PublisherSpot Updates: October

November 6, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

And now… an update on


New Reviews and Improvements

Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy the past 5-6 weeks that I wasn’t able to do any work on PublisherSpot other than submit a new review yesterday for TNX.

And my programmer is still elusive. Sigh. I need to stop being so committed and just face the facts that I need to find a new programmer. But my track record with programmers is so bad that it’s not even funny.

Hopefully I’ll somehow reduce my workload soon and be able to review more ad networks for PublisherSpot soon.

Income Report

As usual and as a disclaimer, the numbers below are not 100% accurate as many ad networks don’t let you view reports by date, so some of the ad network’s data may be off by 1-3 days depending on the day I recalculate them. In addition, some of the referrals may have originated from my blog and not PublisherSpot, since some networks don’t offer separate tracking codes.

Furthermore, some ad networks such as AdToll and AuctionAds have actually found a way to worsen their referral tracking system even more. When recalculating the chart below for this update, I found that those two networks showed a lower total for referrals than previously, which obviously makes no sense. I think that they might now only be displaying the total number of active referrals.

I don’t understand why some networks provide such horrible referral stats… where the only information they give is the number of active referrals and a total.


Ironically, November marked the highest income month yet, largely due to the $100 in referral income I received from Shopzilla.

Unfortunately, apart from TLA and Casale Media, it is obvious that PublisherSpot isn’t doing too well. I must admit that this is not what I had anticipated when I had first conjured the idea and site up. Sure, I expected the first 6-months or so to be slow, but I really thought that the income would built up very gradually over time.

While my stats and accounting actually do support this, as I’ve been making more money each month, the fact that my best month thus far has only been $200 despite referring 200 publishers says a lot.

I’m not depressed or being a gloomy Gus or anything, I’m just being realistic and stating where things stand at the moment. I still think the site has all the potential in the world.

Casale Media continues to perform the best for me, and I managed to sign up 13 new publishers in October. I was making close to $3 per day from Casale in early October, but it has since died down to almost nothing; I guess what publishers were making money with them either stopped using them or had a sudden crash in traffic.

Oh well… I’ll just continue plugging away with the site and trying to add new reviews of ad networks when I can. I won’t be giving up on PublisherSpot for a long, long time… πŸ™‚

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6 Responses to “PublisherSpot Updates: October”

  1. Auction Ads referrals are only for 6 months, so people are dropping off.

    Auction Ad is DEAD in any event.

  2. Add more and more reviews, keep adding, keep updating reviews too. Maybe have a section in the review for updates or new features.

    Then just sit back and rake in the money. The best thing about that site is that even if you 0 updates to it, you are still making some money.

    How is the SEO for the site? Do you get much Search Engine Traffic?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      The SEO is very good, and the majority of traffic comes from Google.

      I hope to add a review of NeverBlueAds soon, and plan on visiting them in their actual office. I’ll probably make a blog post about it with photos too πŸ™‚

  3. Ryan says:

    I think you need to take on someone to help with writing content, promoting and running the site. Someone who in affect became your partner for the site, someone who could do all the things you don’t have the time for on the site. Seems to me like it is a great idea for a site but is just heavily underdeveloped and lacking content.

    And I might just know someone who would be willing to give it a go on a trial basis for both parties!!


  4. Dan Rucci says:

    Tyler just to confirm for you yes we show you your ACTIVE referrals on AdToll.

    It actually clearly says that in your account area: You have x active referrals.

    Just wanted to clear that up!

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