,927.39 $23,349.91 46%
February 2013 $103,961.00 $72,516.36 $31,444.64 43%
March 2013 $83,204.00 $49,320.34 $33,883.66 69%
Total: $261,442.30 $172,764.09 $88,678.21 51%

If we were to assume that I finish the year with no growth or decline, but continue the average of the first quarter, I should finish the year grossing 1 million dollars and netting $350,000 profit.

That’s assuming a lot though. Things can change in this industry at any second.

Plan of Attack for April

Expanding on what I briefly mentioned earlier, I actually didn’t spend all that much time on my affiliate marketing campaigns in March.

My goal lately has been to catch up on e-mail and get rid of side projects (websites) that stray energy and focus away from my affiliate marketing efforts.

I managed to sell 1 site in March, and during the final week of March started to reduce the huge amount of e-mails that have been haunting me for months. It’s a good start, but I still have a lot more to do.

I plan on continuing this in April. My goal is to sell 1 or 2 more sites, and get caught up with almost all of my e-mail. I also need to do my taxes (both personal and corporate) which I’m not looking forward to.

I’ll likely launch a couple campaigns here and there, and definitely continue to maintain and optimize my existing campaigns, but apart from that and blogging, my focus will definitely be on reducing my side distractions.

As a result, I don’t expect April to be a new record month for me. In fact, I’ll be quite happy if it performs anywhere close to how March did.

I guess we’ll see what happens in another month from now when I write April’s report. Wish me luck!

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49 Responses to “New Monthly Net Income Record: $33,883.66”

  1. Sunday says:

    Very impressive results, AGAIN, Tyler!

    We all look forward to seeing exactly how and where you are spending your advertising budget, to get these types of results, although giving away such information might lead to competition for you, 🙂

  2. Affpaying says:

    Good job Tyler.
    Keep on rocking!!! 🙂

  3. Robert says:

    Wow Tyler, impressive, i am reading your blog for 5 years now – you really made a progression! With best regards from Hamburg, Germany 🙂

  4. Like I told you yesterday, you are no longer allowed to Skype me complaining about your campaigns 🙂

    But seriously, congratulations. Hope you’re considering another trip to Florida soon. You’re paying for dinner this time! 🙂

  5. James says:

    Very impressive Tyler. Congrats!

    I have just started my campaign with 7search and Peerfly a week ago and so far no conversions but I am keeping at it. Sending traffic directly.

    Any recommendations you have to make an offer convert? Like one key thing to focus on so I can research that topic and figure it out.

    Right now I am trying email submits and short form offers.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I am not that familiar with 7search… how much have you spent so far? Surely you must have made at least 1 e-mail submit lead…

      • James says:

        7search is what LukePeerFly recommended as beginner traffic. It’s cheap PPC traffic. I’ve spent $9 so far with roughly 120 clicks. Not a single email submit lead yet unfortunately.

        Not sure where I am going wrong. I guess my copy for my ad is bad or I am picking the wrong keywords.

        Very confusing but I’ll keep trying.

        • Tyler Cruz says:

          Keep at it! Keep testing out new keyword groups/site URLs (not sure how 7search operates, exactly). I would personally focus more on demo/site split-testing than on ad copy and landing pages when it comes to submits (when starting a new campaign). $9 is nothing, even when it comes to submit offers, so keep fighting onwards!

          • James says:

            Hey Tyler – sorry but I am not sure what you mean by demo/site split-testing. I am sending traffic directly from the PPC ad to the email submit landing page.

            What exactly should I try and optimize? Thanks!

          • Tyler Cruz says:

            Again, I’ve never used 7search (from what I can remember), so I don’t know how it’s set up, but I’m assuming you set up campaigns based on groups of keywords or site URL’s. You should split-test as many different groupings as you can. Ex. recent news events/hot topics, sports angles, gaming angles, celebrity voting, etc. I assume you’re tracking everything…

          • James says:

            Yes definitely tracking it to see what is working. I’ll try the different angles like you mentioned to see what works. Eventually I’ll get a conversion. Thanks for the help!

          • James says:

            UPDATE – finally made my first two conversions! Super exciting!

            Hopefully I can keep it up and make my campaign a profitable one. I am also working on testing a new traffic source (POF).

