Yes, I’ve Joined AGLOCO

April 16, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

First, let me announce the results of my Tyler Cruz AGLOCO Contest!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting many responses. After all, the expectations for choosing a winner were high which meant that people had to put in both time and effort just to enter the contest, let alone win it.

So, unsurprisingly, I only received two entries, which was actually one or two more than I had been expecting. The interesting thing is that both entrants wrote very high quality reviews! It was a huge headache having to choose between them, and I felt bad for having to turn one away, but I guess they knew it was a contest when they entered.

For those interested in reading the winning review, you can check it out on PublisherSpot. As promised, I signed up through his AGLOCO link and he’ll be benefiting from all the people I sign up in the future, which may be 0…. 50… or 5,000.

Enough about the contest. Let me talk a bit more about AGLOCO itself. For those that will remember, the other day I spent a good 3-hours finally reading what this AGLOCO thing was all about. When I had first heard bits and pieces of it here and there I had brushed it off as just another Get Paid To Surf MLM (Multi-level marketing) program. I didn’t really think about it at all, but in the back of my mind I think I had assumed it was a a spyware-ridden program that would yield you $5 a month for using their toolbar.

I had seen John Chow start to get all excited about AGLOCO, and I knew he had jumped on it early (right when it was launched) and that I could have joined in as well and got in early myself. For such a program like AGLOCO, getting in early is half the battle. If you can get in early and sign up a mediocre number of good prospects, you’re set.

Anyhow, after reading AGLOCO‘s site and the reviews that were sent in for my contest, I now have a different view of AGLOCO. Now, since the Viewbar hasn’t been released yet (it’s slated for release literally any day now), there’s still a number of questions as to how this will all pan out, but my initial assumptions of the program have changed nonetheless.

I’m not going to attempt to explain what AGLOCO is or how it works here, for that you can visit the review at PublisherSpot. What I want to talk about instead is what I think of AGLOCO.

I basically have the same mindset of Mr. Chow. That is, that with AGLOCO you’re either going to do very well or very poor, but the potential for doing well with basically no work is so great that it’s worth trying. The worst case scenario is you make nothing.

John Chow has now signed up over 12,000 referrals (including indirect). This is possible since your referrals go down 5 levels. According to the AGLOCO Top Gun website, he’s the 4th largest referrer to AGLOCO!

So, that got me inspired and here I am blatantly promoting AGLOCO myself. However, my decision was also heavily influenced by the early success of PublisherSpot. Already, PublisherSpot has signed up close to 20 webmasters!

Anyhow, if you’re interested in signing up to AGLOCO, please click on one of my many links above so I’ll receive credit 😉

John Chow is currently at 12,000. I have no idea how many I’ll get signed up. We’ll have to see how well I do. Part of the difficulty is that so many people have already signed up.

Anyhow, that’s all for now. I should be blogging about more PublisherSpot updates tomorrow. Indeed, my $0.17 has grown.

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7 Responses to “Yes, I’ve Joined AGLOCO”

  1. Sean says:

    i’d sign up, if i hadn’t joined 3 months ago 🙂

    i’d imagine most of your audience has already made their minds up on whether to join agloco or not.

    So it will be difficult to get new members on board. Not just new members, but influential members..

    for example, i doubt you’ll get someone who will refer 20+ people.. i’m finding that in my network, it seems people refer one or two people and that’s it.

    better late than never though as they say..

  2. Cam says:

    Brilliant article, definatley deserving!

  3. Harry says:

    Hi, i used you referal link to sign up, what i dont know is when you get paid, has John Chow actually recieved any money from this yet?? Nowhere in the explanation says when you recieve any money.

  4. This agloco frenzy is beginning to make me skeptical about it. Hey, they don’t even say WHEN they will begin payments, just that they might if conditions are appropriate.

    I don’t remember Google’s Adsense claiming that. They paid from day #1.

    Also, why advertise when you have nothing to sell? If you had something to sell, and it worked, you wouldn’t need to do much advertising.

    This whole thing shouts scam, and just because some of the bigwigs on the Net are now supporting it, doesn’t mean that they can’t be wrong.

    A little skepticism, please.

  5. uncle sha says:

    OOhh algoco eh …. My algoco referral stats are pathetic … have fun ‘pimping’ it, good luck

  6. Tyler Cruz says:


    The Viewbar hasn’t been released yet but should be released soon. Once the Viewbar is released and people start accumulating hours, AGLOCO will start to pay members.

    They have to be careful to make sure they have enough money in place from advertisers first before they can start paying. That is one of the problems that AllAdvantage apparantly had; they grew too fast for their own good and were paying members before they received the money.

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