Affiliate Marketing Challenge 3 – A Preview

August 24, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Get ready, because it’s coming. On September 1st, my Affiliate Marketing Challenge #3 will begin.

The first challenge, which had around $700 in prizes, ended by bringing in 57 affiliates who generated a total of $7,816 in commissions.

The second challenge, which had around $1,300 in prizes, ended by bringing in 25 new affiliates (84 total), with the total commissions from all of the participants amassing to a whopping $34,076.75.

If you thought the first two were big, wait until you see this one.

In order to build up the suspense, I won’t be unveiling everything about the competition in this post, but I’ll definitely share some mouth-savouring tidbits.

For starters, there’s over $10,000 ($10,400 to be exact) worth of merchandise that MarketLeverage has given me to give away to you.

Now… that number might be misleading since in order to win the three biggest prizes, you’ll need to generate some big numbers. More on that later.

Like last time, I’m once again giving away prizes to 5 lucky bloggers who blog about this competition, so be ready to write your post when I launch the contest a week from now.

There will also be prizes again for new sign-ups, so if you haven’t signed up to MarketLeverage yet, this is yet another reason to.

My original plan for two of the smaller prizes was to give out a ton of chocolate bars, nearly 100 bars of Twix and Snickers, but MarketLeverage didn’t like that idea as they thought they would melt in the mail. But I thought that would be a funny prize to receive on your doorstep – just hordes and hordes of chocolate bars, lol.

Calling all Super Affiliates

The most notable addition to this competition, the Affiliate Marketing Challenge #3, is the debut of VIP prizes. The VIP prizes are very expensive and elite prizes which are available to participants who reach certain tiers.

There are 3 different tiers and 1 prize for each tier. In order to win the prize for a tier, you need to first generate at a certain amount in commissions during the contest’s timeframe and be the highest in that tier (should there be others who manage to generate that much as well).

The tree tiers are:

  • $50,000
  • $75,000
  • $100,000

So, if a participant generated $81,452 during the competition and the next highest competitor generated $51,000, the first would win the prize in the $75,000 tier and the second would win the prize in the $75,000 tier.

While these numbers sound unrealistically high, remember that this is for total amount of commissions gained; it doesn’t mean how much you profited but how much total you generated. In the previous competition, the winner finished with $19,052.20, so it is certainly not an impossible feat.

The neat thing about this is that if you were able to generate a lot of commissions and break even in profits, you’d still be eligible to win one of the VIP prizes.

Now – the real question will be: will any super affiliates sign-up for this competition because of these elite prizes? I have a few things going against me, such as many super affiliates having already signed up to MarketLeverage, not considering the prizes worth switching networks for, or – most likely – they simply hadn’t heard about the competition.

I need to get the word out to super affiliates on this. If you are friends with some, please spread the word. They might actually thank you for it.

The Guessing Game

Below are some of the prizes for the competition. Can you guess what they are? No, you don’t get what it is if you guess it, it’s just for fun 🙂

Main Category, 1st Place:

This shouldn’t be too hard go guess.


VIP Category, $50,000 Tier:

This is a close-up on part of the image.


VIP Category, $75,000 Tier:

This is a bit tricky to guess. Here’s another hint: try separating the words…


VIP Category, $100,000 Tier:

While it may not look like something worth over $5,000 – let me assure you that it is, and that you definitely want one of these.


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21 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Challenge 3 – A Preview”

  1. Richard says:

    I’m gunna have to stop coming here lol, teasing us already signed up with great prizes 😛

    Good luck on the contest though, I’ll be keeping and eye on it and hope I don’t end up in the top 5.

  2. EntreBlast says:

    The first prize to guess is easy, and I have a hunch about one of them, but for the other ones I’m clueless!

  3. Just in time. I’ve been looking at doing some fine tuning on affiliate work, and specifically looking at MarketLeverage.

  4. Will Roach says:

    This is going to be a challenge. I cant wait!!!

  5. wow, sounds pretty awesome. Good Luck. Perhaps you will have something in there for those of us that have already signed up with ML?

  6. Nice, I know what the first one and maybe the last. But I have no clue about the others.

  7. Selly656 says:

    Hey sell porn make money. U said ud help me but I dont want to sell porn

  8. Dam ML has done alot there doing great too keep it up tyler

  9. Sorry, but I am taking a break from losing money in affiliate marketing.

  10. Tip Jar says:

    So, the first one is a PS3, last one is an Alienware. Hmmm, second one is probably some sort of camera/video camcorder. Third one I have NO clue lol.

    I should enter this contest

  11. Tip Jar says:

    I guess the other thing is….how are people supposed to generate $50,000-$100,000 in revenue…do they have a lot of time?

  12. Make money says:

    come on, pull up the blinds 😉
    no more secrets, show us the grand prizes..

    No prize for just commenting ? :p

  13. James says:

    is the last one a LG television?

  14. Richard says:

    You should do that opt in option for people who have already signed up with market leverage like money bites does.

    Can’t think of the other prize related to the Korean girl…

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