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June 13, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Late last week I had announced my switch from ReviewMe to PayPerPost; since ReviewMe was giving me no opportunities, I decided trying PPP wouldn’t hurt.

Here are some of the news and events that have occured since my switcheroo:

Linked from Official Blog

PayPerPost blogged about me on their official blog here.

Featured Blogger

I’m one of the “Featured Bloggers” as per this page.

Results Thus Far

So far, I’ve been given one PPP Direct offer, which I’ve already reviewed. It was for the 1408 movie, and I made $60. However, this opportunity was given to me from my PPP contact, and due to the drama mentioned below, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more hand-holding…

That was actually part of my deal.. I’d agree to go gung-ho with PPP, but wanted some “help” in return. So far, PPP has lived up to their end of the deal (which was far from official), but I don’t think they’ll be doing anything further.

But it’s still basic math: even if PPP does nothing for me, and their marketplace doesn’t improve with higher paying offers, their PPP Direct is still preferable to use instead of ReviewMe… as they only take 10% off whereas ReviewMe takes 50%. And I’m still listed in the Marketplace at ReviewMe, so the only difference it makes is for advertisers that see the actual banner/button and end up clicking on it.


I never thought I’d be a controversial figure, but apparantly I seem to be very controversial lately. There are many mixed feelings about me out there, including many long threads and blog posts made on a number of sites. So I guess it’s not surprising that drama broke out on my announcement thread at the PayPerPost forums. It sparked over 100 replies, with a mob of angry and jealous members.

They were angry that I got some special treatment from PPP, and angry that I announced my goal to become the #1 earner at PPP 😛 Apparantly they viewed that as being very rude… I guess it’s just the way I think.. I like to aim for big things.

Anyhow, this is why I don’t think PPP will be throwing any more opportunities my way… they have an angry mob on their hands.

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29 Responses to “PayPerPost Updates”

  1. Jim says:

    Man, you don’t suppose those people understand the saying, “it’s not personal it’s just business?”

  2. Cass says:

    Jealous? No. We were just laughing at you.

  3. Have you checked out their reality VLOG Show? Well good, it’s like watching (let’s hope it doesn’t crash like they did though).

  4. Marisa says:

    Tyler, I’m confused.

    If you’re special enough to be “courted” by PPP, then why would you need special treatment? Seems a talented writer with a high traffic blog would need no extra assistance at all. I know I didn’t need any extra help with my PR5 blog and I’ve done extremely well.

    Oh, wait! I have better technorati numbers than you. Maybe that’s why you needed a little extra boost, eh?

  5. marcus says:

    We have been with PPP for a long time, some from the beginning, and for them to make a big deal over you when your numbers are comparable to most of ours was ridiculous. And for you to overtake Colleen (who has several PPP blogs) she would have to stop doing PPP work and thats probably not going to happen. Now, who is “foufou” talking about?

  6. KCLau says:

    Anyway, I am fine with the treatment you get. Your site worth more than most of the publisher there, thus having featured treatment is fair from my point of view.

  7. Jason Spence says:

    What on Earth are these people bi*&%ing about? You made a contact at PPP and are hyping their service in exchange for some initial opportunities. Sounds like a good business deal for both parties if you ask me. And as far as complaining that you want to be the #1 postie on PPP, what do they expect your goal to be? Personally, I’m shooting for number 2 😛

  8. kat says:

    Tyler, I really didn’t have a problem with them “helping” you, it was the specific opp that Dan chose to give you.
    That opp for the review of the movie 1408, was only open to US bloggers. Thousands of Canadian bloggers were locked out of it because of where they lived.
    So when Dan gave that opp to you, and the CEO approved it, I was a bit taken back.
    You live in Canada, and got a US only opp that thousands of other bloggers couldn’t take.
    It simply wasn’t right, and it wasn’t your doing.
    You had no control over what opp they gave you, but for them to knowingly give you that one after so many other bloggers from your country were locked out, it simply was wrong for them to do it.
    If they had given you any other opp that was normally open to all bloggers no matter where they lived, I doubt there would have been much of a lash out.

