Blog Earnings: March 2008

April 2, 2008 Posted by Tyler Cruz

I normally post my monthly blog earnings on the first on each month. However, since yesterday was April 1st, I decided not to post it then as some people may have believed that it was an April Fools joke!

In my previous blog earnings update, I announced how I had made a new record, bringing in $1,548.75. My goal for March was to make $1,600, but I had predicted that I’d only make around $1,200 to $1,300. Fortunately, I was wrong as March brought in a new blog income record of $1,746.14!

I had certainly not expected for March to do so well, but sometimes it’s great to be wrong! Actually, I should be just over $1,800 since I made $60 from Motive Interactive as well, but didn’t add it since I’d have to redo all the graphs and charts…


The graph below looks absolutely beautiful to me. It’s hard to believe that exactly one year ago my blog was only making $50 a month:


The reason March did so well was completely thanks to the increase in affiliate income. As seen by the graphics and charts below, March nearly doubled February’s affiliate income, which had incidentally doubled January’s income as well:


BannersMall had a nice increase in revenue since somebody signed up through my referral link on my blog and purchased $700 worth of banners from them, making me $70 in commissions. See? It can pay to advertise on my blog 🙂



WordZe has continued to prove to be a consistent source of residual affiliate income. I only wish I catered more to affiliate marketers so I could promote it more. Their referral program is really lucrative, check it out if you have the chance, or read my extensive review of them.


I only added Kontera to my blog 6-weeks ago, but they have been very good to me. They have been great with responding to all my questions via e-mail, and have worked with me directly to maximize and tweak Kontera’s earnings. Be sure to check out an upcoming post on my blog about a new feature they recently launched.


Unfortunately, I didn’t make any money from AdToll in March, however I’m now booked out for my Peel Away Ad until July 15th! I love Peel Away Ads because they are a new and unique form of advertisement. They are also very visible yet not over intrusive.

If you want to buy a Peel Away Slot on my blog, the cost is $15 per week through AdToll. You can see on my AdToll rate card that the average CPC is only $0.25, which is a great rate for such targeted traffic in this niche.

This is one way to maximize your site’s earnings – to draw income in from many different sources.


BannersMall has an affiliate program and since their service is awesome their conversion rate is very high. I made $85 from them last month, which says a lot considering I “only” get 10% and their banner prices are cheap!

Private Ad Shoutouts

I’d like to give some quick shoutouts to my repeat sponsors and advertisers:

  • TTZMedia – John Chow has continued to renew his ad for his TheTechZone affiliate program on my blog and has made his way up to the top of my left sidebar. Check out and try John Chow’s very own affiliate program.
  • Motive Interactive – Motive Interactive purchased both a paid review as well as the Embedded 300×250 banner. They even let me use my own referral URL which is extremely generous!
  • – This is their 3rd month renewing their 125×125 Sitewide Banner with us, so if you haven’t checked them out yet, maybe you should!

Side Sitewide 125×125 Banners Available

I currently have TWO sitewide 125×125 banners available. Priced at $40 a month, they are displayed across 100% of the site.

Grab one now! 

Get a Paid Review

I’m not afraid to say that my paid reviews are arguably the best value you’ll find. For $130, you can order a custom review written by me, on your website, service, or product. I cannot guarantee a positive review as it is after all a review and not one long ad. However, you will get the benefit of receiving an entire post written about your company or product in great detail.

Feel free to view some of the many past paid posts I wrote. Below are some recent ones:

Every single person that has ever purchased them have been extremely satisfied, with the exception of one advertiser who was angry not with the actual review, but because of the negative comments he received (he wanted me to delete them).

The only reason they are priced so cheap is because I’m trying to build demand for them. I have an RSS readership of over 1,400 highly targeted readers, and so for the price, I think that my paid reviews are an absolute steal.

Grab one now!

March Goals and Predictions

I’m an optimist, but a realist. Therefore, I’m almost certain that April won’t beat March’s income. As I stated last month, maximizing revenue and eCPM is one thing, but continuing to increase income without keeping a good accompanying growth of traffic is another. In order to continue increasing my blog’s income, I will have to increase traffic.

