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September 3, 2007 Posted by Tyler Cruz

This is only the third post in my new Blog Earnings post series, but there has already been quite a bit of interest from readers. I can certainly understand though why these types of posts are so interesting.

Apart from serving as a learning tool, they are also a source of motivation and inspiration. I’m not talking about my blog earnings so much as others like Mr. Chow, who last month raked in over $17,800 from his blog!

My blog doesn’t even make a tenth of that, but earnings are growing so I’m optimistic. Here are the results of August:


I was surprised to see that I had only tied last month for my paid reviews (PayPerPost) as I was sure that I had beat it. I even increased my PPP price by $5 from $65 to $70 which I thought would help put me over the top.

However, the offers really slowed down last month and didn’t pick up until recently. I hope September’s paid reviews will beat August.

You’ll notice that I added a new column and revenue stream this month. I added the Affiliates category because I had made so many conversions from my WordZe post that it was worth mentioning. Also, without it, I would have been less than a dollar away from beating July’s income.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to be interested in my leaderboard banner which leaves me completely baffled each month. I’m probably going to switch up the PublisherSpot banner with a CPM or affiliate ad to show people just how valuable it is… now I could be very wrong and it could perform horribly, but for the amount of exposure of the banner, with no rotation and being completely sitewide, $75 a month doesn’t seem like a lot for a blog which gets 15,000 targeted, unique visitors each month.


I seem to be averaging around $500 a month right now from my blog, which is peanuts, but at least it’s starting to grow. That equates to around $15 a day, and since I average around 20-25 posts per month, that would be around $20 per post.

I could easily throw up more ads and probably double my income, but I’m not going to whore my blog up with ads.. I like the amount of ads there are right now. I need to simply grow my readership and presence, and help show advertisers the value of purchasing paid reviews and advertisements from my blog.


PPP has continued to lead as my blog’s main source of income, although the pie chart above may not reflect that properly since it counts all the months before I started using PPP.

My goal for September is to break $600.. it’s a rather high and almost unrealistic goal, but we’ll see how things pan out 🙂

Stay tuned next month to see the ongoing results!

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12 Responses to “Blog Earnings: August”

  1. Swiss_Mouse says:

    Still $500 a month is better than $0. It may not be $17,800, but you are to be commended for your effort and perseverance!

    Keep up the work, if you build it they will come.

    I raise a wedge of cheese in salute.

  2. Thanks for sharing these stats Tyler. Very interesting! The PPP information is particularly interesting. Just wondering whether you have accepted all offers or passed up on a few due to poor quality?

    What happened around April/May for your private ads to spike so much?

  3. Click Input says:

    All those graphs and stuff look good. It’s been so long I have forgotten how to make them.

    No surprises with the PPP earnings coming out on top.

  4. Bryce Whitty says:

    Good work Tyler. I wouldnt stress too much about the earnings dip. It appears to be a dead time for any marketers. As for the leaderboard, chances are that people arent interested because its too ad-like. Visitors know where the header banner will be and it’ll either be the 460×90 or the leaderboard and eyes automatically skip it. Try swapping it out with an 350×250 large rectangle that appears in content and I bet you’ll sell the spot. For my sites, its my best earner, same thing goes with John Chow.

  5. muller2 says:

    Tyler, have you thought about doing a complete redesign on your blog? It’s been the same now for a while and it would make sense (in my mind) to redesign the layout to enable you to offer more adverts if required and just to refresh it. Just my thoughts 🙂

  6. Aaron says:

    Keep up the good work Tyler. The goal you’ve set is pretty high but I think you can make. Keep up the posting frequency, not only to reach your goal but to keep me happy 😉 lol. I wish you luck for next month.

  7. fumbler says:

    Tyler, you’ve been posting your ad revenues for getting closer to what, two years now on your blog? I’m curious if you’re able yet to see any sort of trend that certain times of the year are noticeably slower/less sales (or higher). and/or if that differs from niche to niche you’re working in? It wasn’t until earlier this year that the thought had even crossed my mind about the cycles of marketing that occur thru the year. Do you ever try to cash in on those cycles – such as during the holidays thru the year?

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      That is certainly a very important aspect for affiliate marketers. For example, Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day, etc. are all very important seasons for affiliate marketers because there is so much more search for those terms during those months, with people ready and willing to buy.

      However, in my little world, seasons and such rarely effect me. The only time I ever notice anything is that usually around July I get a bit of an influx of advertisers for PFO. I’m pretty sure this is because it’s when the WSOP runs.

  8. ninjathet says:

    wow… this is pretty interesting albeit it will also take a lot of time before I could earn even a small portion of your monthly earnings…

  9. AK says:

    Thanks bro. Helpful post. How many visitors do you get a month?


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