PublisherSpot Updates: August

August 3, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

It’s been over a month since my last PublisherSpot Update post as I wanted to wait for the new features and improvements on the site to finish first.

In my last update post I had mentioned several of the new features. Here then, are the many new features and improvements to the site:

Payment Methods

All reviews now have payment options listed in their details at the bottom of the review. For example, if you look at our Casale Media review, you’ll see that Check and PayPal are listed.

The Search page has also been updated to reflect this new feature, and people can now search for networks by payment method. For example, a search on networks rated 90% and under that offer payment via PayPal yields a result of 8 networks. This solves the the common question that many publishers ask: “What networks pay via X?”

As the number of reviews grow on the site, so will the power and usefulness of this feature. As a result of this new feature, the old “Accepts PayPal” feature has been removed.

Payment Frequency

All reviews also now have payment frequncy listed in their details at the bottom of the review. For example, if you look at our review of Millnic Media, you’ll see that their payment frequnecy is Net-7, meaning they pay weekly.

34.jpgAnd, of course, the search page has again been updated to reflect this new feature, allowing people to search for networks by payment frequency. For example, a search on networks rated 90% and under that pay monthly yields a result of 10 networks. It’s very common to see publishers searching for networks that pay bi-weekly or even weekly, and as the number of reviews grow on the site, so will the power and usefulness of this new addition.

Minimum Payment

It’s not over, we’re just getting started! All reviews also now have the minimum payment listed in their details at the bottom of the review. For example, our review of ValueClick Media shows the minimum payment is $25.

And, as you’ve probably guessed by now, our search page has been updated to reflect this new feature, allowing people to search for networks by minimum payment. For example, publishers looking for networks that have a minimum payment of $25 or less will find 6 networks to choose from.

This will only prove more useful as the number of reviews on the site grows.

Browse Page Updated 

PublisherSpot’s browse page has been improved by splitting up results through multiple pages, displaying 10 networks at a time. This was done in anticipation of the future addition of more reviews, to make browsing and navigation easier.

Admin Feature: Meta Keywords

Another small but useful feature was the addition in the administration area that allows easy editing of the meta keywords for each review. Previously each review’s <META> keyword tag was empty due to the templating system. However, now the admin (me) can easily attach keywords for each review.

Rating System Improved

Previously, when there were two or more reviews listed with the exact same rating, they were then listed by name. This has been improved upon even further. Now, instead of next ordering them by name, they are ordered by the number of people who voted on it (showing a more consistent vote value) and then by name.

Improved “Visit” Button

A basic CSS change but nice improvement nonetheless, the “Visit [Network]” CSS ‘button’ has been moved directly below the review and changed from a fixed square to an ethetically pleasing short rectangle button.

New Reviews

I’ve added two new network reviews to the site: AdToll and PayPerPost, making a total of 17 networks reviewed on the site so far. Now that all these new features have finally been completed, I can focus solely again on just adding new reviews.

Marketing & Promotion

Now that PublisherSpot has many new features and several new reviews, I’m prepared to spend a bit of cash to market it again. Now, it’d be more wise to wait until I have several more reviews added, but I’m impatient… 🙁

I’ve ordered another review from John Chow – his last review of PublisherSpot was over 3-months ago and so this is a great opportunity for a “follow-up” review. In addition to John Chow, I’m probably going to purchase a few paid reviews on other medium-large blogs as well.

Lastly, I’m going to issue out a first press release for PublisherSpot, announcing the official launch of the site.  I’m going to consider these past last months as beta testing 🙂 I haven’t decided yet, but I may splurge and have the press release people write the release for me in order to maximize the results.

Since this post is already so long, I’m going to save the PublisherSpot earnings update for an upcoming post.

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11 Responses to “PublisherSpot Updates: August”

  1. BlogReviews says:

    Tyler, I just reviewed your site, can I get some link love?

  2. gyutae says:

    This is a great idea, Tyler. Something like Publisher Spot can be really useful to webmasters and Internet publishers, and make you some nice earnings in affiliate revenue as well. Good stuff!

    My only suggestion to you would be to focus on the SEO perspective of the site as well. Marketing and promotion through press releases and paid reviews are great, but in the long run, search engine traffic is what’s going to sustain you especially since people frequently research different ad networks in the search engines.

    Good luck!

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      We actually already have incredible SERP results. If you take a gander at some of the past PublisherSpot Updates posts you’ll find some of the SERP positions we rank for.

  3. Norrad says:

    Really nice work on the site. Keep it up.

  4. rpanella says:

    Just so you know, Net-7 has nothing to do with payment frequency, it means how many days after the pay period ends which you receive payment.

    A company can pay monthly net-7 and you would receive the payment the 7th of each month for the previous month. Likewise a company could pay weekly net-30 and you would be paid weekly but not receive the money for 30 days after each week ended. The two are totally unrelated.

    • Tyler Cruz says:


      Yeah, this is something we kind of learned afterwards. It’s kind of complicated to explain all of that though so for the moment we are going to leave it as it is. For the most part, it should still be useful information; a company that pays out weekly vs. monthly for example.

      In many cases, publishers simply want a cheque every week to help pay for keyword advertising for example, instead of monthly.

      But yeah, we may have to modify the net feature in the future to be a bit more descriptive…

  5. Simon says:

    This site looks real promising Tyler, I know I’m going to use it


  6. rajuthan says:

    Nice site keep up the good work

  7. I love the “business model” of PublisherSpot. 😉

    Brilliant use of Aff-Links while still providing very useful information. It’s probably the most acceptable presence of aff-links I’ve ever seen.

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