My goal for April is to make $1,800 from my blog (I’m not greedy!), but my prediction is that I’ll make around $1,500. I’m usually pretty good with my predictions, so let’s hope I’m wrong… again!

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32 Responses to “Blog Earnings: March 2008”

  1. Very nice earnings. Quite amazing that so much money can be made from a relatively personal blog.

    (Also, I sent you an email, so check it out ;))

  2. Chris Guthrie says:

    Congrats on the earnings record Tyler.

    This was one of my favorite parts of your post though:

    “Actually, I should be just over $1,800 since I made $60 from Motive Interactive as well, but didn’t add it since I’d have to redo all the graphs and charts…”

    I’d feel the same way hah hah.

    Good job though.

  3. I am very impressed with the earnings total for the month. Good Luck in the future. I am greatful if I earn a few dollars or over $1,000.

  4. Tyler Cruz says:

    Thanks for the kind comments and motivation guys.

  5. Tyler Cruz says:

    I’m testing something right now, don’t mind me. Wordze casale adtoll.

  6. Steven Finch says:

    Thats a nice rise in income Tyler. Well done. I know you must be putting in the hard yards, i just wish i could do the same with my site,

  7. Your earnings grown. I’m happy for you. Your blog is a good blog. Good luck for the future 🙂


  8. Aaron says:

    Nice work Tyler, I always enjoy reading your income report.

  9. Congrats dude! That’s awesome!

  10. logosamurai says:

    Congratulations on your new record, Tyler! 🙂

    Good luck in April!

  11. Blog says:

    wow. thats a great income from blogging.
    I never knew anybody can earn from a blog 😮

    And congrats for a new record.
    Any affiliate tips 😀

  12. Not bad earnings. Got any ideas up your sleeves to increase income? I wouldnt mind seeing some experiments.

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  14. Jay says:

    I’m not going to say I’m jealous… but if we put together all my online ventures… well, it’d be slightly less than yours lol… but I haven’t gone over my March income yet, hopefully it was more than my Feb of almost $1,000…

    But hope you continue to build off that man!


  15. One easy question, are you including your paid reviews in private placement ads income?

  16. Zach says:

    Nice job on your earnings. I love when blogs show how much money they make because it really motivated people. Especially when they’re making over $1,000!

    Once again congrats on this months income, hope the next is better.


  17. Hey Tyler, how do you make those graphs, like the line graph that turns from yellow to red.

    Don’t tell me Excel can do that …

  18. Crystal says:

    Excel is amazing for graphs, I’m still in awe.

    Nice figures, I think I’m averaging around 30 bucks haha. Can’t wait to see next month’s.

  19. Vu Hung says:

    I like to commend a nicely done job. Keep doing more.

  20. Drunk says:

    This is very interesting. I see your upward earnings increase is very steady and seems to be somewhat predictable. It looks like if you keep at it, you will be very rich in a few years! Why don’t you try and put up some Amazon ads? I just bought a 1999 domain for $2K and I plan on posting an Amazon ad everyday! Check out how I do it. I think that if you include that as well…and let it go over time, you will notice a nice revenue stream! Remember Tyler, Multiple Passive Revenue streams! I want to buy a review off of you this summer…after I have about 100 posts on my blog.

  21. Tyler, congratulations again. Good to see your earnings increasing every month.

  22. Wade says:

    Those stats are really good, but I know you can do better. I want to see you break the 2k barrier this month! Move move move!!!

    If you want to trade links, visit my site and e-mail me through the contact form.

    Visit the all new:
    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

  23. Thanks for posting up your earnings. This is great motivation for all bloggers… Especially since it seems realistic that a person can actually reach…

  24. Awesome job man. Can’t wait to get my site up to those levels!

  25. Gadget says:

    Nice earning, congrats to you 🙂

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  27. […] That is enough rambling for tonight.  Maybe in the future when I have more cash flow into this blog I will post my earnings like JohnC and TylerC. […]


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