WordZe’s Limited Time Free 1-Month Trial

August 14, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Update: I gave the wrong URL previously. It was still my referral URL but Levi just notified me that I needed a special URL for this offer, so please sign up HERE. If you’ve already signed up under the old URL, contact Levi and he should hook you up with the free month. Sorry for my foolishness! 

Remember my epic long review of WordZe back in May? It was one of my first paid reviews, and actually before I switched from ReviewMe to PPP.

Anyhow, the owner Levi just contacted me letting me know that for the next 6-days only, that anybody who signs up under me will receive a free 1-month trial. That’s a $35-dollar value.

Now, this offer will only work if you sign up under my referral URL. Levi programmed it so that only people who sign up under my account will receive the free month trial, which is smart. It gives added incentive to affiliates. Here’s my special referral URL just to make sure you sign-up correctly.

For those wanting to know more about WordZe who aren’t familiar them already, I’d strongly recommend reading my long review of WordZe. I was very impressed with their site, and would consider it a must-have for any affiliate marketer, or anyone who uses PPC advertising.

And now you have a free month trial, which means you have complete access and can run and generate hundreds of thosuands of keywords if you want, to take advantage! Again, this is only available for 6-days.

Let me know if you have any difficulties getting the free month offer or anything, and I’ll contact Levi.

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18 Responses to “WordZe’s Limited Time Free 1-Month Trial”

  1. cooliojones says:

    This is cool! I will be signing up later on today. Thanks for this info, especially since it seems like a lot of folks are ramping up their campaigns now.

  2. Hi Tyler, When does the trial kick in? I made it to the “enter cc info” and said it would cost $35?

  3. Thanks Tyler. I was going to sign up for the 7 day free trial, then review it on my site. I was hoping the affiliate sales from the review would be enough to let me buy it for a month or two.

    Going to sign up right now.

  4. nateroe says:

    I plan on signing up later today! Hoping i dont get the same problems as others

  5. Francky683 says:

    Sign up also requires me to enter CC, just to let you know ;0

  6. Tyler Cruz says:

    Sorry guys! I gave the wrong URL before… I didn’t know that I needed a special URL to give the free offer away. I’ve updated the review to reflect this. If you’ve already signed up, just contact Levi and he should be able to hook you up with the free month.

    Sorry for the trouble..

  7. Jack says:

    Well, since the Overture one is very annoying and rarely works, I’ll have to head or and check this out.

    Thanks T.

  8. cylai says:


    I don’t get it, I signed up via your link while the free trial is still valid. Yet i received an email receipt saying I m charged $35.00, what give?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      Cylai, as I mentioned in an edited version of the post, I had accidently used the wrong link the first time, this has been fixed. If you get an e-mail saying your charged, contact WordZe and they should fix that up for you.

      Sorry for the inconvenience man!

  9. cylai says:


    I signed up via the NEW link in your edited version of the post, and am still charged.

    surely enought i’ve already contacted Levi, the man behind Wordze.


  10. Levi says:

    cylai its not a charge to your CC, its a pre-authorize (no charge) to your credit card. When anyone does a pre-authorize to confirm that you do have money in the account the bank will hold the money for 3-4 business days then return the money to your account.

  11. cylai says:

    thanks everyone !

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