    As for your bold entry to the forums, it was over the top, and you admit that, and between that and the US only opp, well, I would hope you can understand why so many people were upset, but it wasn’t necessarily at you.
    It was a combination of those two things that upset everyone.

    • VC Dan says:

      I didn’t dive into detail on Kat’s Canadian point at the forums because it was a tad tangential and that thread was in the Postie area (rather than Advertiser area).

      However, it’s worth noting for advertisers that I expect managing geography could be a very normal use of PPP Direct. I expect to see plenty of advertisers create marketplace opps that are targeted to specific geographies or sectors, and then pick and choose a few direct opps that are outside that marketplace targeting.

      The addition of PPP Direct allows advertisers to purchase scale (marketplace) and targeting (direct) in a manner that maximizes ROI — sometimes specifically because the bloggers targeted with each method meet different criteria. Of course, if such diversifying of opps doesn’t deliver ROI for the advertiser then it won’t continue to happen, but my gut tells me it could become a normal part of any campaign…

      • kat says:

        VC Dan,
        I agree that PPP direct is an excellent way to spread opps around, but it wasn’t the advertiser who gave him that opp, it was PPP itself.
        If the advertiser had chosen him, we would probably still have grumbled, but it was PPP. PPP knew the opp was US only, but chose to give it to Tyler, and it was on the very first day he was a part of PPP.

        I really don’t care that you recruited him, or even welcomed him on the blog, or gave him an opp. It was that specific opp and for the reasons I stated.
        I am in the US and I got to take the opp, so people are probably wondering why I care so much.
        I care so much because I love PPP, and I love the bloggers that do it.
        When I read all their frustration when the opp first dropped, and then saw that PPP had given it to someone who lived where they lived, I became upset for them, and I explained that to you.

        “A few of the folks who commented here (Cass, Kat, Marcus, Marisa) are extremely helpful on the forums — that’s probably why they feel so strongly about the business.”

        We do love PPP, we are dedicated to the company just as much as you are. We want to see it succeed and grow, just as much as you do. So yes, when we see things working in a way that seems a bit unfair, we are vocal about it because we are dedicated to this company and are exhausted from the bad press it receives, and things like this small show of help, can create more controversy for PPP and provide fuel for the haters and critics.

        Tyler, thanks for letting me speak here in your comments.
        I hope you stick around, use the marketplace, and see just how good PPP is so that you’ll understand this dedication that the rest of us have.

  9. I hadn’t realized there was such a big community for PPP!

    • VC Dan says:

      It’s an amazing community! A few of the folks who commented here (Cass, Kat, Marcus, Marisa) are extremely helpful on the forums — that’s probably why they feel so strongly about the business.

      Anyone that joins PPP should stop by the forums early-on for pointers — just don’t use Tyler’s introduction 😉


  10. trignet says:

    why not charge $25 for reading your blog?

  11. oli says:

    “Some of my more notible accomplishments recently has been my successful brokerage of a domain for $200,000 and averaging $256 a day from my various websites. ”

    Do you even realise how sad it is to say that on a public forum ?
    Maybe you should keep things like that to yourself, they make you seem like a right idiot.

  12. soundofgold says:

    People with high demands on themselves have always been ridiculed so you, Tyler, should not be suprised by the treatment your bold statements are getting you.

    Just answer them once for all by beating Colleen 692 on the first spot 🙂 Not easy but can be done. Why not?

    Good luck


  13. I still don’t understand why using the PPP link which costs you 10% is preferable to bypassing them and getting 100% from a direct advertiser? The only value PPP or ReviewMe can provide is through the marketplace. If someone orders a review from you through your blog, you should get the full 100%.

  14. Haha those PPP kids are really hostile.


  15. WhiningGodamFckinBitches says:

    I hate Tyle as much as the next person but what is up with those cry babies bitching about T.C. coming in and stating he will be #1? All it is is friendly bantering. It was by no means disrespectful. And criticizing him for stating how much money he makes? PPP is a site that helps you monetize your blog. It is about making money. If I am going to be interacting with people on a forum I would like to know how successful they are.