            Wish me luck.

        • Of course, you’re welcome to email me and I’d be happy to help too 🙂

        • Paul B says:

          There’s a really simple formula to use with 7search, you’ll never get the volume to get close to Tylers figures but there’s nothing to stop you running dozens of different low value campaigns. I still do a bit from time to time and this still works:-

  6. This is amazing man you’ll be getting some phone calls from banking dudes looking to invest before long.

    How scaleable is your system?

    I’m sure everyone on Facebook would want a 40% return on their marketing investment.

  7. I have just began my strategy with 7search and Peerfly the other day and so far no alterations but I am maintaining at it. Delivering visitors straight.

  8. Big congratulation, it’s good that you have stopped experimenting so much with new campaigns and focus on what works well and you earn good money on.

  9. go2green says:

    I only wish I was doing that good! The 7search and Peerfly is something new to me, will have to check it out, but I am more intrigued about your system.

  10. Mike says:

    Hey Tyler, congrats on your success man, you’re a real inspiration to me and to thousands of other affiliates over the world who are all trying to make it in this industry!

    I have had some on and off success with Facebook recently, and wanted to ask you a few questions in regards to how you go about your campaigns…

    1. How many ads would you recommend creating per a campaign?
    2. How high should I bid per click in the very beginning of a campaign to ensure that my ads get enough impressions right from the get-go so that I can see which ads perform and which don’t relatively fast?
    3. After I find good-performing ads, should I lower the CPC bid on them myself ,or, should I rely on Facebook to automatically lower it for me? If I should do it myself, why?
    4. If the campaign is successful (positive ROI) and the ads are running for a few days and the CTR starts to go down (banner blindness starts to kick in), what is a good strategy to prolong the life of a campaign in such a scenario? Create and test new ads every few days, or what would you recommend doing in this situation?
    5. Would you recommend picking offers that can be targeted broad or by interest? It seems to me that campaigns that are targeted by interest tend to die-off pretty quick due to the limited targeting… what do you think?
    6. And at last but not least, I would like to learn Prosper202 and wanted to ask you if you know of any good video tutorials that teach people like me how to use it?

    Thanks in advance for your replies!


    • Tyler Cruz says:

      1. The less the better. 4 is optimal. Personally I do 10 though…

      2. This highly depends on a number of factors, namely the payout of the offer. A starting bid of $1 CPC on Facebook would ensure you get a lot of traffic for all but the tightest of niches though.

      3. Personally, I do it manually. Facebook doesn’t know how my ads are actually performing in terms of the big picture, and I like to have direct control over my campaigns.

      4. I’m running into this issue myself. The only solution seems to be “rotating” ads to keep them fresh, and finding new angles. You don’t necessarily need new demographics, although that of course is very helpful.

      5. You need a bigger budget to get a broad campaign to work, and IMHO, more experience. You are right that tighter niches do eventually dry up, but if you can make money doing that, it will help you parlay that into other, bigger, longer-running campaigns.

      6. I switched from 202 to CPVLab about a year and a half ago. 202 is pretty self explanatory though if you read the manual…

  11. dan green says:

    Dude you’re ballin now!

    quick ?, do you have more success with landing pages or going direct?

    Keep on truckin …


  12. Eddie says:

    Nice April Fools joke Tyler. I’m Joking, congrats dude. I have used 7search, they have decent rates but quality is not that good because it’s parked domain traffic.

  13. Jesse Pirini says:

    Wow this is pretty incredible! I’m almost tempted to get involved! more reading required I guess…

  14. Usman says:

    Really good results.

    How ever what was those traffic sources ? 🙂

  15. p90x workout says:

    Very impressive numbers Tyler. I hope to one day make close to those numbers.

    In regard to 7search. I have had some experience with them and I can say most clicks do not convert but some eventually will. I found that money making affiliate products do the best there.

    – Robert

  16. Brian Dean says:

    Just found your site for the first time today, Tyler. Great stuff. And props for another baller month!

  17. I Really appreciate this and you are doing a great job tyler! Here after you are my role model in affiliate marketing.

  18. Joel says:

    Inspirational Tyler… thanks for sharing this! It helps to keep me motivated.

  19. FevbHeame says:

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