The Blogger and Celebrity Lookalike Post!

August 21, 2009 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I was talking to Paul Piotrowski a few weeks ago when I told him how much he looks like chef Bobby Flay from the food network. He didn’t agree with me but his wife did. He later suggested that I should make a blog post matching bloggers with their celebrity lookalikes and so I made note that I would do just that.

And so yesterday I started to make the matches. Some people were harder to match than others, but most of them I was able to match almost instantly. It’s kind of weird, really, just how fast I was able to find matches for people. In many cases I found matches within 20-30 seconds. Others, like John Chow, were harder.

So here are 12 bloggers in the make money online niche and their celebrity doubles. How do you think I did? Some of them are really spot on if you ask me!

Paul Piotrowski and Bobby Flay


Paul runs a blog over at InspiredMoneyMaker. I’ve been talking with him everyday once I started back into affiliate marketing a few weeks ago to bounce ideas off of.

Neil Patel and Jeff Goldblum


Haha, I thought this was a great match for Neil Patel. It’s like Neil in 25 years.

Darren Rowse and Moby


If Darren didn’t shave for another day and tilted his head, could you even tell the difference?

John Chow and Roberto Benigni


To my surprise, John Chow was actually among the hardest to pair up. While they don’t look the same in other photos, in these two they’re dead on!

Shoemoney and Wilson from Home Improvement


I actually had a much better match for Jeremy, but he wasn’t okay with me posting it (I don’t blame him). I thought this made a good match since this AdSense cheque photo is what made Shoemoney famous, but you only ever see the top half of his face.

Tyler Cruz and Freddie Prinze Jr.


I only selected this as I’ve had a number of people online say I look like him.

Dina Riccobono and Katie Holmes


When I told Dina I was working on this post, she asked forced me to include her, so here’s Dina Riccobono of MarketLeverage fame and host of MLTV

Jim Kukral and Joey Fatone


What do you think? Jim and Joey both start their name with a J too!

Ted Murphy and Andy Richter


It was hard finding a picture of Ted Murphy, CEO of IZEA, without his tongue hanging out, but the one I did find reminded me of comedian Andy Richter.

Yaro Starak and Josh Groban


The likeliness is uncanny isn’t it? Yaro could be his long lost twin.

Joel Comm and Matt Cutts


What the? Joel Comm IS Matt Cutts! This explains a lot… this explains a lot indeed….

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69 Responses to “The Blogger and Celebrity Lookalike Post!”

  1. Michael Kwan says:

    Haha. Some of these are pretty awesome, especially Moby/Problogger, Yaro/Groban, and Murphy/Richter.

  2. Jim Kukral says:

    Holy moly that is scary! What a great, fun post. Nice work!

  3. jillflorio says:

    Absolutely brilliant. You did a bang up job – that must have taken some time. Neil DOES look like he will grow up to be Jeff Goldblum and Yaro, Darren and Ted are spot on. I don’t suppose you will tell us who you had originally for Jeremy?

    I also see the Freddie Prinz Jr. resemblance…

  4. Rob says:

    You said all of these bloggers were in the “make money” niche but this blog doesn’t have much of that any more.

    Is TylerCruz still your #1 money maker? Do you have anything else in the works to come close to its revenue? What happened to PublisherSpot, PublisherForums and PublisherContests or whatever? Did you just let them all die?

    Where are you going from here?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I made a bunch of “make money online” posts recently…

      • Rob says:

        How about the other questions? The “State of Merendi Networks” Address so to speak? That’s what people really care about if you ask me… I realize you didn’t. Just sayin’

        • Tyler Cruz says:

          It’s okay okay. I’m doing a complete revamp of Movie-Vault from the ground up, PublisherChallenge members passed the million dollar mark recently, and I’m working back on my affiliate marketing campaigns.

          I’ll have more work-related posts soon.

  5. MLDina says:

    Thanks for completely randomly and with no cohersion whatsoever opting to include me in the blogger celebrity look alike post. I am honored! LOL seriously though, great job with some of those matches. I think Yaro’s is my favorite.

  6. Bidet says:

    Haha this is a great post, some of these pics look very alike. Great job matching the celebrities with the bloggers

  7. jillflorio says:

    What is Movie Vault? That sounds cool.

    Still trying to think of the evil celebrity for Jeremy.

