New Affiliate Marketing Record: $7,097 in 1 Day!

February 12, 2013 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Yes, it’s another new affiliate marketing record post…

This record was actually made back on February 3rd, 2013, just 1 day after my previous record of $6,585, but I thought that you guys might be starting to get tired of these posts, so I opted to publish a different post inbetween.

It is very surreal to me to be generating such huge numbers on a daily basis, and just how quickly those numbers have grown. I still believe that going from $0 to $10 profit a day is a lot harder than going from $10 to $1,000+ a day.

If you can get past the first hurdle which is the hardest ($0 to $10 a day), then growing from there is not much different. It’s really all the same mechanics involved, just at a larger scale.

Anyhow, on February 3rd, 2013, my campaigns brought in a total of:

$7,097 for the day!

That’s an increase of $512 over my previous record!

The number still boggles my mind.


I Could Care Less About Gross – What’s The Net?

Out of that $7,097, I ended up spending a total of $4,260.84 in paid traffic, resulting in a net profit of:

$2,835.78 for the day

While this is a new personal record for the amount of gross income my affiliate campaigns generated in a single day, it is not quite a new net profit record.

It fell just $48.11 short, which was $2,883.89, made on January 29th, 2013.

The overall ROI for the day ended up at 66.5%.

Uphill Battle

From here on out, it’s going to be a real uphill battle for me to set another record.

My current campaigns have more or less been scaled as high as they will go, and there has also been a couple of setbacks as well.

For starters, I’ve hit the daily limit of what the advertisers of one of my offers can take. I also had a couple of price decreases on various offers as well.

My main focus right now is to get my "don’t give up" campaign working. If I can get that profitable, then I’ll be able to set new records and reach the next level.

However, I am really behind in my e-mail and other work (not to mention personal stuff). I’ve been spending the majority of my time working on my affiliate marketing campaigns and blogging that I’ve really let other work pile up.

For example, here’s a screenshot of what my Gmail account looks like:


Those are all work-related e-mails too, not personal or junk.

Lastly, I’m currently sick with a really nasty cold that just started yesterday. I absolutely hate being sick because I don’t give sick often and when I do get sick, it’s usually quite bad and lasts for weeks. Hopefully this one won’t stick around that long.

Anyhow, that’s my post. I have no idea when I’ll break this record, but I definitely wouldn’t bet that it is anytime soon. I’ll be happy if I break it within 6 months!

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21 Responses to “New Affiliate Marketing Record: $7,097 in 1 Day!”

  1. Amazing numbers. Hopefully you can scale this even higher.

  2. Zac Johnson says:

    Great numbers, congrats!

    Who cares about the 1,800 emails in your inbox! Continue to focus on your ad campaigns as they are clearly dominating and generating the majority of your income.

    Milk them for all they are worth and they can go to nothing over night.

    Killer job!

  3. Super Robin says:

    Wow! Insane job, the net profit sounds amazing! I wish to have such a budget to spend on my ads to cash big just like you…

  4. Get well soon, colds are hard and takes on even strength. Congratulations to the new record. There is no limit on the record, even you may reach to the moon soon.

  5. Affpaying says:

    Well done Tyler, keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  6. Robinsh says:

    So what are the traffic sources ? and yes you can disclose it in your next blog post just before posting a “new affiliate marketing record” post as you may break it anytime today or tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Keep posting this series of your success in affiliate marketing, because of these posts only I’m on the way to make $0 to $10 setting campaigns.

    Feeling jealous !

  7. Oh men… Loled at the pic πŸ˜€

  8. sadek says:

    You are rocking day by day by setting new records.
    where will you stop? at $1k or at $10K USD a day !

  9. Hello Tyler, these are amazing numbers!

    Like another user notices – Robinsh – it would be really of help if you could breakdown strategies & traffic sources. For example, what is the main source of income: affiliate products? physical or digital? CPA? zip/email fast submits (the lesser paayout) or longer forms to be completed (they pay more) ?

    And what about traffic sources? PPC traffic or YouTube? Organic?
    This would be REALLY of help for IMers still dealing with the $10/day endeavour.

    Thanks, Nic

  10. xman99 says:

    hey, do you offer any paid training?

    btw, i understand you use peerfly. What about Commission Junction and Google AFfiliate network?

    i looked at google affiliate network and some of their financial offers are killer. peerfly can’t come close to the quality of the compaines with cj and google. What do u think tyler?

    • We’d love to try to get any offers you need to be successful πŸ™‚

    • Tyler Cruz says:

      I don’t offer paid training – I’m still learning the game myself!

      As for CJ and Google Affiliate Network – good luck with those. CJ deactivated my account for inactivity (because they are horrible, I never used them), and Google Affiliate Network has 0 support and never approved me for any of the programs I applied to. One of the great things of working with a “smaller” CPA network is that you’ll actually get taken care of and catered to, unlike CJ, for example.

  11. wow.. great job tyler! keep up the good work..

    just curious.. what affiliate network are you using?

  12. Oleg Baranov says:

    Hey Tyler!

    Killer numbers right here! Congrats with the new record!

    I just calculated that you have to make $3000 profit to make a million dollars in a year. And that is not gross, that is all yours! So you are very close to it)

    What about the ROI? Didn’t you think to make it closer to 100%?

  13. well done Tyler! this is very motivating for me.. and probably for others too. keep up the numbers..

  14. Alex says:

    The picture is hilarious.

  15. Rob Fulton says:

    It looks like 60% goes to advertising, and 40% gross, but what kind of fixed costs monthly would you have?

    I know internet, cloud services, outsourcers/contractors, electricity, rent, all get added in,

    I myself found this page tonight because I wanted to find out what the healthy balance is so I can figure out how to get to the 3 million a year mark.

    I found that investing in businesses that are rocking on a personal level rock my finances in a good way, but they are all across the board with monthly Net Profit.

    Would love what you have to say


    • Tyler Cruz says:

      You’re asking me what my costs are other than advertising? Hosting, mainly.

      I have other costs as well, but I only included my affiliate marketing income, not all my income, and I share my hosting with my non-affiliate stuff too so I can’t really factor that in.

      For my campaigns, paid traffic accounts for 99.5% of my expenses.


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