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April 8, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I’ve seen and heard about Agloco a lot lately. However, other than reading snippets of it here and there, and admiring how John Chow amassed over 10,000 sign-ups, I still know relatively nothing about the program.

However, I thought this would make the perfect contest as it’s a win-win-win situation for everybody (Agloco, winner, and myself). Here’s the contest:

The person who sends in the best quality review of Agloco for the use at my site PublisherSpot will get the benefit of referring me into Agloco.

Now, I can certainly understand how that may appear funny, ludicrous, and conceited, but I think it’s a fair prize. I cannot guarantee thousands or even hundreds of sign-ups, but I will obviously be putting the review on PublisherSpot which will in turn help the winner of the contest. I may also advertise Agloco on my blog and through PublisherForums.com. I’ve been paying $40 per review on PublisherSpot, but I think you’ll agree that this prize is (potentially) much greater.

Again, I can’t promise a billion sign-ups or even ten, but I will sign up under your referral code and you’ll receive the benefit of all those people that I do sign up. The potential of this prize is very large.

Here are the contest rules:

  • E-mail the review to tylercruz@gmail.com.
  • Review must be custom written for PublisherSpot and can’t be duplicated anywhere.
  • PublisherSpot will obtain 100% ownership of the review if chosen as the winner.
  • The winning review will be selected when received; there is no deadline.
  • I reserve the right to not chose a winner.

Here are some guidelines and hints to write a winning review:

  • Take a look at the other reviews at PublisherSpot.com to get an idea of the quality, length, and format we’re looking for.
  • The review should be written in mostly an objective style, but some subjective and personal dispotion is welcome.
  • You should be very familiar with Agloco and have experience with it before writing the review.
  • Be sure to be detailed and have up-to-date information.
  • No images or screenshots, please.
  • If there are any spelling mistakes or poor grammar, the review will not stand a chance of winning.
  • Good luck!

    (We’ll see if anyone partipates now, lol)

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16 Responses to “Tyler Cruz Agloco Contest!”

  1. The problem with this contest is that you’re only going to get a positive review. For instance, I was going to write a review, but I was looking through their policies and didn’t like them so decided not to write the review.

    I would be into it if I could just refer people and get a check at the end of the month, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to involve yourself by downloading their spyware toolbar and surf with it on. When I realised that I wasn’t into that idea, I realised that it was immoral of me to ask other people to do that.

    Also, they don’t pay in cash. An unspecified amount of the payout is in stock. It’s a good business move on their part, but they’re leaving it too dangerously vague for me.

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  3. Dan says:

    Its hard to review Agloco for numerous reasons. The first and foremost, no one knows the details yet! It would be like a restaurant reviewer writing his review before walking in the door. There is no view bar, no payments, no ads shown… all the things that a honest review would want to look at.

    It also doesn’t really fit in with the direction you seem to be taking at PublisherSpot, since its not an ad network. I suppose if the reviewer focused solely on the affiliate program and the tier side of things it might work. It will be interesting to see what you end up with.

  4. Jeremy says:

    There was a service like this back in the dot com boom, circa 1999, where you download some adware bar and get paid for it. I forget the name. They got all kinds of members with a referral program before they opened. Then they opened, and promptly ran out of money and went out of business.

    Does anyone remember the name?

  5. rpanella says:

    Jeremy, you are thinking of AllAdvantage.com

  6. Jeremy says:

    yes, alladvantage! so isn’t this just the same thing, but 7 years later so people like me almost forgot about the original failed attempt?

    and check this out! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AllAdvantage says “On 20 November 2006, it was reported that several AllAdvantage founders were reincarnating the business under a new company, AGLOCO (which stands for “A Global Community”).”

    i would advise you guys to stay very far away from AGLOCO.

  7. Dan says:

    Actually Agloco is using its history with AllAdgvantage as an advantage. They say they learned from their first attempt and are doing things differently. It appears that they are from what I have read so far.

    And to be honest AllAdvantage was around for a while and did pay out as promised. They had problems toward the end but any company that is about to go out of business would.

  8. This contest will be a brilliant comment/traffic generator I predict. It’s certainly a bit hard to do a review of a service that doesn’t yet exists, but I’m sure they will get something off the ground.

    There are many other service other than AllAdvanatge that use some sort of similar model … one that has been around for years is NetZero which offers free internet dialup access, free voice mail and a bunch of other freebies. They are (of course) advertiser supported, their “big money” comes from the prominent Yahoo serch bar. Both Google and Yahoo pay per click for searches … and big traffic generators get good rates.

    I am not anti-AGLOCO, although I wonder why some guys from Florida incorporated their company in Hong Kong … those of you who have security clearances in Canda or the US don’t forget to rport doing business with a Chinese company ;-)) but the current US laws for new public companies may be the driving factor in where they started. John Chow passed the rumor that AGLOCO intends to go public via the London stock exchange … we’ll see. JC is not a man to bet against … I was surprised to see he’s way behind the top AGLOCO signer-uppers.

    In perhaps only a few days some actual production/fcats will come out and we’ll know better how good/not good AGLOCO will be … but for you traditional Internet Marketers reading this … with over 100K memebrs already, is AGLOCO the world’s largest “squeeze page” yet? _What_ a mailng list 😉

  9. Tyler Cruz says:

    Dave, don’t think it was so much a prediction from John as it was reading the FAQ on their site:

    “9. What will my shares be worth?
    As a profit-seeking venture, the value of the shares will be directly related to the value of the company. Since AGLOCO™ ’s profitability is dependent upon its Members’ internet usage, the greater the number of AGLOCO™ Members the more the shares will be worth. We are currently in the process of listing the company on the London Stock Exchange (AIM). As with any public company, the market will decide what is the fair value of the share”


  10. Jeremy says:

    dan… do you remember alladvantage promising one rate, then lowering it, lowering it, lowering it, and then going out of business? i think some people’s common sense is being blinded by greed.

    i wish i could run a multimillion company into the ground and have people talk about it as an “advantage.”

  11. Indeed you are right, Tyler, I disremebered the exact language from John’s blog. Considering what I have seen marketers talking about in terms of what a signed up subscriber (in loose terms, a verified, permission-based email) is worth, AGLOCO already has a huge net worth in actual dollars and cents.

    The guy who provides the name servers for the AGLOCO domain and is mentioned as having several roles within the company, Ray Everett-Church, is a pretty interesting research project. He’s a Georgetown University lawyer, published author (mainly on spam fighting techniques) and has his fingers in a lot of pies … no basement amateur, that’s for sure. A very interesting saga this one will be … keep us posted on any sign ups you get.

  12. Michelle says:

    I have to agree with the first commenter, Brian. I’d love to enter the competition, but I wouldn’t want to write a positive review… and I doubt a negative one would get me many signups 😉

    I can’t see people sticking with a searchbar full of ads, and actively using it enough to make me money. The shares part is a nice idea though.

    Best of luck to all who enter – my personal opinion aside, it’s a good idea for a competition.

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