    Those PPP forum fuckers are the kind of people that start a bog, make $300 a year, and then get all insecure when when business savvy people who know about marketing, branding, and building a business do something they deem rude – like talking about making $200,000 a year. There was ‘mwilliford’ whining about T.C. having direct contact with PPP people. It is called networking, dumbass. And for the people bitching about how he got access to the post then if you have a problem with PPP then STFU and email them. Stop sitting around like a bunch of soccer moms gossiping.

  16. Jisun says:


    Limit is 3 PPP posts per day.
    A non-paid post must be sandwiched in between PPP posts.

    Break these rules and your post will be rejected and you will not be paid your $60.00!

    Frequency of Posts. You may post a maximum of three (3) PayPerPost Opportunity-related posts, Direct or Marketplace, per blog in any given day.

    PayPerPost Opportunity-related posts may not appear consecutively on your Blog.

    Each PayPerPost Opportunity post must be separated by at least one non-sponsored, original content, post. ‘Sponsored’ posts apply to both PayPerPost Direct and Marketplace Opportunities, as well as other sponsored posts from competitive services.

  17. One of the reasons his entry to the forum received such a response is that the forums are not normally used by people like Tyler. This will change over time, I’m sure, but combine the attitude with choice of opps passed to him, no one was surprised at the uproar (and traffic) Tyler generated.

    The stereotypical mum at home blogger/soccer mum image portrayed above is pretty damn ignorant TBH, check out the stats – be it Alexa, PR or Technorati, these blogs are well read, and well linked. It is just the public face that is presented differently.

    To WhiningGodamF/Bes above, go read the post properly and check the PPP site, $300 a year? A lot of us are making that in less than 2 weeks, just from PPP, ignoring all other forms of blog and site related income. I can see what you are trying to say, but the way you present your opinion just ends up detracting from your message.

    PS Tyler, when you get a sec, please check my earlier comment on a previous post (can’t locate it right now, I’m assuming it got past moderation?), I’d really appreciate it if you could change my anchor text to Kazakhstan Blog when you get a moment in Batch #11; when you adapted John Chow’s idea, you forgot to include custom anchor text (and two links, one for the post, one for the domain) in your scheme, a small oversight, I’m sure.

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Chris, I’ve edited your link. I have no proble linking to custom anchor text.. people have always requested it when they e-mailed me back if they wanted it, otherwise I assume they don’t care what is used 🙂

  18. Brilliant, thanks alot. Maybe I never actually sent the message originally?
    Anyway, hope PPP goes well, and that the ambience settles down for you. I just caught the $50 opp for Burn Notice! There wasn’t even any segmentation.

  19. Jason says:

    I think alot of people over reacted in that thread, Tyler didn’t do anything really “wrong” but when you come into a community and say the things he did whether thats your personality or not your going to rub some people the wrong way…

    I mean really if you moved into a new neighborhood and walked around to introduce yourself saying your going to make your house look nicer then everyone elses followed by telling them how much money you make espically if its more then most everyone else… Does it really surprise you when they turn on you like rabid dogs ?

    Reading the thread it seemed like most people were pretty cool up until they noticed the favortism and even then a good number acknowledged they were more upset with PPP, though their were also a few tight asses in the crowd as well.

    At the end of the day however I think PPP was in the wrong for doing Tyler the favor and that what caused the uproar was Tyler going onto the forums and posting what he did which attracted all the tight asses into the thread to watch his blog just in time to catch him bragging about the $60 offer.

    I don’t see how this even factors in as a business decision, pretty much everyone would have taken the $60 if it was offered to them and alot of them would have bragged about it as well, it’s just most of us wouldn’t have gone into the forums and proclaimed our accomplishments and told everyone we were going to beat the #1 earner who is well established in the community all at the same time 🙂

    Either way they should have at least told Tyler what the offer was then if he insisted on going public with all the details then he deserves what he gets..

  20. WhiningGodamFckinBitches says:


    Yeah, 100-150 replies to a relatively benign thread.

  21. Rian says:

    Hey, if there is one thing I’ve learned since hitting the “big time” in the web publisher business, it’s that the more controversial the subject, the more interest. I bet your blog visits that day skyrocketed. People are bored creatures, and they thrive on internet drama and controversy. (Which is one of the secrets behind my success). 🙂

    Keep up the great work, Tyler!

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