  8. EarningStep says:

    LOL. this is the best and funniest post that i may ever found.
    note : yako starak and josh = really make sense but johnchow and roberto… hahaha

  9. Paul,Darren,Jim,Yaro,Joel, and you are the only ones that have the best Look-a-like pics 😀


  10. Dave Starr says:

    Very imaginative and well thought out. I do think Paul looks a lot like Bobby, perhaps his younger brother.

    As far as Joel and Matt being one and the same?

    You’ve been fooled completely, Tyler. Actually both Joel Comm and Matt Cutts don’t even exist, they are both online personas of Matt’s cat Ozzie, who is really the whole secret brain behind Google itself.

    I know this to be a fact because I read it online myself, on Ozzie’s own blog which Matt forced Ozzie to take down becuase it had hidden doorway pages.

  11. Paroshep says:

    Great post, Thanks for the effort.


  12. The closest look alike are Yaro Starak and Josh Groban.

  13. I always wondered how much a double gets paid to do work. Anyone know?

  14. used tires says:

    This was a pretty fun post to read Tyler, and I am sure you had a fun time doing the post as well! I do agree with the photo you do look like Freddy prize junior. I am sure if you tried a little bit harder you could look even more like him =D

    Till then,


  15. This would be a better match for Neil Patel:

    Aziz Ansari from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”

  16. Mubin says:

    Linkbait ftw.

  17. Ted Murphy says:

    Thank you for posting the absolute fattest picture of my on the internet. I look like I am going to eat your website : )-

  18. Simon says:

    How about Jim Kukral and Ricky Gervais instead

  19. Hi Tyler I would have to agree you do look a bit like Freddie, great post!

  20. I knew it! Yaro really IS Josh’s long lost twin! LOL!

  21. Well, I’m glad you actually included Dina… I rather see more female entrepreneurs and their look-a-likes. 😛


  22. Melvin says:

    Hahaha, Lol, lol, lolz. When I was getting started with blogging I really thought Josh Groban’s pen name is Yaro Starak. hahaha. Anyways great post…

  23. Mo says:

    Bawhahahaha! I loved the John Chow and Roberto Benigni pictures. Great!!

  24. ShaunJudy says:

    Great Pics! I love how they all really do like like the Hollywood star. Well Matt is not a Hollywood star but hey the rest are.

    I get told that I look like Stone Cold…

  25. Boracay says:

    bawwwhahahahahaha. This is great! I couldn’t believe the similarities. And a got a few more blogs to bookmark that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks.

  26. Neil Patel says:

    Thanks for including me!

  27. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Haha thanks for sharing Tyler! Darren and Mody really lookalike, and then Joel Comm and Matt Cutts. 😀

    And, Freddie and you are handsome, but Freddie is more handsome than you Tyler, haha hope you don’t mind. 😛

  28. Amy says:

    This is fun! Joel Comm and Matt Cutts looked alike before Matt had his head shaved.

  29. lol..It was very funny.

    The finniest according to me were of “John Chow and Roberto Benigni”. It made me laugh loudly..

  30. Mike says:

    Joel Comm = Matt Cutts

  31. Tunes says:

    Thank you for this excellent post. You have very merry! 🙂

  32. haha this is funny! you really look like him.

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  34. paul says:

    That long haired guy looks like his twin.

  35. Ad Hustler says:

    This is hilarious. Easily your best post ever.

  36. Free TShirts says:

    Darren and Yaro are the best. Hilarious!

  37. John says:

    I don’t understand why Katie Holmes is trying to hang herself in the picture. Maybe Tom is garroting her. Could be a Scientology thing…

  38. Affiliit says:

    back to the drawing board

  39. itz amazing…its assum…i could’t find much difference…Really its a Great Job….

  40. Briefcases says:

    Your buddy Jonathan Volk referred me to this post. I think it is freakin hilarious. I can’t believe how close some of the similarities are. Are you sure some of these aren’t the same people. I think that really is Moby lol.

  41. This is great! IMO the best comparison is Yaro to Josh Groban.

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  43. Some of these peope look like long lost twins. lol

    They actually had a segment like this on MadTV (or SNL?) where they had a look-a-like go on the streets at act like an American Idol winner to see who would know if he’s a fake or not.

    Some of these people should try that. 😛

  44. Sase Antic says:

    Darren Rowse makes good music. Moby is Problogger. 😉

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  47. ahaha i do have celebrity look a like. its chester bennington from linkin park hehehe itz amazing…its assum…i could’t find much difference…Really its a Great Job….

    Network Marketing

  48. Turkey says:

    hahahaha 🙂 wonderfull !

  49. i like tihs 😀 thanks for sharing


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