Three Quick Tips for a Bigger Web Site Pay Day

July 5, 2011 Posted by Zac Johnson

The following is a guest post by my friend and well-known blogger Zac Johnson. Be sure to watch a fantastic replay of a webinar on buying and selling websites in which we were both panelists.

So you’ve been thinking about selling your web site or blog?

Before you do, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you can get top dollar for your web site.

Follow these simple steps and receive top dollar for your web site properties.

Gather All of Your Web Stats and Earnings

This is crucial! No one is going to buy a web site and put out good money without numbers to back them up.

Being organized and having an auction listing that is in order and easy to understand will make you site sale go a long way. Use Google Analytics for your web traffic and backlink reports, while also providing screenshots of all revenue generated from the web site.

The further you can go back, the better.

Don’t Sell Your Web Site Until It’s Generating Money

Would you rather have a web site that is getting thousands of visitors per day with no revenue, or a few hundred visits a day with some revenue?

There are always more ways to get traffic to a web site, but the ability to make money from a web site goes a long way. When you have a revenue model, buyers are willing to pay a larger multiple for a web site.

Know What Your Web Site is Worth

As the owner of a web site, house or anything… we are always going to want top dollar for what we have, and usually over value everything. Selling a web site can not be personable, especially when factoring a value on your web site.

The best way to break down the value of your web site is to take the monthly revenue of your site (profit or revenue times 12-20 months). The multiple can vary heavily depending on your niche, type of web site and quality of visitors and content.

Whatโ€™s Next and How to Sell Your Web Site

Selling your web site or blog is actually easier than you think. Through the use of you can post a listing for your site which will only take a few minutes to setup. With over a thousand active daily listings, you will have exposure to many buyers who might be interested in purchasing your site.

I’ve personally bought and sold over six figures worth of web sites over the past several years. To be successful at flipping web sites, it’s all about creating killer listings and finding gems for sale that are under monetized.

Today I released my new book called "Flip This Web Site: How to Buy, Improve and Sell Web Sites on Flippa", a 150+ page guide that will walk you through the process of buying and selling web sites, while also showing you how to make flipping under monetized web sites.

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21 Responses to “Three Quick Tips for a Bigger Web Site Pay Day”

  1. Sounds like I need to invest in Zac’s new book, maybe I can find a few highlights.

  2. You don’t always need a revenue model. Heck, you don’t even need traffic in some cases. There are a lot of people buying brand new websites for $200-$300 (some of which don’t even have unique content) just because they have a pretty WordPress theme installed.

    • Zac Johnson says:

      It’s better to have a revenue model than not. This applies more to established web sites than new ones, that can be sold for only a few hundred. The majority of buyers would prefer a site with a little revenue, then none.

  3. Good post, Zac. Those are some excellent tips to abide by. Everyone needs to look at the possibilities of their sites from all angles and try to get the best out of it before getting rid of it.

    • Zac Johnson says:

      Definitely, thanks. It’s always a good idea to look at all options you have for monetizing and selling a web site. The difference between spending a few hours to put everything together could result in a few extra hundred or thousands of dollars.

  4. I like to buy sites on the 12 times trailing monthly revenue; and sell based on 20 times projected monthly revenues. ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, what I like and what I get are often different!

    • Zac Johnson says:

      I’ve paid up to 60 times the monthly revenue of a web site. It’s all about how badly you want the web site and what you can turn it into. Buying for 12 times, then flipping for 20 times is definitely possible. It’s all about how you “sell” the site in the auction listing.

  5. Well, these three tips were golden to me…
    thanks for the share.

  6. I was join with Tyler and Zac webinar I really Enjoy joining your webinar. I think I’ll consider to by your new Ebook. Thanks Zac you release your information on the public

  7. It is really important to know the value of your website even if you don’t want to sell!

  8. Jasmine says:

    Great tips you are sharing here, Zac! I am sure by reading your book, I will be able to my websites faster and at a higher price!

  9. As someone who is constantly building sites – mainly for clients – but sometimes myself this was really helpful. I have several blogs that I’ve been mulling selling not because they don’t pull some sort of profit, but I have limited hours in a day. I was able to price out what I could likely net on them from this article – and well… now the decision is just whether or not I want to do it.

  10. Well, the webinar you people earlier put up for us was great and now this….

    You people are AWESOME!

  11. Congrats Zac for your new Book”Flip This Web Site”…I will read your book very soon…

  12. Techmug says:

    You have mention huge tips over there
    I am struggling from past 4 months and get nothing.
    Ill try these tips and get back to you.

  13. Cool! I heard about flippa recently and have been checking them out, and it’s nice to see someone else mentioning them. Obviously, there is a lot to learn about flippa (like someone discovering ebay for the first time) so I bookmarked your digital book you wrote on them. Your website is nicely laid out, and your writing style is very clear and easy to understand, so I would guess your book will be just as clear and easy for someone like me to understand.

  14. I am not planning to sell any website soon b8ut I must admit that the tips you have here are very helpful. I have also known one of the sites I can use just in case I will be selling a website. Informative and helpful post.

  15. You really great man because the things which your are sharing is admirable and incredible so for that me i want to thank you

  16. sohib blog says:

    yea.. good idea, a think we have to be a patient until our sites are ready to be sold.. nice


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