Affiliate Marketing Income Report: October 2013

April 6, 2014 Posted by Tyler Cruz

Hello. Remember me? I used to blog…

Despite having gone AWOL for 5 months (good lord, has it really been that long?), this post is going to focus on October 2013’s income report for my affiliate campaigns, and won’t be touching on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing all this time. I’ll try to do a separate post for that later.

That being said, since this report is so long overdue, my memory is going to fail on the particulars of what went on that month with my campaigns, so I won’t be able to go into too much detail in this post.

The good news is that despite being absent from my blog, I was keeping up-to-date with all my numbers and logs as I knew that I’d eventually get back to posting, so all the numbers are completely accurate.

Let’s proceed with my October 2013’s affiliate marketing income report, shall we?

October 2013 Affiliate Campaign Income:


Only $1K more than the previous month, this made October the second-lowest gross monthly income my campaigns generated all year thus far…

And like last time, I’ll include the breakdown of the multiple affiliate networks I used:

Affiliate Network Breakdown:

  • Affiliate Network #1: $22,321.62
  • Affiliate Network #2: $2,856.75
  • Affiliate Network #3: $11,756.60
  • Affiliate Network #4: $18.00
  • Affiliate Network #5: $40.00



Traffic Source Breakdown:

  • Traffic Source #1: $5,138.79
  • Traffic Source #2: $130.07
  • Traffic Source #3: $130.14
  • Traffic Source #4: $15,789.60
  • Traffic Source #5: $13,514.97 

Net Profit:



I spent nearly $35K to make just over $2K profit. That works out to only 7% ROI.

When you factor in things such as currency conversion fees, wire fees, and income taxes, that number basically fades to nothing.

Year-To-Date Affiliate Marketing Results

While a better performance than September, October 2013 still paled in comparison to every other month in the year.

Here’s a monthly breakdown:

Month Gross Expense Net ROI
January 2013 $74,277.30 $50,927.39 $23,349.91 46%
February 2013 $103,961.00 $72,516.36 $31,444.64 43%
March 2013 $83,204.00 $49,320.34 $33,883.66 69%
April 2013 $98,526.50 $64,892.30 $33,634.20 52%
May 2013 $104,600.50 $64,402.12 $40,198.38 62%
June 2013 $142,606.00 $90,158.83 $52,447.17 58%
July 2013 $64,950.00 $38,258.85 $26,691.15 70%
August 2013 $38,702.00 $30,127.02 $8,574.98 28%
September 2013 $35,576.00 $35,108.88 $467.12 1%
October 2013 $36,992.97 $34,703.57 $2,289.40 7%
Total: $783,396.27 $530,415.66 $252,980.61 48%
Monthly Average: $78,339.63 $53,041.57 $25,298.06 48%

Net Profit Projections

The following linear projection is based off the past 10 months of data, and is projected for the next 5 months:25

Since things have been on a downwards slope since June 2013, the projection for 5 months later, in March 2014 predicts that I’ll actually be hitting negative numbers. Since this income report is so late, I actually know what the real numbers for March ended up being, but you don’t… yet Smile

Now let’s take a look at the running net profit total from my campaigns for 2013 so far:26

In the graph above, the linear projection predicts that I’ll finish the year at a net profit of around $350,000, meaning that it believes that I’ll make an additional $100,000 net profit over the next 2 months. That’s rather optimistic!

It also goes to show that the linear projection in this case is really not an accurate predictor.

So instead, I changed the projection to a polynomial algorithm, and here you can see that it appears to be much more accurate:27

With the polynomial projection, 2013 looks like it might end around the $255K-$260K mark.

October Recap

Since this blog post is so late in being put together, I’m actually having a hard time remembering just what all happened in September.

From what I can tell though, it appears that I was still recovering over being dropped from 2-4 of my main offers, and was testing new offers and new ad copy. I really can’t remember much other than that, sorry.

November Plans and Predictions

Normally in this section I list the plans I have for the upcoming month as well as predict how I think the month will fare profit-wise. However, since November has already come and gone, I will be skipping this section in this report, since I already know how November went!

As I mentioned in the introduction of this post, I actually did keep full records of my campaign numbers while I was away, so you can expect for me to post the rest of the income reports up soon.

I don’t want to post them back-to-back though, so it will take a little while to be all caught up to date. I’m thinking about publishing them for every 2nd post.

So – am I back to blogging? You’ll just have to wait and find out. My apologies again for being so absent!

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  1. jerdei says:

    Good to see you are back in posting. Always good to see a success in action. Every IM pro has those months where you spend 30-40K and have little to show, just part of the game. It’s far better than spending 10k to make 1k which is something that also happens from time to time.

  2. hawachan says:

    Welcome back Tyler.

    It`s good to see you post something after so long and sorry to see how a couple of your campaigns bombed.
    Hope you will post again soon.

  3. Sunday says:

    Hi Tyler,
    I am also surprised that you have gone “AWOL” for up to five months! I was beginning to think you no longer want to cover your income reports 🙂

    For the details of this report, its amazing seeing earning figures but I keep wondering what are breakdown of the earnings and huge expenses made. I hope you would clarify these for readers.

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    Sunday – contributor

  4. Brad says:

    Welcome back! – i was missing your little updates lol

  5. Wess Stewart says:

    Glad to see you back! I really dig these updates…it keeps me motivated. I’m lucky to hit $50/month from blog income, but as long as it’s a positive number…

  6. Huw says:

    Good to see you back mate, I was following you like a hawk then it all stopped.



  7. Looking forward to hearing what you have been up to since October.

  8. Remy says:

    You are getting irrelevant. Publishing Oct income in April. What are you trying to do?

  9. Emfoo says:

    i guess i need to subscribe..i visit your blog almost every week hoping for the month’s income report. anyway good your back.

  10. Tyler great numbers are always. It helps to see results, and more importantly, it helps to know how you got there and that other people can do this. Many folks need a bit of faith, and some proof, that they can do it too. This is how to bolster your brand and inspire others.

    Awesome dude.

    I also found this post on and gave you a thumbs up!


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